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  • 2002
  • 1 Season
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Dinotopia is a television show that premiered in 2002 and starred Wentworth Miller, a relatively unknown actor at the time. The show was inspired by the series of children's books by James Gurney and followed the adventures of a pair of brothers, Karl and David Scott, who find themselves stranded on an island inhabited by sentient dinosaurs.

The show's pilot episode set the stage for the rest of the series, as we see Karl and David's plane crash land on Dinotopia, an island in the middle of the ocean where humans and dinosaurs coexist in harmony. They are quickly taken in by various residents of the island and are shown the ropes of living in this new and utterly unique environment. They experience everything from riding on the backs of dinosaurs to communicating with creatures who, at first, only seemed capable of grunts and growls.

As the series progresses, Karl and David become embroiled in the politics of Dinotopia. There are factions on the island that resent the human presence and don't believe that they should be allowed to coexist with the dinosaurs. There are also forces at work that want to exploit the island's resources for their own gain, putting everyone in danger.

The brothers find themselves working with a cast of colorful characters, both human and dinosaur alike, in order to defend Dinotopia from those who wish to harm it. They learn about the island's history, its customs, and its unique way of life, all while trying to find a way to get back home.

One of the most impressive things about Dinotopia is the production design. The show was filmed in a variety of locations, from Canada to England, but the creators went to great lengths to make it all look like it was happening in one place. They built elaborate sets that integrated practical and digital effects seamlessly, making it easy to buy into the idea that these creatures were really alive and sharing space with the human characters.

Speaking of the creatures, the dinosaurs are undoubtedly the stars of the show. They are designed to look realistic and believable, and they move with an incredible amount of detail and fluidity. They're not just relegated to being background dressing either - they are actively involved in the story and often help the human characters in surprising ways.

The show's cast is also quite strong. Miller, who went on to find fame as the star of Prison Break, delivers a solid performance as Karl, the older and more responsible of the two brothers. He's joined by Tyron Leitso, who plays David with a sense of wide-eyed wonder that perfectly embodies the awe that anyone would feel upon discovering the island of Dinotopia.

There are a number of supporting actors who all bring their own unique quirks and personalities to the mix. One standout is David Thewlis, who plays Cyrus Crabb, a perpetually grumpy trader who serves as a kind of mentor to the brothers. His dry wit and gruff demeanor make him a fan favorite.

All in all, Dinotopia is a delightful adventure series that appeals to both kids and adults. It's a show that doesn't talk down to its audience or shy away from complex themes, while still maintaining an innocent sense of wonder and joy. Whether you love dinosaurs, sci-fi, or just a good old-fashioned adventure story, Dinotopia has something for everyone.

Dinotopia is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (14 episodes). The series first aired on May 12, 2002.

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13. Crossroads
August 17, 2003
David must help his Pteranodon skybax. Karl and Frank prepare for their return home. Le Sage reveals her history with Rosemary to distraught Marion in an attempt to turn her into a hellraiser like herself. The show ends on a cliffhanger.
The Cure: Part 2
12. The Cure: Part 2
August 10, 2003
David contacts the American hospital in Budapest, Hungary. Le Sage sells Karl's baby Chasmosaurus named 26 to the shady head of the local Museum of Natural History to finance her new life in civilization. But there's a catch to her plan.
The Cure: Part 1
11. The Cure: Part 1
August 3, 2003
Karl is bitten by a prehistoric mosquito and falls seriously ill. Since all islanders are immune to its bite, they have no cure. Hoping that modern hospital might help him, Rosemary reveals that there actually is a way off the island.
Lost and Found
10. Lost and Found
July 27, 2003
Karl tries to prove that he can be a skybax rider just like David, only to crash land in T-Rex territory. A rescue party goes to war with T-Rexes to find him, but xenophobic locals who think they're alone on the island capture him first.
9. Contact
July 20, 2003
Karl and David find a shipwrecked dog and a boat stocked with cans of cola, burgers and a working radio that fascinates Dinotopians. Karl learns that the crew is still lost at sea, so he tries contacting the rescue party over the radio.
The Big Fight
8. The Big Fight
July 13, 2002
An Outsider named Alano bullies David, so he plans to fight him. David's dad, Frank, who misses watching sports, suggests that they set up an actual boxing match. Rosemary agrees, after Le Sage promises she won't rig the fight.
Night of the Wartosa
7. Night of the Wartosa
December 31, 2002
Karl's date with Marion doesn't go well. A jolly conservationist named Lok shows him a rare and supposedly magical frog called Wartosa. In an attempt to change the outcome of the date, Karl kisses Wartosa and becomes stuck in a time loop.
The Matriarch
6. The Matriarch
December 26, 2002
A Chasmosaur egg from the hatchery has been replaced with a T-Rex egg. A distraught woman named Iridia claims an Outsider child did it. Le Sage denies it but refuses to cooperate any further. Matriarch Rosemary questions Iridia's story.
Car Wars
5. Car Wars
December 19, 2002
Frank misses cars, so he builds one that runs on methane. It's a hit and everyone wants one, but the town bans them for making noise and polluting. To make his cars legal again, Frank joins the mayoral race but becomes corrupted by power.
Le Sage
4. Le Sage
December 12, 2002
A deadly virus spreads among the dinosaurs and the only cure is a plant called Jinca. Le Sage's men steal the cure, so Karl and Marion negotiate for its return. To make Marion jealous, Le Sage agrees, but only if Karl stays with her.
Part Three
3. Part Three
May 14, 2002
When David and Karl were trapped in one of the dangerous forests in Dinotopia, Marion and Zippo finally recovered them, and discovered new things while they were there. Later, David, Karl, Marion, and Zippo along with the map from Cyrus Crabb, they would journey to the World Beneath as their last report to bring back Sunstones to reenergize the failing and rampaging Waterfall City. Marion and Zippo returned to the city while David, Karl and Cyrus used his small submarine to enter the World Beneath. David decided to keep one of the Sunstones with him in case Cyrus was going to backstabbed them, and sure Cyrus did.After they found the boys father, Cyrus wanted to leave the family behind and he shot Karl and escaped with all the Sunstones that the group gathered. But he didn't go far without the Sunstone (that had the perfect size) that powered his submarine. The family of three with a wounded Karl were able to find their way back to the surface and David found Freefall at the temple in the dangerous forest ,David joins Marion and the other Waterfall citizens in their fight against the evil dinosaurs. Karl and the boys father return to Waterfall City to revive the destroyed city
Part Two
2. Part Two
May 13, 2002
In the city, David tried to learn new things about DInotopia such as their cultures, geography, and language while Karl decided to find a way out of Dinotopia. He did not want to stay in Dinotopia but David encouraged him to join him to learn new things, but they continued to argue and fight whether to stay or go.
Part One
1. Part One
May 12, 2002
When David and Karl go on a flying trip with their father, a thunderstorm commenced and it threw them off course into another world. The trio sank in the sea, but only Karl and David were able to get out of the plane. On a mysterious island, they meet an antique seller named Cyrus Crabb and he showed them around the world of Dinotopia, ran by Mayor Waldo. In this new world they meet Marion Waldo, the daughter of the mayor and a huge collection of Dinosaurs. While trying to reach the city, they were attacked by ferocious Carnivores, and Karl and David learned that the Sunstones which power all of Dinotopia were discipating. Stranded on the island, the two brothers may never see their real world and their father ever again
The Complete Miniseries, Pt. 1
201. The Complete Miniseries, Pt. 1
January 1, 2002
Two brothers discover a land that time forgot, where dinosaurs still roam freely. It's the adventure of a lifetime—thousands of lifetimes ago. Based on the bestselling books by James Gurney. Stars Tyron Leitso, Wentworth Miller, Katie Carr, David Thewlis, Jim Carter and Alice Krige.
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    May 12, 2002
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    6.5  (6,513)