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Aim high, a comedy web series, revolves around sixteen year old Nick Green. Nick dislikes school, does his homework, holds crushes on girls, and stops terrorists and enemies of the United States as an agent for the government. Average high school stuff, right? Nick has to balance his job, often consisting of taking hits on agents of the KGB, with his personal life. He's crazy about a girl, Amanda, who happens to be dating Derek, captain of the swim team and jock extraordinaire. Nick also has his friend, Marcus, who seems quite normal at first, but holds a secret or two of his own.

And lastly, there's Boris, Nick's primary target. Boris is a ruthless ex-KGB member. Cold and ruthless, he's not against showing up at a school event in order to strike back at Nick. Can Nick possibly keep his personal life separate from his work life? And what consequences will be had as he finds himself revealing his secret more and more?

Aim High is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on October 18, 2011.

Where do I stream Aim High online? Aim High is available for streaming on Warner Bros., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Aim High on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Viki online.

Tuesday on Warner Bros.
2 Seasons, 30 Episodes
October 18, 2011
Cast: Jackson Rathbone, Aimee Teegarden, Chris Wylde, Devon Bostick
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Aim High Full Episode Guide

  • The person behind the conspiracy against Nick is revealed, and Nick faces a big decision.

  • When he finds out that he won prom king, no assassins can stop Nick from going to the prom. He rushes to the dance hoping to tell Amanda the truth about who he is.

  • Once again, things get screwed up, and Nick contemplates fleeing the country. Dressed as a medieval archer to fit the theme, Marcus leaves for the prom with an unenthusiastic Dakota.

  • Nick and Ockenhocker break into D.E.P.P. to get the flash drive. But their efforts are thwarted when someone recognizes Nick.

  • Nick finds out that he has been betrayedۥand getting the flash drive back from D.E.P.P. is the only way he can prove that he is innocent. Amanda suspects that Nick is in love with Dakota.

  • Dakota is fed up with her life. Assassins posing as students attack Nick, who is forced to go on the run and abandon his project with Amanda.

  • While decrypting the flashdrive, Nick discovers that he's won Prom King and shows up to the dance in hopes of telling Amanda the truth. Deuce and Terry make an appearance and throw a wrench into his plan.

  • DEPP issues a hit on Nick, just as his popularity begins to grow. He's forced to go on the run and abandon his project with Amanda.

  • While continuing to campaign for Prom King, Nick is partnered up with Amanda for a HomeEc project. At the same time Nick is set up to take the fall for the murder of a former DEPP agent and is put in the crosshairs of Deuce and Terry

  • Nick Green is a top agent for the US government - effective, clever and deadly. He's also got a paper on Crime and Punishment due Tuesday, a biology quiz this afternoon and thirty pages on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire to read tonight...because Nick is sixteen years old. He likes school, but only when it's over for the day. There are the girls, of course - especially Amanda, a wickedly cool rocker chick who dates Derek, the captain of school's championship swim team. Nick wants her anyway.

  • It's Aim High's series finale! After the failure of the initial launch, Aim High presents the Dream Life app to the world through college graduates. Meanwhile, Dao Yuan makes a final attempt at winning back the love of his life.

  • All of Dao Yuan and Mao Mao's friends scheme to get the two back together. Dream Life's app launch is coming up.

  • As data-gathering for Dream Life continues, Yi Fen relentlessly tries to get Mao Mao and Dao Yuan back together.

  • Mao Mao learns to let go of her ex-boyfriend. Yu Pin Yao invites Mi Xiang to his ceremonial inauguration as General Manager of his father's company.

  • Dao Yuan breaks up with Mao Mao after being pressured by her mother. Qi Feng and Yi Fen work through their fight.

  • As Qi Feng and Yi Fen open their company for business, Pin Yao let slip Qi Feng's strained relationship with their father. Dao Yuan becomes increasingly jealous of Mao Mao's manager.

  • Qi Feng and Yi Fen quit Capcom together and start up their own business. While Dao Yuan faces an interview at I-game, the friend between Mao Mao and her supervisor blossoms.

  • Dao Yuan struggles with his mother's lies, and unemployment. Capcom creates a new department for special projects, and wants Qi Fen to run it.

  • Mi Xiang throws a New Year's Eve party with her friends, and Yu Pin Yao finds out who Mi Xiang likes. Meanwhile, Yi Fen got invited on a two-year training program abroad.

  • Dao Yuan asks Mao Mao on a date to take their friendship to the next level. Yu Qi Fen and James begin their rivalry over Yi Fen's love.

  • Yi Fen's friends push her and Yu Qi Fen together. Mi Xiang inherits the responsibilities of the hostel.

  • Yu Qi Feng conquers his fear of driving after Yi Fen suffers a severe allergy attack. Dao Yuan follows Mao Mao home in pursue of the truth.

  • Mao Mao and her friends celebrates her birthday. Qi Yi Fen finds out about the lie Mao Mao told Dao Yuan, and confronts her.

  • Nick goes to the swim meet to see Amanda, and she lets Nick in on her big secret. However, his date with Amanda is cut short whenNick spots the former KGB member, Boris, at the swim meet looking for him.

  • After Amanda ditches Nick, he sneaks out and goes to Marcus's house and decides to quit being an agent, it's really cutting into hissocial life. Nick is feeling great, until he logs on to the Nightly Intruder. Derik also confronts Nick about Amanda.

  • Nick is forced to choose between doing his job and making his date with the girl of his dreams. To make matters worse, the mob hitfrom the other day didn't go as flawlessly as he thought, and now the Mob Boss is hot on Nick?s trail.

  • Nick Green is one of the top agents for the U.S. Government. He's also got a paper on Crime and Punishment due Tuesday and abiology quiz this afternoon? because Nick is sixteen years old.