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This comedy series depicts the behind-the-scenes workings of a fictional kids' TV show. Although wacky and fun-loving on camera, the show's host is profane and nasty when he's not on the air. The hijinks surrounding the show are also augmented by the cast and crew's ineptitude and tendency to make a mess of things. The series is available on the Fullscreen streaming service.

1 Season, 7 Episodes
December 15, 2016
Cast: Brandon Rogers, Jess Weaver, TJ Smith, Elise Christian
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Magic Funhouse Full Episode Guide

  • "The Magic Funhouse!" cast and crew find themselves before a judge on live court TV as they describe the events over the past six months the way they remember them.

  • Arlo sinks deeper into insanity and tries to cancel his own show. Mr. Chronis opens up a dinner theater, and Dave seeks revenge.

  • Cliff suspects that Dave may be trying to murder him. Arlo tries to boost employee morale by taking his staff to laughter therapy, and Sacha engages in a turf war against two children.

  • Mr. Chronis forces the gang to swap identities with each other in competition for a raise. Breaking character gets you Tasered and puts you out of the competition.

  • Arlo storms off the set during a live broadcast after Dr. Pottymouth says a word that triggers a painful childhood memory. Meanwhile, Cliff plans a porn premiere party.

  • Dave looks back at the horrific beginnings of his new job as a production assistant for the local low-budget kids' TV show "Magic Funhouse!," hosted by a demanding manchild.

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