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This animated series presents the further adventures of Rapunzel after the events depicted in the 2010 feature film Tangled and before the events presented in the short Tangled Ever After. The series features many of the film's original voice cast members reprising their roles, including Mandy Moore as Rapunzel and Zachary Levi as Eugene. The series premiered on the Disney Channel in March 2017 with the feature-length film Tangled Before Ever After.

Tangled: The Series is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on March 24, 2017.

Where do I stream Tangled: The Series online? Tangled: The Series is available for streaming on Disney Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tangled: The Series on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV, DisneyNOW online.

Sunday 8:00 AM et/pt on Disney Channel
3 Seasons, 61 Episodes
March 24, 2017
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family Fantasy
Cast: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Eden Espinosa, Paul F. Tompkins
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Tangled: The Series Full Episode Guide

  • Rapunzel and her friends must take Corona back from Cassandra and finally confront the evil Zhan Tiri.

  • Disguised in a magical cloak, Cassandra sneaks into Corona with the intention of making amends with Rapunzel.

  • Eugene must track down and confront a thief who has stolen his former identity, Flynn Rider.

  • Rapunzel and Cassandra investigate mysterious stories of Gothel's ghost haunting Cass's childhood home. Has Gothel returned to haunt her daughters?

  • Rapunzel, Eugene and an old friend race to stop Cassandra from acquiring a deadly weapon.

  • When Rapunzel feels ready to settle down and begin living a normal life, Cassandra returns to Corona with a score to settle.

  • After receiving a message from Owl, Rapunzel and Eugene travel back to the island of the Lorbs, where they reconnect with the Captain of the Guard.

  • When Pascal befriends a baby dragon, he must decide between his new friend and the safety of Corona.

  • When Corona is overcome by a new strain of rocks that induces fearful visions, Rapunzel teams up with Varian to put an end to the new threat.

  • Max, Pascal and the animals must rescue Rapunzel and the gang from being trapped forever in a magical prison.

  • Rapunzel finds that her parents' memory loss has made them forget how they fell in love; things get complicated when King Trevor tries to steal the Queen's heart.

  • As Rapunzel struggles with Cassandra's betrayal, the princess recounts the story of how she and Cassandra first became friends.

  • An ancient hourglass sends Rapunzel and Pascal back in time, and their only hope of returning to the present is in the hands of a teenage Lance and Eugene.

  • After discovering a map to a mythical treasure, Rapunzel believes that holding a race to claim it will be just the pick-me-up the people of Corona need.

  • The Kingdom is stalked by a werewolf!

  • Eugene teams up with his estranged dad, King Edmund.

  • Rapunzel returns to the kingdom of Corona only to find that it has been taken over by an old enemy. Still reeling from Cassandra's betrayal, Rapunzel must use her inner strength to save Corona and its people, including her parents, King Frederic and Queen Arianna. Sticking by her side is her partner in life, Eugene; her loyal chameleon sidekick, Pascal; no-nonsense and dutiful horse, Maximus; and Eugene's best friend, Lance.

  • Rapunzel and Eugene must traverse a deadly maze with Vigor the Visionary as their guide. Along the way, Rapunzel finds that the primate prognosticator has been keeping a secret.

  • Rapunzel wakes up and finds herself back in Corona with short, brown hair and a seemingly perfect life, as if all the events of the black rocks and Varian never happened.

  • Rapunzel uncovers the truth behind her destiny.

  • The gang is de-aged into little kids.

  • The gang comes across a strange old mansion.

  • After she is accidentally zapped by a memory spell, Rapunzel forgets everything that has happened to her since leaving the tower.

  • Rapunzel tries to lift everyone's spirits by taking them to see Hook Hand in concert, but the reunion of the Hook Brothers brings up bad memories for Hook Foot.

  • The Black Rock trail leads Rapunzel to The Great Tree.

  • Rapunzel teams up with Stalyan, Eugene's ex-fiancĂ©e.

  • Vigor puts a curse on Rapunzel.

  • Max and Eugene are stranded at sea.

  • A homesick Rapunzel discovers a mysterious idol with the power to bring instant happiness to whomever holds it, but its power threatens to tear the group apart.

  • Hook Foot falls in love with a mermaid with ulterior motives.

  • The group lands on a tropical island, where the locals mistake Pascal for the mystical ruler they've been waiting centuries for.

  • To acquire a piece of the scroll, Rapunzel travels to an ancient museum at the top of an impossibly tall spire with the museum's incredibly arrogant curator.

  • When Rapunzel and Eugene visit a psychic monkey, his visions lead them on a madcap journey to find the family of their old friend and young thief, Angry.

  • Rapunzel's adventurous spirit leads them to a bizarre, hidden corner of the woods, where she and the gang are magically transformed into birds.

  • The gang gets lost in the mysterious Forest of No Return. In order to cross the dangerous area, they must rely on the mysterious Adira as their guide. But can Adira be trusted?

  • Rapunzel plans to bring the Goodwill Festival to Vardaros. But when the locals respond more favorably to Cassandra's ideas, Rapunzel's competitive juices start flowing.

  • Rapunzel tries to convince an old lawman to take on a new crime boss in Vardaros.

  • Finally outside the kingdom's walls, Rapunzel begins her long journey following the path of the black rocks.

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