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  • TV-Y7
  • 1986
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (3,308)

In 1986, the world was introduced to the SilverHawks, a group of heroes who defend the galaxy from the evil Mon*Star and his band of villains. The show was a syndicated animated series and was produced by Rankin-Bass Productions. It was created to be a successor to another popular Rankin-Bass show, ThunderCats.

The SilverHawks are a team of cyborg law enforcement officers from the 29th Century. They are the galaxy's elite police force, with specially modified bodies that give them superhuman abilities. The team was founded by Commander Stargazer, who assembled a team of the galaxy's finest peacekeepers. The team includes:

- Quicksilver: The team's leader, who has the power of flight and is incredibly fast.
- Tally-Hawk: Quicksilver's loyal bird companion who can communicate with him telepathically.
- Bluegrass: The team's sharpshooter, who has a guitar that shoots lasers.
- Steelheart: The team's strong-woman, who has the power of super strength.
- Copper Kid: The team's youngest member, who has the power of magnetism.
- Hotwing: The team's pyrotechnic specialist who has the ability to create and control fire.

Together, the SilverHawks protect the galaxy from the evil Mon*Star, who takes the form of a giant armored mobster. Mon*Star commands a gang of criminals that he leads from his base on the planet Limbo. His gang includes:

- Buzz-Saw: A chainsaw-wielding brute who is Mon*Star's muscle.
- Mumbo-Jumbo: A sorcerer who can conjure up powerful spells.
- Windhammer: A giant wind-up soldier with a powerful mace.
- Hardware: A cyborg who is skilled in machinery and is an expert in robotics.
- Mo-Lec-U-Lar: A shape-shifting thief who can change his form and size.

While the SilverHawks are fighting to keep the galaxy safe from Mon*Star and his gang, they have some help from the Galaxy of Limbo's mystical Princess, who uses her powers to help them whenever they need it. Besides, the team also has support from the Copper Kidd's family who live on a nearby planet, which also gives the team a few episodes exploring planets or different parts of space.

The show was well-known for its unique animation style, which included extensive use of motion graphics and computer-generated imagery. The animation was very fluid and dynamic, particularly in the action scenes, and there was never a dull moment during any episode.

SilverHawks was also notable for its voice cast, which included some of the best-known voice actors of the time, such as Bob McFadden, Earl Hammond, Maggie Wheeler, Peter Newman, Adolph Caesar, Larry Kenney, and Doug Preis. The voice actors brought their characters to life with their distinctive voices and personalities, making every scene memorable.

The show was immensely popular during its original run and spawned a range of merchandise, including toys, clothing, and trading cards. However, the show only lasted one season, airing a total of 65 episodes. Despite its short run, SilverHawks has remained a beloved classic among fans of 80s cartoons.

In conclusion, SilverHawks was a thrilling sci-fi animated series that delighted audiences with its unique animation style, iconic characters, and exciting action sequences. The show remains a classic and a must-watch for fans of 80s cartoons or anyone looking for a fun and adventurous sci-fi series.

SilverHawks is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (66 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 1986.

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33. Airshow
December 5, 1986
Mon*star sets out to destroy the SilverHawks' airshow by having Mo-Lec-U-Lar masquerade as the Maraj.
Zeek's Power
32. Zeek's Power
December 4, 1986
Zeek talks the Orb into giving him the magical powers intended for a weakening Hotwing and heads to the casino.
Uncle Rattler
31. Uncle Rattler
December 3, 1986
A snake-like criminal whose primary weapon is stun venom steals the SilverHawks' payroll before the Mob can get to it.
The Harder They Fall
30. The Harder They Fall
December 2, 1986
Mon*star plots to test a giant Sky-Shadow by having it tow the Penal Planet to Brim*star, where he will make all the prisoners members of the Mob.
The Invisible Destroyer
29. The Invisible Destroyer
December 1, 1986
Hardware threatens to destroy Bedlam with his invisible satellite.
Stargazer's Refit
28. Stargazer's Refit
November 28, 1986
Outfitted with deadly meltdown discs, Mo-Lec-U-Lar is sent to destroy Commander Stargazer.
27. Match-Up
November 27, 1986
The Mob uses a tornado to rob a space freighter, but when Windhammer is captured he must face the robot Smiley in the boxing ring.
Small World
26. Small World
November 26, 1986
Hardware plots to steal Automata and tow it out of the SilverHawks' jurisdiction, unaware that a mechanical fault in the planet will cause an explosion that will destroy Limbo Galaxy.
Battle Cruiser
25. Battle Cruiser
November 25, 1986
Mon*star plots to go to Chicago and take over the Earth mob.
24. Burnout
November 24, 1986
Zero steals Professor Power's memory and takes over the artificial sun, which roasts HawkHaven when the doors jam.
The Diamond Stick-Pin
23. The Diamond Stick-Pin
November 21, 1986
Hardware gives Zeek a diamond stick-pin containing a remote-controlled bomb.
22. Moon*Star
November 20, 1986
Mon*star gains new powers when he acquires a chunk of the Moon*star.
Sneak Attack, Part 2
21. Sneak Attack, Part 2
November 19, 1986
Mon*star seeks revenge on those who jailed him. Second of a two-part episode.
Sneak Attack, Part 1
20. Sneak Attack, Part 1
November 18, 1986
Hotwing and Quicksilver attempt to sneak into Brim*star to arrest Mon*star. First of a two-part episode.
Gangwar, Part 2
19. Gangwar, Part 2
November 17, 1986
The battered Mob plots a comeback by building the Sky Chomper, a vehicle that devours its own kind. Second of a two-part episode.
Gangwar, Part 1
18. Gangwar, Part 1
November 14, 1986
Melodia and Poker-Face use remote-controlled cars to terrorze Mon*star and steal the casino bankroll. First of a two-part episode.
Window in Time
17. Window in Time
November 3, 1986
A time window allows Hardware to go back to the time on Earth when the SilverHawks are leaving for the Limbo Galaxy.
Junkyard Dog
16. Junkyard Dog
November 12, 1986
Posing as a garbageman, Mo-Lec-U-Lar steals Stagazer's vital spare parts.
15. Switch
November 11, 1986
A cosmic storm reverses everyone's personalities, leaving the SilverHawks bad and the Mob good.
The Chase
14. The Chase
November 10, 1986
When Mo-Lec-U-Lar steals the key to Dolare's main vault, a wild chase ensues.
The Bounty Hunter Returns
13. The Bounty Hunter Returns
November 7, 1986
The Bounty Hunter breaks free and sets up a base called Hanging Rock on an asteroid, preparing to attack once more.
The Illusionist
12. The Illusionist
November 6, 1986
Hotwing is hypnotizes and sent to destroy HawkHaven.
The Star of Bedlama
11. The Star of Bedlama
November 5, 1986
A valuable diamond becomes the object of desire for the Mob and the SilverHawks.
The Blue Door
10. The Blue Door
November 4, 1986
When the SilverHawks race to stop Mon*star from raiding the bank, they fall for the distraction as the real Mon*star makes a bid to infiltrate and destroy HawkHaven.
Super Birds
9. Super Birds
November 3, 1986
Mon*star orders Hardware to create a giant version of Sky-Shadow to destroy the SilverHawks.
8. Flashback
October 31, 1986
Far in the future, a fledgling SilverHawk asks an aged Commander Stargazer how the SilverHawks were destroyed.
A Piece of the Action
7. A Piece of the Action
October 30, 1986
The Mob threatens to flood Bedlam City unless the Governor pays it a percentage of the planet's income.
Eye of Infinity
6. Eye of Infinity
October 29, 1986
Mon*star steals a dangerous crystal that can create extremely powerful forcefields but can't figure out how to activate it.
5. Undercover
October 28, 1986
Mon*star aims to block the supply of oil to Limbo's artificial sun, and put his own reactor into place as the new Sun.
Tally-Hawk Returns
4. Tally-Hawk Returns
October 26, 1986
Hardware plots to kill Quicksilver by stealing the remote control that orders Tally-Hawk, and ordering the bird/weapon to attack its master.
Melodia's Siren Song
3. Melodia's Siren Song
October 24, 1986
Quicksilver and Tally-Hawk race to rescue a hijacked freighter, but are forced to crash-land during a dust storm.
2. Gotbucks
October 23, 1986
Gotbuck, a security robot, tests the bank's defenses but the Mob abducts the android.
1. Smiley
October 22, 1986
Poker-Face sets up boxing matches at the Starship Casino, and puts a robot called Smiley in the ring with Mumbo-Jumbo.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 8, 1986
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (3,308)