Voltron: The Third Dimension

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In Voltron: The Third Dimension, the mighty Voltron defends the galaxy from evil threats determined to take over the universe. Voltron is a powerful, giant robot that is formed by the combination of five smaller robots shaped like lions. The five lions are piloted by Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Keith and Princess Allura. Together they form the Voltron Force and serve as overseers of the mighty robot.

In this animated series, Voltron defends the galaxy against the evil Prince Lotor. Following the events of the Lion Voltron series, Lotor escapes his capture from a deep space prison. He then aligns himself with the witch Haggar to begin his conquest of the entire galaxy and wipe away all that is good in the universe.

When the Galaxy Alliance discovers the plans of Lotor and Haggar, King Zarkon and Amalgamus call upon the Voltron Force to reunite and bring Voltron back to thwart Zarkon

2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
September 12, 1998
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Billy West
Voltron: The Third Dimension

Voltron: The Third Dimension Full Episode Guide

  • Hagar sets a trap for the Voltron Force in the form of a replica of Castle Doom. The replica is an illusion.

  • The Voltron Force gets control of Amalgamus and fixes him. He becomes the strong, supportive leader he always should have been.

  • The Voltron Force learns to use telepathy to control their lions. Pidge resists and is captured by Zarkon and Lotor.

  • The Voltron Force encounters an alternate Voltron Force in a parallel universe. The real Voltron Force must help them as Lotor invades their world.

  • The Voltron Force falls into the trap of "the Hunter," a powerful being that tries to turn the team into a sinister bionic machine.

  • While transporting Dominus back home, Lotor attacks the Voltron Force. A new robeast attacks, and the Voltron Force must rely on Dominus to save them.

  • Zarkon sets up a challenge match between Lotor and Lance, but it's a diversion for Zarkon to power up a special Proton Cannon from an alternate world.

  • Allura learns that the Robot Lions are made of the "spirit" of real Lions who once lived on Arus and have sworn to protect it.

  • Voltron returns in an all new dimension in this Emmy winning CGI animated series! The Voltron Force join a reformed King Zarkon (Kevin Michael Richardson) to defend the universe once more against the threat of Prince Lotor and Witch Haggar. Featuring the original voice cast including Neil Ross (Transformers), Michael Bell (GIJoe) and B.J. Ward (Scooby Doo) alongside Tim Curry (Clue) as Lotor.

  • Lance is being held at Bastille-12 prison for trying to save Red Lion. The rest of Voltron Force sets out to save him while Lotor attacks Arus.

  • The Voltron Force are profiled by a magazine-style television show. Amalgamus answers questions and provides an intimate portrait of the five members.

  • Lotor threatens to destroy the Troika Moons unless the Robot Lions are destroyed. With all this pandemonium, Lance quits the Voltron Force in disgust.

  • Amalgamus goes to the Galaxy Garrison High Council and argues that the Voltron Force should be permanently disbanded.

  • Amalgamus proposes to the Galaxy Garrison High Council that the Voltron Force be permanently disbanded. What will its ultimate fate be?

  • Hagar traps King Alfor's spirit inside a Crystal Robeast. When the Alfor Robeast disables the Robot Lions, Allura tries to free her father's spirit.

  • Pidge goes to Planet Glacia to examine the Alpha-Ice, the coldest matter in the universe. Zarkon employs a new Battle-Borg named Igor to freeze Pidge.

  • Keith learns that Zarkon is evil, but after crash-landing he loses his grip on reality. Unable to perform his duties, he's detained at the castle.

  • Hagar and Lotor summon five Robot Dragons, evil counterparts of the Robot Lions, to fight the Voltron Force.

  • The giant Dominius destroys planets by feeding off their energy. The Voltron Force learns that Dominus is just a baby creature trying to feed itself.

  • Lotor kidnaps an important alien diplomat, Judge Armistice, and lures Allura into Castle Doom. Lotor demands that Armistice marry him and Allura.

  • Hagar casts a spell on Hunk that turns him against his friends and Yellow Lion into a destructive Gray Lion.

  • When the Voltron Force's ship is badly damaged by radioactive space lice, Lotor launches an attack on the Castle of Lions.

  • Amalgamus replaces the Voltron Force with androids trained to fly the Robot Lions. Can the Voltron Force save the Robot Lions?

  • Lotor travels to the Dream Dimension to retrieve Hagar. Lance, having tailed Lotor to the Dream Dimension, is trapped by Hagar in "dream delusions."

  • While fighting Space Pirates in pursuit of Lotor, Lance is captured by him. Against Amalgamus's orders, the Voltron Force flies to Lance's rescue.

  • The evil warlord Lotor has escaped from prison. Although the Voltron Force is forbidden by Amalgamus to pursue him, Lance defies orders.