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  • 1994
  • 2 Seasons

The Marvel Action Hour: Fantastic Four is an animated series that aired in syndication from 1994 to 1996. The show features the popular superhero team, the Fantastic Four, as they battle villains and save the world from danger. The show's main characters are Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, Johnny Storm, also known as the Human Torch, Ben Grimm, also known as the Thing, and Susan Storm-Richards, also known as the Invisible Woman. Each character has their unique abilities, with Mr. Fantastic able to stretch his limbs, the Human Torch able to produce flames and fly, the Thing possessing incredible strength and durability, and the Invisible Woman being able to turn invisible and create force fields.

The show follows the Fantastic Four as they encounter various threats, both from earth and beyond. The villains in the show range from classic comic book characters, such as Doctor Doom and the Skrulls, to newer ones created specifically for the show.

Reed Richards, voiced by Beau Weaver, serves as the leader of the Fantastic Four. He is a brilliant scientist who is often called upon to come up with innovative solutions to the various problems that he and his team face. Despite his intellect, he also has a caring nature and a strong sense of responsibility towards his team and the world at large.

Johnny Storm, voiced by both Brian Austin Green and Quinton Flynn, is the team's resident hothead. He is impulsive and often acts before thinking, leading him to get into trouble on occasion. However, he is fiercely loyal to his family and friends and will stop at nothing to protect them.

Ben Grimm, voiced by Chuck McCann, is the strong but sensitive member of the team. He has a gruff exterior but a heart of gold, especially when it comes to his love interest, Alicia Masters (voiced by Pauline Arthur Lomas). He often serves as the team's muscle and is never afraid to jump into the fray to defend his friends.

Finally, Susan Storm-Richards, voiced by Lori Alan, is the calm and collected member of the team. She is often the voice of reason in heated situations and is quick to come up with a plan to get her team out of danger. While she may not have the raw power of her teammates, her ability to turn invisible and create force fields makes her a formidable opponent.

The show also features appearances by Stan Lee, the legendary comic book writer and co-creator of the Fantastic Four. Lee serves as the show's host and occasionally appears within the episodes themselves, often providing a humorous commentary on the events happening on screen.

Overall, The Marvel Action Hour: Fantastic Four is a fun and action-packed series that captures the spirit of the comic book source material. With a talented voice cast and exciting storylines, it's a show that is sure to delight fans of all ages.

The Marvel Action Hour: Fantastic Four is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 1994.

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13. Doomsday
February 24, 1996
Dr. Doom takes over Silver Surfer's powers once more, and it is up to the Fantastic Four to take Doom down and give Silver Surfer his powers back again.
The Sentry Sinister
12. The Sentry Sinister
February 17, 1996
Johnny is reunited with Crystal as Black Bolt destroys the negative barrier and frees the Inhumans. Meanwhile, Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, and the Invisible Woman head to Tee Vu Island.
Hopelessly Impossible
11. Hopelessly Impossible
February 10, 1996
Super Skrull goes after the Impossible Man. Johnny then agrees to protect him if he gets Lockjaw to teleport him to the General Refuge, so that Johnny can visit Crystal.
Behold, a Distant Star
10. Behold, a Distant Star
February 3, 1996
Sue is in need of life saving surgery that only her father can perform. Sue’s father is then arrested after the surgery because he is being accused of a murder. Then, the Skrulls release Super Skrull who takes his place, with plans of extracting his revenge.
Nightmare in Green
9. Nightmare in Green
November 25, 1995
Bruce Banner comes to Reed Richards, with hopes that Reed can help him cure the curse of being the Incredible Hulk. However, Bruce ends up turning into the Incredible Hulk and going on a rampage. Can the Fantastic Four stop Hulk from destroying the city?
When Calls Galactus
8. When Calls Galactus
November 18, 1995
Johnny is depressed over Crystal, and he ends up meeting a girl who has powers identical to his own. Meanwhile Terrax is causing trouble in Manhattan, and he demands that the Fantastic Four fight Galactus.
Prey of the Black Panther
7. Prey of the Black Panther
November 11, 1995
Black Panther lures the Fantastic Four to Africa, where the FF discover that Black Panther is the leader of a tribe, and the tribe is under attack by a being known as Klaw. Can the Fantastic Four help Black Panther and his tribe defeat Klaw?
To Battle the Living Planet
6. To Battle the Living Planet
November 4, 1995
There are dozens of Natural disasters occurring all around the world, so the Fantastic Four travel to space with hopes of finding the source of all their problems. It turns out that a being known as Ego is behind it all and Thor and the Fantastic Four can't defeat it by themselves, so they must call on Galactus.
Worlds Within Worlds
5. Worlds Within Worlds
October 21, 1995
Reed Richards discovers a strange goop that can effect people's emotions. The goop originates from the Micro Verse, and it belonged to Psycho Man, who wants it back.
Inhumans Saga: Beware the Hidden Land (3)
4. Inhumans Saga: Beware the Hidden Land (3)
October 14, 1995
Johnny is teleported, along with the Inhumans to the great refuge. Now the Fantastic Four must try to find Johnny and take down the Inhumans.
Inhumans Saga: The Inhumans Among Us (2)
3. Inhumans Saga: The Inhumans Among Us (2)
October 7, 1995
Gorgon is looking for Medusa, so that he can return her to the great refuge. Human Torch is then forced to help her, but Gorgon manages to capture Medusa. Then the Fantastic Four end up learning the location of his hideout.
Inhumans Saga: And the Wind Cries Medusa (1)
2. Inhumans Saga: And the Wind Cries Medusa (1)
September 30, 1995
The Frightful Four attack the Fantastic Four, and manage to take control of The Thing’s mind with hopes of turning him against the Fantastic Four.
And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them
1. And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them
September 23, 1995
Due to a nuclear explosion caused by Dr. Doom, the Fantastic Four do not have their powers anymore. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom makes an attempt to take over the Baxter building. Now, the Fantastic Four will need the help of Daredevil to reclaim the Baxter building and regain their powers.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 24, 1994