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Wolverine and the X-Men is a cartoon series by Marvel Animation. This animated series follows the X-Men after the school was attacked and their leader, Professor X disappears. Jean Grey, another member of the X-Men also goes missing. With their leader gone, the X-Men disband. This causes some of the X-Men, mainly Scott, to suffer from depression.

One year passes and a group called the MRD, or Mutant Response Division, is capturing and imprisoning mutants. After some work, Emma Frost is able to locate Charles who is in a coma like state, with Magneto on Genosha. It is then that Professor X contacts Wolverine telepathically and orders him to lead the X-Men. He also warns him about something called "The Sentinel Project" and also tasks him with preventing the Brotherhood of Mutants from taking over the world. Failure to do so will cause the future to be ruled by Sentinels.

Wolverine and the X-Men is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 2008.

Where do I stream Wolverine and the X-Men online? Wolverine and the X-Men is available for streaming on NickToons, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wolverine and the X-Men on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
September 8, 2008
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Steve Blum, Jim Ward, Nolan North, Fred Tatasciore
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Wolverine and the X-Men Full Episode Guide

  • Xavier and the renegades go against Master Mold in the future, while it's a race against time to stop the Phoenix from destroying the world in the present.

  • In the future, just when things start to get dicey, a familiar face comes to the rescue. In the present, Scott and Emma try to rescue Jean while Magneto counters the sentinal attack.

  • Jean is kidnapped by a group of psychics who want to unleash the Pheonix. Magneto sets up Mystique to pretend to be Sen. Kelly, and has her launch an attack on Genosha

  • After Jean uses her powers, Scott and Emma head to bring her home, before Sinister gets to her.

  • Wolverine and NIghtcrawler gead to Genosha to try to prevent Magneto's helmet from being stolen

  • While the X-men try to figure the next steps to stop the war, the future renegade mutants figure out a crucial past event that may help.

  • When Scott starts seeing Jean everywhere, Emma suggests she blocks those memories of her. This has Scott reminiscing how he came to the Institute and how he met Jean.

  • Warren aka Angel takes it upon himself to rescue mutants who are being captured by the MRD. His actions take interest of Sinister.

  • The sentinals are activated forcing the X-me and Brotherhood to work together to stop them.

  • The Silver Samurai captures all the X-men in order to get a rematch against Wolverine for a fight lost in the past

  • WOlverine, Kitty and Forge try to find info on "Master Mold" while in the future, Xavier and the renegade mutants are chased by Centinals with startlingly familiar atributes.

  • NIghtcrawler and Wander are taken to a mysterious dimension for a strange creatures entertainment: fighting.

  • When Logan gets an anonymous call that Christy Nord is in danger, he leaps into action. She's the grown daughter of a man Logan had abducted back when he was a Weapon X Agent, and now he feels responsible. When Logan checks on her, he finds out Weapon X has already taken her. With help from a from a surprising ally, Mystique, the two of them set out to infiltrate Weapon X, and bring Christy back safely. But the more time Logan spends with Mystique, the more he realizes she has her own agenda to pursue.

  • Rogue tried to tell Logan what Magneto and the Brotherhood were up to but he would listen. It wasn't until after they attacked that he believed her. Now, pitted in battle against the Brotherhood, the X-Men are kept busy while Magneto initiates a precision strike against MRD facilities across the country. The humans are under siege, and Magneto's coup de grace will put more than just Kelly's troops in danger unless the X-Men can find a way to stop it.

  • Haunted by a fragmented memory, Wolverine heads to Canada to try to piece it together.

  • Nightcrawler arrives at Genosha, where everything seems too good to be true.

  • In the future, Xavier is captured by Centinals and Cerebro is stolen; while in the present, Wolverine and the X-Men investigate something Logan saw when taking back the inhibitor collar from Trask.

  • Xavier tells the X-Men that they must protect the Bortherhood and bring a mutant to the MRD

  • Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. taps Wolverine to stop the Hulk who apears to be terrorizing the Canadian Rockies.

  • Nightcrawler sneaks aboard a cargo ship on the way to Genosha when he hears that mutants are being mistreated.

  • Magma is being chased by the Mutant Control Unit. In the middle of a road she turns to a burning being and the cars suddenly stop around her. Wolverine rescues Magma from the Mutant Control Unit and uses an inhibitor collar built by Forge to help control her powers. Wolverine asks for the collar back, she is reluctant to take it off, but finally takes it off. Meanwhile, Dr. Sybil Zane hires Gambit to steal that collar from the X-Men for Senator Kelly and it is up to Wolverine to get it back. Gambit attacks Wolverine in his laboratory with fire cards, he admits to Wolverine that he has been hired for cash, but Wolverine sets his money on fire and offers him double the amount, if he helps discovering whom he is working for. In the end Gambit and Wolverine manage to get back the collar.

  • After receiving a telepathic message from the future from Professor Xavier, Wolverine and the X-men must journey to Africa to find Storm, who apparently some time in the future killed and destroyed every single living been in said continent.

  • With the aid of of an unlikely ally, Emma Frost, Wolverine and the X-Men must find Professor Xavier and bring him back to the newly rebuilt Institute.

  • Wolverine and The Beast attempt to re-unify the X-Men.

  • After an unfortunate and mysterious accident, Professor Charles Xavier and Jean Grey mysteriously vanish in an explosion outside the Institute. One year later, Wolverine returns for Beast's help when a family gets arrested for helping him.