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  • 2017
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (46)

Massive Monster Mayhem is an action-packed children's television show that premiered on Nicktoons in October of 2017. The show features real contestants battling gigantic monsters in a series of challenges, all while being cheered on by a colorful cast of characters.

The host of the show is Devon Stewart, a personable and energetic young man who keeps the action moving and the audience engaged. Alongside him are the show's commentators, Art Spigel and Kai Ferris, who provide in-depth analysis and colorful commentary on each of the challenges.

Throughout each episode, contestants are tasked with completing a series of physical and mental challenges, such as answering trivia questions or racing through an obstacle course. However, the real highlight of the show is the massive monsters themselves, which are brought to life through cutting-edge CGI technology.

Each monster is unique, with its own personality and set of abilities. From the towering Cyber Chicken to the shape-shifting Masaak to the explosive Eruptadon, the monsters are a thrilling sight to behold. They tower over the contestants, wreaking havoc on the set and providing an ever-present sense of danger.

Despite their fearsome appearances, the monsters are not actually trying to harm the contestants. Instead, they are controlled by a team of kids known as the Monster Mashers, who use a combination of robotics and virtual reality technology to control the monsters' movements and actions. The Mashers are a diverse group, with members from all over the world, and are integral to the show's themes of teamwork and cooperation.

Throughout the challenges, the contestants must use their skills and wits to outsmart the monsters and win points. At the end of each episode, the contestant with the most points wins the honor of being crowned the Ultimate Monster Champion, and receives a trophy and prize package.

Overall, Massive Monster Mayhem is a fast-paced and exciting show that will appeal to kids of all ages. With its thrilling monsters, engaging challenges, and lively cast of characters, it's a must-watch for anyone who loves action and adventure.

Massive Monster Mayhem
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Mr. Nice Master
7. Mr. Nice Master
November 22, 2017
Master Mayhem gives up being evil and becomes the galaxy's nicest guy, sending Teensy the Tri-Terror-Tops to give everyone a hug.
Hoke-Us Poke-You
6. Hoke-Us Poke-You
November 22, 2017
Master Mayhem conjures up his old magic act, hoping to distract the Earth while Me-Ouch! makes a champion disappear.
Keeping It Virtual
5. Keeping It Virtual
November 15, 2017
Master Mayhem becomes obsessed with a new VR video game, so he sends Major Disappointment to Earth to make sure the blue planet is game over.
Vacation in Scare-A-Dise
4. Vacation in Scare-A-Dise
November 8, 2017
Master Mayhem goes on vacation to the worst resort ever, leaving Earth's destruction in the hands of Macho Cheese.
Mommy Fearest
3. Mommy Fearest
November 1, 2017
When Master Mayhem's Mom arrives for a surprise visit, he hopes to impress her by destroying Planet Earth, with the help of Teensy the Tri-Terror-Tops.
Sneeze the Day
2. Sneeze the Day
October 25, 2017
Master Mayhem's got a serious case of Space Flu, so he's sending Dome Ditty Dome, powered by a hot dog, to barbecue the Earth.
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
October 25, 2017
Premiere of Nick's new show Massive Monster Mayhem.
  • Premiere Date
    October 25, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (46)