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In each episode of Massive Monster Mayhem, three real-life kid heroes are placed in a fictional alternate universe to compete in a gauntlet of intergalactic challenges in order to become Earth's champion. Contestants are eliminated through a series of three rounds, which culminate when the last player standing faces off against one of overlord Master Mayhem's monsters to save the planet. Each action-packed episode features two hosts who provide fun commentary during gameplay and non-stop hijinks from Master Mayhem and his monsters.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on Nicktoons
1 Season, 7 Episodes
October 25, 2017
Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, Science Fiction
Cast: Devon Deshaun Stewart
Massive Monster Mayhem
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Massive Monster Mayhem Full Episode Guide

  • Master Mayhem gives up being evil and becomes the galaxy's nicest guy, sending Teensy the Tri-Terror-Tops to give everyone a hug.

  • Master Mayhem conjures up his old magic act, hoping to distract the Earth while Me-Ouch! makes a champion disappear.

  • Master Mayhem becomes obsessed with a new VR video game, so he sends Major Disappointment to Earth to make sure the blue planet is game over.

  • Master Mayhem goes on vacation to the worst resort ever, leaving Earth's destruction in the hands of Macho Cheese.

  • When Master Mayhem's Mom arrives for a surprise visit, he hopes to impress her by destroying Planet Earth, with the help of Teensy the Tri-Terror-Tops.

  • Master Mayhem's got a serious case of Space Flu, so he's sending Dome Ditty Dome, powered by a hot dog, to barbecue the Earth.

  • Premiere of Nick's new show Massive Monster Mayhem.