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  • 1992
  • 1 Season

DC Super-Villains: The Joker is a documentary-style show that tells the story of one of the most iconic and notorious villains in the DC universe: The Joker. The show explores the origins of this twisted and enigmatic character, as well as his motivations, methods, and impact on the world of Batman and the larger DC comics universe.

The show is structured in a series of chapters, each of which focuses on a different aspect of The Joker's life, personality, and legacy. The first chapter, for example, delves into his early years, before he became The Joker, when he was still a struggling comedian named Jack Napier. This part of the show explores the circumstances that led Napier to become The Joker, as well as the psychological, social, and cultural factors that shaped his worldview and his criminal tendencies.

Another chapter focuses on The Joker's relationship with Batman, his archnemesis and the one person who can truly match him in terms of intelligence, strategy, and determination. This chapter examines the complex dynamic between these two characters, tracing their interactions and confrontations over the years and highlighting the different ways in which they both mirror and complement each other.

Other chapters delve into The Joker's varied incarnations over the years, from his classic comic book appearance to his depictions in movies, TV shows, and video games. Each of these iterations brings its own flavor and interpretation to the character, and the show explores the different ways in which The Joker has been adapted and reinvented to suit the changing tastes and sensibilities of audiences.

Throughout the show, there are also interviews with comic book writers, artists, and historians who offer insights and commentary on The Joker and his place in the DC universe. These experts shed light on the creative process behind the character, the challenges and risks involved in writing and drawing him, and the ways in which The Joker has influenced and reflected the larger cultural currents of our time.

One of the strengths of DC Super-Villains: The Joker is its ability to balance the complex and often disturbing aspects of the character with a sense of humor and playfulness. While the show does not shy away from the violence, madness, and amorality of The Joker, it also celebrates his irreverent energy, his subversive wit, and his ability to upend the established norms and conventions of the DC universe.

Overall, DC Super-Villains: The Joker is an engaging and informative show that provides a deep dive into one of the most fascinating and complex villains in the world of comics. It combines compelling storytelling, expert analysis, and colorful visuals to offer a comprehensive and entertaining exploration of The Joker and his enduring legacy. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the character or a casual observer of the DC universe, this show is sure to entertain, enlighten, and perhaps even disturb you.

DC Super-Villains: The Joker is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on November 12, 1992.

DC Super-Villains: The Joker
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Make 'Em Laugh
9. Make 'Em Laugh
November 5, 1994
The Joker has brainwashed famous comedians and has them committing crimes throughout the city.
The Man Who Killed Batman
8. The Man Who Killed Batman
February 1, 1993
Sidney Debris, a small-time mobster, earns the hatred of all of Batman's enemies when he claims to have accidentally killed Batman during a brawl. The Joker is particularly crushed that Sidney got to Batman before he did. Sidney goes to Rupert Thorne, a crime boss for help but it turns out that Thorne is angry with him too.
Joker's Favor
7. Joker's Favor
September 11, 1992
When a timid accountant accidentally runs afoul of the Joker, he promises the Joker anything if the villain will only let him go.
The Joker's Wild
6. The Joker's Wild
November 19, 1992
When a billionaire builds a casino called the Joker's Wild, the Joker breaks out of Arkham Asylum to destroy it.
The Trial
5. The Trial
May 16, 1994
All of Batman's enemies team together to put Batman on trial and send him to Arkham Asylum.
Joker's Millions
4. Joker's Millions
February 21, 1998
The Joker is penniless, but when he inherits money from a Mob boss, he distributes it freely throughout Gotham to gain influence.
The Laughing Fish
3. The Laughing Fish
January 10, 1993
The Joker becomes enraged when the Gotham copyright office rejects his demand for a copyright for his grinning Joker fish.
The Last Laugh
2. The Last Laugh
September 22, 1992
The Joker employs a lethal mind-altering laughing gas to transform the citizens of Gotham into total fools.
Christmas With the Joker
1. Christmas With the Joker
November 12, 1992
The Joker kidnaps three prominent citizens during Christmas and challenges Batman to find him before midnight.
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  • Premiere Date
    November 12, 1992