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  • TV-Y7
  • 2021
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.9  (1,708)

Kid Cosmic is a Netflix original animated series that follows the adventures of a young boy named Kid, who discovers a group of powerful cosmic stones that grant him superpowers. The show was created by Craig McCracken, who is best known for creating the popular animated series, The Powerpuff Girls.

The show is set in the small desert town of Pico Mundo, where Kid lives with his grandfather Papa G. Kid is a dreamer who is fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. One day, while playing in the desert, he discovers five powerful artifacts that give him incredible powers. With the help of his friends, Jo, Rosa, Tuna, and his cat, Kid sets out to protect his town from the various villains who want to steal the cosmic stones.

The show has a unique and colorful visual style that is reminiscent of classic 1960s and 1970s animated series. The characters are designed with exaggerated proportions and bold colors, making them stand out against the desert landscape. The animation is fluid and expressive, with dynamic camera angles and action-packed fight scenes.

The show's storytelling is a mix of science fiction, adventure, and comedy. Each episode follows Kid and his friends as they encounter different threats to their town, ranging from robots to aliens to giant monsters. The show balances lighthearted humor with moments of genuine danger, making it accessible to both children and adults.

Kid Cosmic also has a strong sense of character development. Each of the main characters has their own distinct personality and backstory. Kid, for example, is a dreamer who feels misunderstood by the people around him. Rosa is a smart and resourceful girl who is always one step ahead of the villains. Tuna is a tough-talking teenager who has a softer side beneath his bravado. And Jo is a loyal friend who is always there to support Kid, even when things get tough.

The show's villains are also given depth and complexity. There's Stuck Chuck, a bumbling robot who wants to be a superhero but always messes things up. There's the Skull Ship Captain, a fearsome space pirate who wants to steal the cosmic stones for himself. And there's Papa G's arch-nemesis, the evil Doctor Fang, who has a personal vendetta against Kid and his friends.

One of the standout aspects of the show is its use of music. Each episode features a different classic rock or pop song, which adds to the show's retro vibe. From The Who to Bowie to The Turtles, the show's soundtrack is a nostalgic treat for parents watching with their children.

Kid Cosmic is a fun and entertaining animated series that is sure to delight viewers of all ages. Its vibrant visuals, engaging characters, and adventurous storytelling make it a standout among other animated series on Netflix.

Kid Cosmic is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on February 2, 2021.

Kid Cosmic
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Kid Cosmic and the Grand Opening of Planet Earth
6. Kid Cosmic and the Grand Opening of Planet Earth
February 3, 2022
After remembering the lives impacted by Erodious, the Local Heroes prepare to move on. But Kid isn't ready to forget about their superhero adventures.
Kid Cosmic and the Planet Killer
5. Kid Cosmic and the Planet Killer
February 3, 2022
When Erodious' galactic reign of terror doesn't live up to Fantos' expectations, he takes matters into his own hands
Kid Cosmic and the Little Spark
4. Kid Cosmic and the Little Spark
February 3, 2022
Rosa grows frustrated with everyone's sudden lack of fighting spirit, but she finds a tiny glimmer of hope where she least expects it.
Kid Cosmic and the Global Conspiracy
3. Kid Cosmic and the Global Conspiracy
February 3, 2022
Kid sets out to uncover the secrets that he's sure the PPG is hiding. Meanwhile, Papa G wonders if he should reveal what he knows.
Kid Cosmic and the Secret of the Fourteenth Stone
2. Kid Cosmic and the Secret of the Fourteenth Stone
February 3, 2022
Mummies, a merman and a mech battle with a nefarious nemesis keep the Heroes busy while they're on the lookout for another Stone of Power.
Kid Cosmic and the Best Day Ever
1. Kid Cosmic and the Best Day Ever
February 3, 2022
Kid Cosmic and the Local Heroes hit the big time: They're now Global Heroes with the Planet Protection Group and about to embark on their first mission.
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Kid Cosmic is available for streaming on the Netflix website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kid Cosmic on demand at Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    February 2, 2021
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (1,708)