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This animated superhero series is based on a line of action figures which is, in turn, based on characters created by DC Comics. The series features both female superhero and supervillain characters such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy, all packaged in a kid-friendly format. In this series, the characters are all adolescent girls, and the episodes are built around themes of self-confidence, self-esteem and other positive social messages. The series began as an episodic web-based series, but it also airs on Cartoon Network on cable TV, where, as of October 2016, it is in its second season.

Monday to Friday on
4 Seasons, 86 Episodes
October 1, 2015
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Mae Whitman, Grey DeLisle, Tara Strong, Leisha Medina
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DC Super Hero Girls Full Episode Guide

  • Starfire is feeling melancholy and homesick for the great dance of Tamaran. Supergirl, Katana and Wonder Woman organize a dance with Blackfire and the Korugar Academy kids, but "dance" in Tamaranean means something else entirely.

  • Starfire is homesick for a traditional Tamaranean dance so the Supers surprise her with one of their own!

  • When Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Harley discover that Big Barda doesn't know how to drive, they set out to teach her.

  • Raven uses her magic to help stop Trigon, and might just convince him to let her stay at Super Hero High…

  • Trigon reeks havoc on Super Hero High when he hears Raven wants to attend, and it's up to the Supers to stop him!

  • Raven helps save Metropolis after her portal causes an Earthquake, and discovers she wants to study at Super Hero High!

  • Trigon wants his daughter Raven to follow in his footsteps and rule the Underworld, but Raven isn't so sure…

  • Wonder Woman evades Cheetah's repeated attempts to steal her Lasso of Truth, but Wonder Woman loses her lasso during an encounter with Giganta.

  • When Wonder Woman's lasso goes missing, the origin story of her lasso comes to light -- which is also the origin story of Cheetah's powers!

  • Wonder Woman evades Cheetah's repeated attempts to steal her Lasso of Truth, but Wonder Woman loses her lasso during an encounter with Giganta.

  • When Ivy's plant experiment goes awry and puts the whole school to sleep, it's up to her and Harley to find the antidote.

  • The Super Pets work together to save their owners and stop the Animilitia, proving they are a part of the Super Team!

  • The Super Pets are on the verge of failing their first class at Super Hero High, but when the Animilitia traps the heroes, the Super Pets must prove their heroic mettle to save their owners.

  • While Supergirl and Batgirl investigate a burglary, Krypto and Ace track the culprit and reclaim the loot.

  • Batgirl and Supergirl may be best friends, but their dogs Krypto and Ace are still getting to know each other! Can they put aside their differences to help save the day?

  • Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl uncover a plot between Lena Luthor and Eclipso to take over the Earth and transform it into a new version of Gemworld. Can they overcome Lena Luthor and her Kryptomites and thwart the evil master plan? But exactly who is double crossing whom?

  • Mera is having a hard time adjusting to her life at Super Hero High, but with the help of her new friends, Super Hero High will feel like home.

  • Jessica Cruz conquers her fears and faces Sinestro with a little help from her super hero friends!

  • Jessica Cruz has been chosen as Earth's new Green Lantern! But will fear keep her from stopping Sinestro and embracing her powers?

  • With Hal Jordan gone, Sinestro seizes the opportunity to attack Earth! Will the new Green Lantern arrive in time to save the day?

  • Green Lantern is leaving Earth and joining the Green Lantern Corp, but will Earth be safe before a new Green Lantern is called?

  • The heroes want to make this an extra special holiday by brightening the lives of Metropolis citizens.

  • A Krytptonian is loose in Metropolis! After following the wake of school destruction, Supergirl is reunited with Krypto the Super Dog.

  • Perry the Parademon is loose in Metropolis and the heroes are on the trail! But Big Barda has a soft spot for the parademon and takes him in as her new pet.

  • Wonder Woman is trying to teach Frost how to fly the invisible jet so she can pass her flyers exam when Killer Moth attacks.

  • Katana and Big Barda try to prove their own fighting style is the best when the Double Dare Twins attack.

  • The supers must save Gorilla Grodd when his former army comes to "rescue" him from Super Hero High.

  • With Catwoman's help, the supers return the amulet of Harmonia to Ares and save the day.

  • As Ares rains destruction on Metropolis, the supers must recover the amulet of Harmonia.

  • Peaced-out Ares comes to Metropolis to see Wonder Woman, but his peaceful outlook is ruined when Catwoman steals the amulet of Harmonia.

  • Mrs. Clayface steals all of Batgirl's gadgets in an effort to break her husband out of Arkham.

  • Hero of the Month goes to Beast Boy! Whether he transforms into a ferocious crocodile or an friendly octopus, Beast Boy always saves the day in unexpected ways.

  • Giganta causes an electric blackout and Batgirl enlists the help of Thunder and Lightning.

  • Lashina breaks into Belle Reve and poisons Commissioner Gordon. Batgirl and Hawkgirl must find the antidote before it's too late!

  • Batgirl and Poison Ivy are partnered for Crazy Quilt's stealth suit design project.

  • Batgirl and Poison Ivy are partnered for Crazy Quilt's stealth suit design project.

  • When Wonder Woman is home for a holiday, Ares, the god of war, attacks.

  • Starfire and Blackfire must protect the zoo from King Shark. The sisters realize they have more in common than they thought.

  • With Lion-Mane subdued, Batgirl, Starfire, and Beast Boy must find all the escaped zoo animals and return them to the zoo.

  • Batgirl, Beast Boy and Starfire are picnicking in the park when Lion-Mane's menagerie of entranced animals attack the park! The heroes must save the citizens and stop Lion-Mane.

  • It's the SHH Student Art Fundraiser and the Double Dare Twins have stolen masterpiece from the show! It's up to Katana and Supergirl to stop them and recover the painting. But when Supergirl is knocked out by kryptonite and Katana's sword is stolen, Katana must improvise and use her art supplies to defeat the Double Dare Twins.

  • Wonder Woman and Supergirl are facing off to see who's fastest, but when they keep tying, they decide to race sans-superpowers. Harley hates to be left out and joins the race. As Wonder Woman and Supergirl zoom around Metropolis, they spot a bank robbery in progress and compete to see who can catch the criminals first. While they're distracted, Harley wins the race.

  • Frost reads her "How I Spent Spring Break" essay and we flashback to the tale of how Katana and Frost formed the first "Task Force X" to stop Lashina from breaking the Female Furies out of Belle Reve. During the battle between the SHH Heroes and the Furies, Barda redeems herself and joins the side of the good guys.

  • A red Kryptomite loose at Super Hero High brings out everyone's mean side

  • The supers must save Metropolis from the army of Kryptomites.

  • Lena Luthor uses kryptonite remnants from Supergirl's ship to create living Kryptomites.

  • Harley Quinn enlists the help of Katana and Bumblebee in hiding a surprise birthday present for Batgirl in her dorm room. But when they sneak into Batgirl's dorm, they are accosted by Batgirl's booby traps

  • Batgirl is kidnapped by Killer Moth, who wants to make her his partner! Too bad Batgirl already has a partner -- Supergirl!

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