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  • 1999
  • 1 Season
  • 8.3  (65)

Mopatop's Shop is a children's television series produced by Jim Henson Company and premiered on the UK broadcast network, CITV on May 8th, 1999. The show stars Mopatop, a friendly and wise puppet shopkeeper, and his assistant, Puppy Duck, who run a magical store filled with wonders.

The show is set in a unique location, where the shop itself is like a portal to other worlds. Each day, the shop's bell rings; animals, toys, and other inanimate objects come to life, bringing a new customer and their story into the shop, and the show follows the adventures that they embark on together.

Throughout the series, the residents of the shop assist their customers by using Mopatop's catchphrase "think and do" and finding creative solutions to their problems. The shop itself has a magical quality, with doors that open to different realms, and the ability to transform into whatever the customer needs, making it an exciting place for young viewers.

Mopatop's Shop employs a mix of puppetry, animation, and live-action to create a rich and imaginative world that sparks the imagination and brings joy to children. The puppets are meticulously crafted, and their attention to detail is impressive. Every character has distinctive features, which bring them to life in a unique way, and each has their own style and personality.

Mopatop himself is a warm and friendly character, who is always willing to listen to his customers and offer them advice. Puppy Duck, his assistant, is equally endearing and brings a lot of humor to the show. The puppets have an incredible range of expression, and the performers behind them use their skills to convey a wide range of emotions and reactions, creating a real connect between the characters and the viewers.

One of the show's most charming features is the wide range of customers that visit Mopatop's Shop. From toys that come to life to birds, cats, and even aliens, each episode brings a new adventure and a new set of challenges to solve. The range of characters allows for a lot of different storylines and situations, making each episode fresh and exciting.

The show's environment is also noteworthy; the design of Mopatop's Shop is beautiful, with plenty of intricate details and a cozy feel that is perfect for young children. The shop's shelves are full of interesting objects, and the props and backdrops add to the overall enchantment of the show.

The stories told in Mopatop's Shop are simple but engaging, and the focus is on solving problems creatively and working together to find a solution. The musical numbers are also a highlight; the songs are catchy, upbeat and sung by some of the most talented puppet performers in the world.

Overall, Mopatop's Shop is a delightful children's show that encourages imaginative thinking, creative problem solving, and teamwork. The show has a timeless quality, and even now many years after it first aired, it remains a favorite of children and parents alike. If you're looking for an engaging show that will capture your child's imagination and spark their creativity, then look no further than Mopatop's Shop.

Mopatop's Shop is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 1999.

Mopatop's Shop
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The Perfect Tail/The Big Bicycle Race
32. The Perfect Tail/The Big Bicycle Race
April 9, 1999
Lyndon Lion has grown a little bored of his regular tail and Mopatop's Shop is just the place to get another. He soon finds out though that if you really want a change it might be easier to simply change your hat!
Fast Fun/Teasy Sneezy
31. Fast Fun/Teasy Sneezy
April 7, 1999
Galloping Gordon the speedy Gnu is keen to whip up a few swift items for Mopatop's Shop but all the departments seem to be full. When Dermot Dog comes in feeling a little slow, there could be a job for Gordon after all!
The Flying Chicken/Dancin' in the Shop
30. The Flying Chicken/Dancin' in the Shop
April 1, 1999
Charlene Chicken may be a bird but chickens don't usually want to fly. At Mopatop's Shop anything's possible and when Charlene steps into a basket of balloons her wish is about to come true.
29. Mud/Whistles
March 30, 1999
Marvin Mudmaker is delivering a fresh consignment of mud to Mopatop's Shop but seems to be leaving it just about everywhere. When Mrs. Crocodile is missing something special from her swamp, Marvin has the answer!
Swapsies/Surprise Party
28. Swapsies/Surprise Party
March 26, 1999
Mopsy Swapsie wants to bake a yummy, scrummy cake but all he's got is wool and knitting needles. Topsy Swapsie wants to make a cuddly, duddly woolly mouse but all he's got is eggs, flour and sugar. Ipsy Pipsy Popsy, let's watch them do a swapsie!
Cold Feet/The Sniffly Whiffler
27. Cold Feet/The Sniffly Whiffler
March 24, 1999
A Penguin comes in looking for some cold. Puppyduck has been washing the floor and soon the Shop is a skating rink! Mopatop and the Mice are enjoying sliding around but Puppyduck won't be happy until they've found some warm!
The Magic Teeny/Go Slow
26. The Magic Teeny/Go Slow
March 22, 1999
Just because a Genie is Teeny doesn't mean he isn't magic "" unless he's run out of wishes. At Mopatop's Shop all they can find are flash-of-lightning wishes but it seems a flash of lightning is enough to make a pig and a horses' wishes come true!
Fine the Way You Are/A Secret
25. Fine the Way You Are/A Secret
March 18, 1999
Doreen Warthog thinks her tusks are too short and her warts are too small. She comes to Mopatop's Shop to make a change but Flash Harry, the photographer, thinks she looks perfect just the way she is!
Warm Snow/The Fly
24. Warm Snow/The Fly
March 16, 1999
Dotty Monster wants to play in the snow but soon finds that snow is a little bit cold! When Moosey takes a pair of scissors to a roll of white paper, warm snow could be on the way!
Bright Ideas/Singalotti
23. Bright Ideas/Singalotti
March 12, 1999
Mrs. Flibbertigibbet needs some bright ideas and Mopatop can find some bright things for her while she's waiting. Once a Mole starts looking for presents for his mother Mrs. Flibbertigibbet has some very bright ideas indeed!
Flea Power/The Do-What-I-Say
22. Flea Power/The Do-What-I-Say
March 10, 1999
The Mice are in a flap about a box full of jumping fleas that have arrived at the shop. Moosey finds a way to give the Fleas a new home and Dermot the Dog a good scratch at the same time!
The Happy Flapper/Trouble With a Puddle
21. The Happy Flapper/Trouble With a Puddle
March 8, 1999
When the Happy Flapper's new song is missing a certain something Mopatop and Puppyduck send for Ed. Once he's come up with a tune and lyrics all that's needed is Moosey and ten green bottles to provide the perfect musical accompaniment.
Wrong Ringer/The Brave Canary
20. Wrong Ringer/The Brave Canary
March 4, 1999
The shop's phone has a broken ringer and Claudia can't get through. Odd Job Gerald has a briefcase full of exciting rings but none of them seem quite right. Finally it's down to a good, old-fashioned ring to help Claudia get her flippers!
Wind / Surprises
19. Wind / Surprises
March 2, 1999
Puppyduck has let the wind out of its box and it's causing havoc in the shop. If only a customer would turn up who wants to take it away. Penny Pig is soaking wet and needs something to dry her off. It looks like that wind might come in useful after all!
No Sea / Horns
18. No Sea / Horns
February 26, 1999
There's a mountain in Mr Holiday's do-it-yourself beach kit but no sea. When Ms. Trekker comes in with a very soggy do-it-yourself mountain kit, it becomes clear that there's been a mix-up.
Nodding Off / Worries
17. Nodding Off / Worries
February 24, 1999
Trevor needs a really good night's sleep and Mopatop has shelves full of things that might help. In fact they're so helpful that soon everyone's asleep "" everyone except Trevor!
Ants / Hop for the Shop
16. Ants / Hop for the Shop
February 22, 1999
Mrs. Warthog needs a cake for her son's birthday so Mopatop's Shop's the place to go. But with an army of ants on the march the ingredients might not all stay in the same place at once.
This Way to the Garden / Cock-A-Doodle Bee
15. This Way to the Garden / Cock-A-Doodle Bee
February 11, 1999
Puppyduck may like some unusual things in her garden but when it comes to kitting out a Mole's garden, Mopatop's shop is just the place to go.
Shake a Shake / Whispers
14. Shake a Shake / Whispers
February 9, 1999
When the Shakes start shaking Mopatop and Puppyduck just have to join in. But when they're so worn out they fall asleep, how is Moosey going to wake them up again? With a good shake of course!
Flowers / Hiccups
13. Flowers / Hiccups
February 5, 1999
When Mrs. Warthog and Mrs. Chicken try to say it with flowers from Mopatop's Shop those excitable flowers don't say quite the right thing. When it comes to the three most special words it's a bashful Thistle's who finally comes through!
Hug a Bug / the Hairy Fairy
12. Hug a Bug / the Hairy Fairy
February 3, 1999
When a bug's got the blues there's nothing that'll put a smile back on his face. At Mopatop's Shop though, sometimes the simplest remedies are the most powerful.
Thingamajig / Something Special
11. Thingamajig / Something Special
February 1, 1999
When Lamont delivers a Thingamajig to the store everyone seems to think they know what it's for. As Puppyduck struggles to open a box it seems that the Thingamajig may have one more use.
Mr. Grizzle's Laugh / Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
10. Mr. Grizzle's Laugh / Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
January 28, 1999
Mr Grizzle, a grumpy monster with nothing much to smile about comes into the shop looking for a good laugh. Mopatop & Puppyduck try to cheer him up, but in the end it's a simple look in the mirror that puts the grin back on his face.
Nothing / the Seed
9. Nothing / the Seed
January 26, 1999
Granny Rose wants something that should be easy to find "" nothing! But it seems like there's a little something wherever she looks "" even if it is only Moosey!
Simply Sorry / Musical Sounds
8. Simply Sorry / Musical Sounds
January 22, 1999
Sophie and Ollie come into the shop for a nice, big balloon but when they can't agree on who's going to hold it their friendship might just go "˜pop' along with that balloon.
Monty's Fuzzy Wuzz/You Are What You Are
7. Monty's Fuzzy Wuzz/You Are What You Are
January 20, 1999
Monty's having trouble sleeping because of those strange nighttime noises but he's outgrown his furry fuzzy wuzz. Mopatop tries to find a replacement but it's not until the mice decide to replace their big, old rug that Monty finds what he wants.
Ship Ahoy/Home Sweet Home
6. Ship Ahoy/Home Sweet Home
January 18, 1999
The smell of a sea breeze brings Captain Woof into Mopatop's Shop in search of an adventure. The thought of a journey on the high seas gets everyone excited but maybe the best trips are all in the mind.
Teething Trouble/Grand Opening
5. Teething Trouble/Grand Opening
January 14, 1999
The Lickety Spit is looking for some teeth and at Mopatop's Shop they have all sorts "" long ones, sharp ones, even sets for beginners. But when a Lickety Spit's favorite foods are custard and mashed bananas maybe he doesn't need any teeth at all!
No Job Too Small/Ghosts
4. No Job Too Small/Ghosts
January 12, 1999
A rattlesnake comes to Mopatop wanting a new rattle to replace his broken one. When Odd Job Gerald arrives to fix a broken shelf the rattler suddenly finds his rattle has been repaired.
Moon Dreams/The Whizzy
3. Moon Dreams/The Whizzy
January 8, 1999
Dreams are magical things especially if the moon's your home. Where can you find a replacement for a missing moon dream? Mopatop's Shop, of course!
Upsy Daisy/Singa Songa
2. Upsy Daisy/Singa Songa
January 6, 1999
If you're looking for a nice bit of upside-down then Upsy Daisy's the lady for the job. Trouble is, sometimes an upside-down button doesn't work quite as it's meant to!
Nowhere for a Square/No Mice for Sale
1. Nowhere for a Square/No Mice for Sale
January 4, 1999
Miss Corner is rather partial to squares so when Puppyduck orders a bag full of circles by mistake it seems there's going to be a problem.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 4, 1999
  • IMDB Rating
    8.3  (65)