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"Mr. Pickles" is an animated series that airs on the cable network Adult Swim. Each episode is a quarter hour in length. Its test pilot was posted online in 2013 as part of a presentation of various things that were still in the works. The vote went to another show, but it then went viral online a few months later. Ultimately, it was picked up for a 10 episode contract for the 2014 viewing season.

This show is in the vein of "a boy and his dog." Thus, the star of the show is a dog named Mr. Pickles. He is so named due to his fondness for eating pickles. He is the sidekick of a boy named Tommy.

Although Tommy does not realize it, Mr. Pickles is no ordinary dog. He is actually a demonic dog. The show allows for some insights into the mind of Mr. Pickles via demonic-voiced sounding comments he makes that humans seem to not hear and other indicators of his thoughts. Tommy is quite fooled by Mr. Pickles due to a combination of innocent, ordinary dog behavior on the part of Mr. Pickles plus his own obliviousness.

Tommy's grandfather does realize the dog is no ordinary canine; however no one believes his colorful tales of the dog engaging in debauchery that he has witnessed. All the evidence points to him being the guilty party. Plus, people think his mind is gone due to advanced age. Mr. Pickles seems to have amazingly good luck in terms of appearing innocent to most people. Tommy's grandfather seems to have the opposite kind of luck. He routinely looks like he has just done something bad when he hasn't. In order to help cover his own tracks, Mr. Pickles does all he can to capitalize on this situation, making himself look even better and the grandfather look even worse.

A great deal of the humor on the show is adult in nature. Some of it is fairly explicit humor and some of it is rather macabre. This show is not intended for children and is not for the thin-skinned.

Sunday 11:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
August 26, 2013
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Kaitlyn Robrock, Dave Stewart, Will Carsola, Jay Johnston
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Mr. Pickles Full Episode Guide

  • Grandpa's path to moving out and starting a new life away from Mr. Pickles leads him down dangerous roads.

  • Tommy sets out to make his own cartoon show, but finds it harder than he thought.

  • When Mrs. Goodman confronts the parents of Tommy's bullies, they dump their out-of-control kids with her for the day.

  • Sheriff guest stars on the crime fighting reality show, Sheriffs.

  • At Tommy's first day of school, he must climb the social pyramid to get the girl he likes.

  • When Linda goes on a shopping spree, she winds up on the run from a zombie-like mob of homeless people that want her money.

  • When Mr. Goodman and his co-workers are kidnapped from Telemarketing Corp., he winds up the property of a farm owner who has a vendetta against telemarketers.

  • Tommy tries to protect a strange new friend from a military group that is out to capture him.

  • When Mr. Bojenkins finds that Sheriff is a momma's boy, he decides to teach Sheriff how to be a man.

  • Mr. Pickles has been officially renewed for season 3 & 4.Kaitlyn Robrock (Tommy's voice) announced release date on Twitter (

  • In the season two finale, Grandpa finds an ancient and mysterious coin that he thinks has something to do with Mr. Pickles.

  • In the season two finale, Grandpa finds an ancient and mysterious coin that he thinks has something to do with Mr. Pickles.

  • When Tommy tries to write jokes for the Old Town talent show, he crosses paths with a mysterious woman.

  • Without knowing what veganism is, Mrs. Goodman gets invited to a vegan workshop.

  • Tommy takes care of a unique creature from the forest.

  • This special episode of Mr. Pickles takes place in outer space with a dolphin and an evil shrimp.

  • When a suspicious woman in town takes a romantic interest in Sheriff, Mr. Bojenkins sets out to reveal her true intentions.

  • With a metal thief loose in Old Town, Tommy and Mr. Pickles seek the help of an old superhero with a strange addiction.

  • The sheriff tasks Mr. Pickles with looking for four serial killers at loose in the woods.

  • Tommy gets caught in a huge violation when he confuses a little person for a kid his own age.

  • Season one ended with Mr. Pickles causing Grandpa to be taken to the mental asylum. But when Mr. Pickles realizes Grandpa is now safe from him behind the asylum walls, he plots to bust him out.

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