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  • TV-Y7
  • 1983
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.5  (19,558)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is an animated science fiction fantasy series that first premiered in 1983 and ran until 1985. The show was created by Filmation and was originally broadcast on syndicated television. The series is based on a range of toys produced by Mattel.

The story follows the hero He-Man, who is the alter-ego of Prince Adam. He lives in the kingdom of Eternia, where he fights against the evil forces of Skeletor and his minions. He is aided by a group of other warriors, known as the Masters of the Universe. Together, they defend the land against all manner of threats.

The show's lead voice actor is John Erwin, who voices both He-Man and Prince Adam. Other principal voice cast members include Alan Oppenheimer as the voice of Skeletor, and Linda Gary voicing Teela, the Sorceress, and various other characters.

Each episode of the show typically followed a similar structure. The story would start with Prince Adam and his allies encountering some kind of crisis in Eternia. The crisis would often involve Skeletor and his minions, who would attempt to take control of the kingdom by force.

Prince Adam would then use a magical sword, which would allow him to transform into He-Man. He and his allies would then go on a mission to stop Skeletor and his minions in their tracks. The group would often face challenges and obstacles as they made their way to Skeletor's lair. Once they arrived, a climactic battle would ensue, which would ultimately result in He-Man and his allies defeating Skeletor and saving Eternia.

One of the most notable aspects of the show is its animation style, which is heavily influenced by the style of the early 80s. The show's design also incorporated a range of futuristic technology that set it apart from similar fantasy shows of the time.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was a critical and commercial success. It had a dedicated following among children and became a cultural phenomenon, with numerous tie-in products such as action figures, coloring books, and lunchboxes. The series was also notable for its positive messages, such as promoting teamwork, loyalty, and bravery.

Overall, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a beloved classic of the 80s, and it remains a popular choice for fans of science fiction and fantasy alike. Its iconic characters and unforgettable adventures have left an indelible mark on pop culture, and the series has continued to inspire new generations of fans.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (261 episodes). The series first aired on September 5, 1983.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
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Ep 265 - The Cold Zone
265. Ep 265 - The Cold Zone
January 1, 1985
Kobra Khan asks He-Man for help in restoring the Eternal Flame of his people, the Reptons. The heroic warriors agree to a truce, but find themselves betrayed as soon as they enter the cold zone.
Ep 264 - To Save the Creatures
264. Ep 264 - To Save the Creatures
January 1, 1985
Skeletor plans to replace his Beast Man with the evil inventor Maddok who has built a machine that can digitize wild animals and have them appear in another place, such as during King Randor's birthday celebrations.
Ep 263 - The Games
263. Ep 263 - The Games
January 1, 1985
The alien Bendari select two warriors to pit good against evil. Because Adam is prevented from turning into He-Man in time, Fisto is chosen as the heroic warrior.
Ep 262 - The Ancient Mirror of Avathar
262. Ep 262 - The Ancient Mirror of Avathar
January 1, 1985
Prince Adam, Melaktha and Moss Man board the Fairwind on an expedition to the ancient island continent of Avathar. But Trap Jaw is also on board, disguised as a sailor.
Ep 261 - Capture the Comet Keeper
261. Ep 261 - Capture the Comet Keeper
January 1, 1985
Skeletor orders Two Bad to capture Zagraz the comet keeper so he can force him to direct his comets to destroy Castle Grayskull. Soon the comets are causing trouble all over Eternia without Zagraz' direction.
Ep 260 - The Bargain with Evil
260. Ep 260 - The Bargain with Evil
January 1, 1985
Lady Arvela strikes a bargain with Angast, King of the Realm of Evil to free her father from Angast's grip. In order to do so she kidnaps the Starchild who is visiting the Royal Palace.
Ep 259 - The Toymaker
259. Ep 259 - The Toymaker
January 1, 1985
When the Toy Maker offers his services to Skeletor, he is tasked to kidnap Man-At-Arms. In pursuit, the heroic warriors must cross the treacherous Valley of Echoes.
Ep 258 - Mistaken Identity
258. Ep 258 - Mistaken Identity
January 1, 1985
Young Farin pretends to be He-Man's secret identity to impress his girlfriend Karil. But all his boasting lead him to be captured by self made villain Modulok who wants to join Skeletor's gang.
Ep 257 - Search for a Son
257. Ep 257 - Search for a Son
January 1, 1985
Cout Marzo has found Mekaneck's lost son Phillip and offers to exchange him in return for the King and Queen of Eternia, i.e. the crown.
Ep 256 - The Magic Falls
256. Ep 256 - The Magic Falls
January 1, 1985
Evil-Lyn plans to magically disguise Kobra Khan so he can infiltrate Eternos on Eternia day, and Skeletor makes sure Orko won't hinder them by getting rid of his magic powers.
Ep 255 - Monster on the Mountain
255. Ep 255 - Monster on the Mountain
January 1, 1985
The villagers of Ruxtown claim to be living in fear of the so-called Tingler of Fear Mountain, so Adam, Teela, Orko and Cringer take a Wind Raider out to investigate.
Ep 254 - Visitors from Earth
254. Ep 254 - Visitors from Earth
January 1, 1985
Two Earth astronauts on a mission to destroy a magnetic meteor about to collide with Earth are sucked into a time portal and end up near Eternia instead.
Ep 253 - Orko's Return
253. Ep 253 - Orko's Return
January 1, 1985
Beast Man and Trap-Jaw have acquired the Amber Crystal of Milaka and decide to go into business for themselves. After conjuring up a fortress, they summon Orko by magic and hold him to ransom.
Ep 252 - Beauty and the Beast
252. Ep 252 - Beauty and the Beast
January 1, 1985
Skeletor kidnaps Teela and Orko and sends them to the unreachable castle of the Monster of Moragore while he demands a hefty ransom: to rule Eternia.
Ep 251 - Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere
251. Ep 251 - Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere
January 1, 1985
Skeletor steals Man-At-Arm's duplicating machine and creates an army of half-sized clones of himself. With these 'Skeletoids' he is certain he can take over Eternia for himself.
Ep 250 - Time Doesn't Fly
250. Ep 250 - Time Doesn't Fly
January 1, 1984
Evil wizard Hexon has stopped time so he can become the new Emperor of Simbar. But Princess Kathay, daughter of the current Emperor, sets out to find the Sands of Time and soon receives help from He-Man and friends.
Ep 249 - Battle of the Dragons
249. Ep 249 - Battle of the Dragons
January 1, 1984
He-Man and Man-At-Arms are invited to Darksmoke and Orko tags along. But the evil dragon Morningstar steals the magic flame of Granamyr and blames the Eternians to start a new war between Dragons and Humans.
Ep 248 - Happy Birthday Roboto
248. Ep 248 - Happy Birthday Roboto
January 1, 1984
Adam and Duncan rescue a robot pilot from its crashed spaceship and manage to fix it back up. But Modulok breaks into the palace to claim Roboto's power for himself.
Ep 247 - The Eternia Flower
247. Ep 247 - The Eternia Flower
January 1, 1985
Count Marzo plans to put the youth of Eternia under his spell by introducing them to the addictive plant the Black Nightmare. His first victim is Boy of the Year Jonno.
Ep 246 - Double Trouble
246. Ep 246 - Double Trouble
January 1, 1984
Skeletor uses the Mirror of Moravad to make an evil clone of He-Man's ally Kol Darr.
Ep 245 - The Problem with Power
245. Ep 245 - The Problem with Power
January 1, 1985
Skeletor tricks He-Man into believing he accidentally killed a man. Distraught, Adam decides to give up being He-Man and throws the Powersword into Grayskull's abyss.
Ep 244 - Orko's New Friend
244. Ep 244 - Orko's New Friend
January 1, 1984
Orko's old friend Squonge from the Trollan Academy of Magic comes to visit. This Trollan has a tendency to tell tall tales. When he is the first to notice the arrival of the dangerous Slavemaster, nobody believes him.
Ep 243 - Teela's Triumph
243. Ep 243 - Teela's Triumph
January 1, 1984
Skeletor sends Zoar to another world, not realizing she is really the Sorceress. The Spirit of Grayskull calls for help and implores Teela to take the Sorceress' place.
Ep 242 - The Gambler
242. Ep 242 - The Gambler
January 1, 1984
Melbrag the Gambler tricks Smudge the Widget into giving him some precious Coridite, then uses it to weaken and capture He-Man for Skeletor as a prize.
Ep 241 - The Bitter Rose
241. Ep 241 - The Bitter Rose
January 1, 1984
When Orko plucks the fabled Bitter Rose as a gift for Dree Elle, Rose Mountain starts to crumble and threatens to destroy the village of the Insect People.
Ep 240 - No Job Too Small
240. Ep 240 - No Job Too Small
January 1, 1984
While on a trip to Phantos, Man-At-Arms, Orko, and Teela are kidnapped by Evil-Lyn. Back at Snake Mountain, Beast Man uses a shrink ray on them.
Ep 239 - The Secret of Grayskull
239. Ep 239 - The Secret of Grayskull
January 1, 1984
Orko feels unwanted and leaves. Skeletor captures him and forces him to explain how to get into Castle Grayskull.
Ep 238 - The Good Shall Survive
238. Ep 238 - The Good Shall Survive
January 1, 1984
On the verge of extinction, the Tycons steal the food of Eternia to survive. Skeletor hopes to use this as an advantage.
Ep 237 - Revenge is Never Sweet
237. Ep 237 - Revenge is Never Sweet
January 1, 1984
When Orko uses his magic to restore the Wizard Kothos to human form, he captures the heroic warriors and contacts Skeletor to exchange them for Evil-Lyn, who was the one that turned him into a sand-slug.
Ep 236 - Not So Blind
236. Ep 236 - Not So Blind
January 1, 1984
Loos, a blind boy, has always wanted to meet He-Man. So He-Man takes Loos on an adventure to the crystal caves. But after a flash of light temporarily blinds He-Man, it's up to Loos to get them safely home.
Ep 235 - Greatest Show on Eternia
235. Ep 235 - Greatest Show on Eternia
January 1, 1984
The Circus comes to Eternia and Skeletor is planning to ruin it.
Ep 234 - Hunt for He-Man
234. Ep 234 - Hunt for He-Man
January 1, 1984
He-Man accidentally drinks poisoned water in the swamp and becomes weak. Skeletor believes this to be the perfect opportunity to capture him.
Ep 233 - Search for the Past
233. Ep 233 - Search for the Past
January 1, 1984
Man-At-Arms finds a bracelet adorned by the crest of King Randor's long lost father, King Miro. He joins Randor on a secret mission to search for his the old King, but Queen Marlena sends Adam and Cringer after them in a W
Ep 232 - The Time Wheel
232. Ep 232 - The Time Wheel
January 1, 1984
While exploring the desert, He-Man and Orko come across an old temple. While playing with one of the machines, inside, Orko accidentally brings Tamusk, one of Eternia's most admired kings from the past into the present.
Ep 231 - Battlecat
231. Ep 231 - Battlecat
January 1, 1985
Man-At-Arms recounts how Adam found Cringer when they were both still young, and how Cringer first became Battlecat during a battle against the dreaded Gedge.
Ep 230 - A Bird in the Hand
230. Ep 230 - A Bird in the Hand
January 1, 1984
Stanlan and Orko find a map inside one of Melaktha's statues. It leads to the Ancients' Book of Spells. Adam and the others must find the book before Skeletor finds out about the map.
Ep 229 - Journey to Stone City
229. Ep 229 - Journey to Stone City
January 1, 1984
Evil-Lyn finds the legendary Stone City the heroic warriors have been looking for and turns the recently awoken warrior leader Vokan against He-Man and Castle Grayskull.
Ep 228 - Trouble's Middle Name
228. Ep 228 - Trouble's Middle Name
January 1, 1984
He-Man and the gang are invited to the Sun Temple to witness the charging of the Sun Stone. But along the way, they meet Prankster, a joker from Orko's planet, Trolla, who keeps causing problems for the gang.
Ep 227 - The Littlest Giant
227. Ep 227 - The Littlest Giant
January 1, 1984
Squinch wants to be as big as He-Man, so he goes to Skeletor for help. But, instead, Skeletor uses Squinch to set a trap for He-Man.
Ep 226 - Jacob and the Widgets
226. Ep 226 - Jacob and the Widgets
January 1, 1984
He-Man saves an old hermit named Jacob from Mer-Man's sea monsters and the Widgets volunteer to take care of him until he gets better.
Ep 225 - One for All
225. Ep 225 - One for All
January 1, 1984
Space Pirates invade the village of Pax and take all the villagers hard earned crops. Luckily, Prince Adam and Teela are nearby on an archaeological assignment.
Ep 224 - Just a Little Lie
224. Ep 224 - Just a Little Lie
January 1, 1984
Orko tries to prove to Prince Dal that the Eternia Kingdom is a magical place by telling him it is the home a special crystal that can make anyone invincible. Prince Dal hopes to use the crystal to help his father at war.
Ep 223 - Three on a Dare
223. Ep 223 - Three on a Dare
January 1, 1984
The Royal Palace's transmitter is damaged. Now there can be no radio contact, which means no help for Teela and her students when they end up being captured at Snake Mountain.
Ep 222 - Things that go Bump in the Night
222. Ep 222 - Things that go Bump in the Night
January 1, 1984
Prince Glitch of Celasia has joined up with Skeletor's gang to find himself some courage. But he soon wants to get away from Snake Mountain and joins the heroic warriors of Eternia.
Ep 221 - Trip to Morainia
221. Ep 221 - Trip to Morainia
January 1, 1984
The King Boreas, of Morainia, offers his new power crystals to King Randor. But Skeletor has his own plans for them.
Ep 220 - The Rainbow Warrior
220. Ep 220 - The Rainbow Warrior
January 1, 1984
Skeletor kidnaps King Randor, Prince Adam, Teela, Man-At-Arms, and Orko in order to have the Royal Guards become leaderless. But Queen Marlena may prove to be a more worthy leader than everyone else believes.
Ep 219 - Fraidy Cat
219. Ep 219 - Fraidy Cat
January 1, 1984
Kobra Khan, Mer-Man, Whiplash, and Clawful kidnap Queen Marlena, who was under Cringer's protection. Blaming himself, Cringer decides that it's his responsibility to save her.
Ep 218 - Into the Abyss
218. Ep 218 - Into the Abyss
January 1, 1984
Teela tries to mix training with fun in order for Adam to become more interested in his studies. But one of her tests goes too far and she ends up falling into the Abyss around Grayskull.
Ep 217 - Attack from Below
217. Ep 217 - Attack from Below
January 1, 1984
The people of Subternia have been stealing the crops from Eternia's farmers. Now, He-Man must stop them before Eternia is left without food.
Ep 216 - The Arena
216. Ep 216 - The Arena
January 1, 1984
Man-At-Arms has made contact with an immensely powerful yet peaceful alien being known as Om. When King Randor and his subjects welcome Om to Eternos, Skeletor attacks with the help of General Tataran and his Goblin Army.
Ep 215 - Shadow of Skeletor
215. Ep 215 - Shadow of Skeletor
January 1, 1984
The heroic warriors intercept Beast Man while on his way to Eternia's Dark Moon. With Man-E-Faces impersonating Beast Man, they find out Skeletor's warriors are manipulating a war.
Ep 214 - Disappearing Dragons
214. Ep 214 - Disappearing Dragons
January 1, 1984
Once again, Granamyr asks for He-Man's help. The dragons of Eternia are mysteriously disappearing and Webstor and Kobra Khan seem to be behind it.
Ep 213 - Betrayal of the Stratos
213. Ep 213 - Betrayal of the Stratos
January 1, 1984
Stratos is exiled from Avion after being accused of sabotaging the kingdom's defense shield. During his next attack, Skeletor manages to steal the Egg of Avion and hides it in the Demon Zone with his ally Whiplash.
Ep 212 - Trouble in Trolla
212. Ep 212 - Trouble in Trolla
January 1, 1984
Orko learns his uncle, Montork, has been replaced as head of the Trollan Academy of Magic. He-Man and Battle Cat join Orko on Trolla to find Montorks cocky replacement, Snoob, working with Whiplash and teaching him magic.
Ep 211 - The Ice Age Cometh
211. Ep 211 - The Ice Age Cometh
January 1, 1984
A young guard named Phillip is relocated to the Weather Station because of neglected duties. When he becomes aware of this, Skeletor sends his ally Icer to take control of the station.
Ep 210 - To Save Skeletor
210. Ep 210 - To Save Skeletor
January 1, 1984
Whiplash gatecrashes a royal party to ask the heroic warriors for help. Skeletor has been overpowered by a creature from another dimension called S'Gora. Worse yet, S'Gora is now powerful enough to take on the Sorceress.
Ep 209 - Island of Fear
209. Ep 209 - Island of Fear
January 1, 1984
Buzz-Off reports a floating island may be connected to a series of disappearing food ships. When Adam and Man-At-Arms investigate, they discover a plot by Skeletor to flood the new Eternian dam.
Ep 208 - The Origin of the Sorceress
208. Ep 208 - The Origin of the Sorceress
January 1, 1984
The Sorceress realizes her old enemy Morgoth is attempting to return to Eternia. She decides to make a stand and tells He-Man how her first battle against Morgoth caused her to take up the mantle of Sorceress of Grayskull.
Ep 207 - The Great Books Mystery
207. Ep 207 - The Great Books Mystery
January 1, 1984
Batros steals all of Eternia's most precious books, leading to desperation from the King and admiration from Skeletor.
Ep 206 - The Rarest Gift of All
206. Ep 206 - The Rarest Gift of All
January 1, 1984
Orko messes up Man-At-Arms and Teela's preparations for the King and Queen's wedding anniversary. When he decides to run away, Cringer goes along to keep an eye on him.
Ep 205 - Fisto's Forest
205. Ep 205 - Fisto's Forest
January 1, 1984
Fisto recounts how he used to work for Skeletor and terrorize the forest he lives in, but had a change of heart because of the kindness of a young girl.
Ep 204 - The Gamesman
204. Ep 204 - The Gamesman
January 1, 1984
The charming Lord Todd invites Teela to visit Castle Starg while He-Man is trying to stop a rampaging mole like monster that destroys everything in it's path.
Ep 203 - Day of the Machines
203. Ep 203 - Day of the Machines
January 1, 1984
Man-At-Arms is becoming discouraged about his inventions. Skeletor sends a small demon into Man-At-Arms main computer, which causes every machine in the palace to have minds of their own.
Ep 202 - Energy Beast
202. Ep 202 - Energy Beast
January 1, 1984
A temple is discovered inside Mount Eternia. Feeling useless, Orko decides to use the power of the temple to make him famous, but he ends up releasing the Energy Beast.
Ep 201 - The Cat and the Spider
201. Ep 201 - The Cat and the Spider
January 1, 1984
He-Man discovers a statue called, the Grimalken, from the temple of the Cat Folk. But a young feline, Katrina, warns him that it contains a imprisoned demon.
He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special
102. He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special
December 25, 1985
He-Man and She-Ra join together to stop Horde Prime from ruining Christmas for some Earth children stranded on Eternia.
He-Man & She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword
101. He-Man & She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword
March 22, 1985
Prince Adam is sent to the world of Etheria to find his long abducted sister, Adora, and awaken her to her own destiny.
The Cold Zone
65. The Cold Zone
December 8, 1984
Kobra Khan visits the heroic warriors, offering a truce in exchange for their help. He tells them that his people, the Reptons (a snake clan to whom he belonged before he joined Skeletor's forces) are in need of help- someone has extinguished the furnace which heats their underground kingdom, plunging the whole kingdom into severe coldness. Khan wants them to find the culprit and re-heat the furnace. He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Battle Cat and Orko go to the Reptons kingdom with Khan, but it soon transpires that Khan is not to be trusted... for it was he who extinguished the furnace himself, and he intends to frame He-Man for the crime and expose them, in the hope of gaining the Repton King's crown in return!
To Save the Creatures
64. To Save the Creatures
December 7, 1984
There is a bit party at the palace and everyone is invited, except for Skeletor and co. They go to the forest and capture animals which they let loose at the party so He-Man has to intervene to save the day.
The Games
63. The Games
December 6, 1984
An alien race called the Vendari, which knows no evil, visits Eternia, wishing to see the difference between good and evil for themselves, and which side is stronger. They select Fisto from the side of good and Spikor from the side of evil, to compete against one another in a series of games. However, Fisto's chances of victory are threatened by Skeletor and his crew, who refuse to play fair and do all they can to ensure Spikor emerges victorious.
The Ancient Mirror of Avathar
62. The Ancient Mirror of Avathar
December 5, 1984
Prince Adam, Melaktha and Moss Man set sail on an archaeological expedition to the lost island continent of Avathar. When exploring the ancient ruins of the island they come across its legendary mirror, which holds all the greatest knowledge within its glass. They load the mirror onto the ship for their return journey, but its safety is threatened by a disguised Trap Jaw spying on them, and a storm at sea.
Capture the Comet Keeper
61. Capture the Comet Keeper
December 4, 1984
Remembering the failure of his last attempt to control The Cosmic Comet, Skeletor decides he can only control the comets if he controls Zagraz, the comet keeper. He sends Two Bad out to capture Zagraz, and with the comet keeper in his clutches, Skeletor sets out using the comets to attack the Royal Palace and Castle Grayskull.
Bargain with Evil
60. Bargain with Evil
December 1, 1984
An evil king from the Dimension of Evil has kidnapped a good wizard. In order to get his freedom back, his daughter makes a bargain that she will kidnap the Star Child so that the evil king can look upon her. However, she soon finds out that she's bee duped when the evil king breaks his bargain and transports her, the Star Child and the heroes (along with the Star Child's body guard) to his dimension, hoping to force the Star Child to use her powers to open a gate to Eternia for himself and his forces to come through and take over.
The Toy Maker
59. The Toy Maker
November 30, 1984
A villain called the Toy Maker offers his services to Skeletor, saying he creates toys which appear harmless at first, but are capable of growing to giant size and obeying his every command. Between them, the Toy Maker and Skeletor devise a plot. The Toy Maker sells his toys to Orko, then when Orko takes them back to the palace, the toys grow to giant size and capture Man-At-Arms. He-Man and his friends set out to rescue Man-At-Arms, while Skeletor plots to use the toys to capture He-Man as well.
Mistaken Identity
58. Mistaken Identity
November 29, 1984
A boy called Tharen is jealous of his girlfriend Careel's admiration for He-Man, so he tricks her into thinking he is He-Man's secret identity in the hope that she'll like him better. Meanwhile, at Eternos jail, a criminal scientist caled Galen Nycroft has managed to teleport to his cell a strange machine to increase his power. The machine transforms him into Modulok, and he escapes from jail and sets out to capture He-Man, in the hope of convincing Skeletor to recruit him. He overhears Tharen telling Careel that he is He-Man, and captures him, thinking he is He-Man's alter ego! Can the real He-Man rescue Tharen... and will his real secret identity be threatened in the process?
Search for a Son
57. Search for a Son
November 28, 1984
Mekaneck is missing his long-lost son Philip, who mysteriously vanished years ago, when he and his father were caught in an intense storm. But out of the blue, the evil Count Marzo reveals that he saved Philip from the storm and has been holding him captive ever since, using him as a servant. He offers to return Mekaneck's son in exchange for the King and Queen of Eternia, so Marzo can rule the planet himself. Although he is thrilled to have found out his son's whereabouts, Mekaneck refuses Marzo's offer, out of devotion to the King and Queen. But, determined to gain the throne of Eternia for himself, Marzo captures the King and Queen as they set out to visit the hive of the Bee People, and it is up to He-Man and Mekaneck to rescue both the King and Queen, and Mekaneck's son!
The Magic Falls
56. The Magic Falls
November 27, 1984
Skeletor and Evil-Lyn send a disguised Kobra Khan to Palace Eternia to disrupt the Eternia Day Celebration. But knowing Orko's magic will see through Khan's disguise, Evil-Lyn uses her magic to erase Orko's entirely. He-Man and Orko set out to recover Orko's missing magic, but the only way they can do it is by finding the Magic Falls- can they reach them in time?
Monster on the Mountain
55. Monster on the Mountain
November 24, 1984
The residents of the small village of Ruckstown are living in permanent fear of a monster they call 'The Tingler' that is said to live on Mount Fear, which overlooks the village. In the hope of hunting down and catching the Tingler, they call Prince Adam and Teela to their aid. Orko and Cringer accompany them, but soon they find themselves captured by the Tingler himself and taken to his home... but once they've got to know him, they find that The Tingler isn't as bad as the locals think...
Visitors from Earth
54. Visitors from Earth
November 23, 1984
Two Earth astronauts, Mark Blaze and Andrea Steele, are on a mission to save Earth from a meteor that is about to collide with the planet. but on their mission, they are sucked through the same portal which brought Marlena to Eternia, and they find themselves on Eternia, now ruled by the missing astronaut Marlena Glenn. And things turn drastic when Skeletor captures Blaze, and steals the ship's missile, intending to use it to blow up Grayskull! Can He-Man stop Skeletor's scheme... and can he help Blaze and Steele to save Earth before it is too late?
Orko's Return
53. Orko's Return
November 22, 1984
Beast Man and Trap Jaw go into business for themselves, having stolen the Amber Crystal of Milaka. They use the Crystal to capture Orko and hold him to ransom, for all the Photanium in Eternia. As He-Man and Man-At-Arms set about looking for a way to rescue Orko without meeting the ransom demand, the imprisoned Orko uses his magic to the effect that Beast Man and Trap Jaw wish they'd never captured him in the first place...
Beauty and the Beast
52. Beauty and the Beast
November 21, 1984
Skeletor captures Teela and Orko, and sends them to be imprisoned in the dark, dismal kingdom of Morragor, ruled over by an enslaved monster in thrall to Skeletor. But the monster, despite his gruesome appearance, comes across as noble and friendly, and treats his captives with utmost dignity. As He-Man journeys to rescue his friends, Teela, seeing the monster's true personality beneath the surface, encourages him to break himself free from his unwilling devotion to Skeletor.
Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere
51. Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere
November 20, 1984
Man-At-Arms is testing out a new duplicating machine, which can make a replica of any solid object. However, the machine is not yet perfect and so its replicas come out being half the size of the original objects. But Skeletor steals the machine, and he uses it to create a whole army of miniature Skeletors to do his bidding... and before long, the palace is overrun with Skeletors!
Time Doesn't Fly
50. Time Doesn't Fly
November 17, 1984
Adam, Teela and Orko are enjoying some recreation (while Cringer sleeps!) when they notice that no time seems to have passed since they began. After He-Man has rescues a young girl by from a giant underground creature confused by the stop of time, the girl turns out to be Princess Kaffay, daughter of the Emperor of Sinba. She explains that evil wizard Hexon has captured her father and the Keeper of Time, and has used his powers to effectively stop time from passing. It is written that the Emperor must appear to the Council of Seasons on the first day of Spring, and request permission to rule for another year. With the Emperor captured and the stopping of time causing disarray, Hexon plans to step in and take the throne for himself...
Battle of the Dragons
49. Battle of the Dragons
November 16, 1984
An evil dragon called Morning Star hopes to resurrect the age-old war between the dragons and humans on Eternia. He extinguishes the Dragon fire, that powers Granamyr's kingdom, and blames it on the humans. War is declared between the humans and dragons, and He-Man is sent on a mission to recover the dragon fire and put and end to the war.
Happy Birthday Roboto
48. Happy Birthday Roboto
November 15, 1984
He-Man and Man-At-Arms discover a crashed spaceship piloted by a robot. They take him back to the palace, where Man-At-Arms manages to repair the robot, who tells them his name is Roboto and he is a space explorer from the planet Robotica. He expresses his interest to explore Eternia, but during the night he is captured by Modulok, Man-At-Arms' sworn enemy! Modulok reprogrammes him to do his own dirty work, which involves the dastardly experiment of transplanting Man-At-Arms' brain into Modulok's extra head.....
The Eternia Flower
47. The Eternia Flower
November 14, 1984
Chad (from the episode "Double-Edged Sword") comes to Eternos with his older brother, Johno, who is about to be presented with an award for 'boy of the year'. However, Johno is secretly caught up in an obsessive drug addiction- he has been paying Count Marzo for sniffs of The Black Nightmare, a dangerous plant which originated on Trolla. The drug drives Johno to attempt a dangerous stunt during the 'boy of the year' ceremony, which humiliates him and causes King Randor to withdraw his award. However, naive young boys have been impressed by Johno's stunt, and Count Marzo uses the drug-addicted boy to lure them all to his evil services so he can use the flower to get them all under his power... when the heroic warriors realise what is happening, it is down to them to foil Marzo's plan and rescue Johno from his addiction before the children of Eternia are doomed.
Double Trouble
46. Double Trouble
November 13, 1984
A fierce storm, raging around Snake Mountain, uncovers a secret passage beneath the ancient fortress. Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and Beast Man investigate, and they find a mystic-looking glass called the Mirror of Moruvad, which has the power to create a double of anyone which is the opposite of what they are. Skeletor decides to capture someone close to He-Man, and make an evil double of them that will steal the secrets of Grayskull for him. He captures Koldar, a heroic ally of He-Man's, who has just arrived at the palace for a welcoming ceremony. He uses the Mirror to create an evil double of Koldar, which he sends to the Palace, to trick He-Man into letting him enter Castle Grayskull! But Koldar lures Skeletor in front of the mirror... and a heroic Skeletor is created, which goes to help foil Skeletor's plan!
The Problem with Power
45. The Problem with Power
November 10, 1984
Skeletor tricks He-Man into thinking he has accidentally killed a man- and consumed by guilt, He-Man transforms back to Adam and drops his sword down the abyss of Grayskull, deciding he is no longer worthy of Grayskull's powers. Skeletor then opens a portal to the goblin world, enabling General Tataran's army to enter Eternia, with possibly enough power and strength to conquer the planet. Can Eternia survive without its greatest hero... and will Adam realise he has been tricked before it is too late?
Orko's New Friend
44. Orko's New Friend
November 9, 1984
Orko is visited by his old friend (yes, old friend, in spite of the title) Squunge, from the Academy of Magic on Trolla. Squunge has a knack for telling wild lies and tall tales, and quickly begins to annoy Orko and his friends with this habit. Then Orko winds up being captured by an intergalactic criminal called the Slave Master, scouring the universe for powerful slaves- will Squunge be able to convince the others that he's not lying this time?
Teela's Triumph
43. Teela's Triumph
November 8, 1984
Skeletor uses a teleportation device to teleport The Sorceress, in the form of Zoar, to another planet. As He-Man and Battle Cat go to this planet to rescue The Sorceress, Teela is given the task of guarding Grayskull in The Sorceress' place. Unaware that someday she will inherit the position of Sorceress for good, will she be able to live up to her destiny?
The Gambler
42. The Gambler
November 7, 1984
The Royal Family are holding a celebration with the Widgets, celebrating the completion of Man-At-Arms' new machine- the Coridite Reactor, which will generate electricity for all Eternians. Smudge, a Widget who has been given the job of guarding the reactor, becomes addicted to gambling with a showman called Melbrag at the ceremony. Melbrag tricks Smudge into gambling away some Coridite, and he flees with the sample, intending to sell it to Skeletor. When He-Man pursues Melbrag, he only tempts him even further, as Melbrag plans to capture He-Man, and deliver him to Skeletor for an even bigger payment!
The Bitter Rose
41. The Bitter Rose
November 6, 1984
Orko wants to impress Dree Elle with a special birthday present, so he goes to Rose Mountain in search of the legendary Bitter Rose, which was formed by the tears of a grieving goddess. However, when he picks the rose it causes an avalanche, which almost destroys the village of the Kex below- and also draws the attention of Skeletor, who sends Beast Man and Trap Jaw to steal the rose for him.
No Job Too Small
40. No Job Too Small
November 3, 1984
As the heroes visit the planet Phantos, Evil-Lyn kidnaps Teela, Man-At-Arms and Orko, and takes them to Snake Mountain, where she shrinks them using a Reducto-Ray. He-Man goes to rescue them, but finds them placed in a trap which will either shrink him or kill them if he uses mere brawn to save them. So he realises he must use his brain to solve the problem- and since Teela has been complaining that Adam is lacking in brain power, he decides to do the job as Adam.
The Secret of Grayskull
39. The Secret of Grayskull
November 2, 1984
Orko runs away, thinking his friends don't really like him. The Sorceress solves his problem, but on his way back to the palace he is captured by Skeletor, who puts him under a spell to reveal the riddle of the jaw bridge. Skeletor uses this riddle to break into Grayskull, and The Sorceress must defend the castle while He-Man tries to free Orko.
Not So Blind
38. Not So Blind
November 1, 1984
He-Man meets a blind boy called Lous, whose friends consider him to be helpless just because he is blind. To give him a chance to prove himself, He-Man offers to take Lous on an adventure with himself and Ram Man, to the caves of the Singing Crystal. Lous accompanies them to the caves, but once inside, a flash of light blinds both He-Man and Ram Man. With all three of them blind, Lous uses his senses and bravery to lead them back to safety, across many dangerous obstacles.
The Greatest Show on Eternia
37. The Greatest Show on Eternia
October 31, 1984
The circus is coming to the kingdom, much to the excitement of Orko, who wants to become a circus performer. Skeletor, enraged that the circus wouldn't come and perform for him at Snake Mountain, sends Evil-Lyn and Beast Man to cause enough ruin to see that it never opens, so that he can take it over himself and be entertained by it whenever he likes...
Hunt for He-Man
36. Hunt for He-Man
October 30, 1984
Prince Adam and Cringer crashland in the Misty Swamps when their Wind Raider is attacked by Skeletor's crew. Adam transforms to He-Man and manages to stop them sinking, but he feels weak, poisoned by the swamp water. A boy called Drak and his grandfather find He-Man, and the grandfather decides to transport him along to their village where he can be cured. But Drak, who is tempted by power and wealth, wants to turn He-Man in to Skeletor to gain riches in reward. As they journey to the village, they are pursued by Trap Jaw and Whiplash- will Drak betray He-Man and give him over to the bad guys, or will he see the light and help fend off Skeletor and his minions?
Search for the Past
35. Search for the Past
October 27, 1984
Man-at-Arms stumbles upon a royal trinket that could belong to King Miro, King Randor's long-lost father. With the help of He-Man and Man-at-Arms, Randor journeys to the Swamps of Enchantment in search of his father.
The Time Wheel
34. The Time Wheel
October 26, 1984
When investigating an ancient temple with Prince Adam, Orko accidentally brings the barbaric King Tamask from Ancient Eternia to the present, with a magical Time Wheel. When he comes across the Royal Palace, Tamask is confused by how it has changed and believes Randor is a magician who has taken over his kingdom. Angrily, he attempts to fight to reclaim the kingdom he thinks has been stolen from him. He-Man must help Tamask see the light, as well as convincing him to turn from his violent ways.
33. Battlecat
October 25, 1984
Man-At-Arms tells Orko the origin of Battle Cat, from how Adam discovered Cringer in the forest as a child, to how Cringer acquired the powers of Grayskull and became Battle Cat.
A Bird in the Hand
32. A Bird in the Hand
October 24, 1984
He-Man and company race to recover the Ancient's Book of Spells from it's long-lost hiding place. Skeletor learns of its existance and seeks to take it for himself.
Journey to Stone City
31. Journey to Stone City
October 23, 1984
Prince Adam, Man-At-Arms and Orko are searching the Vine Jungle for the legendary Stone City- but unbeknown to them, they are being followed by Evil-Lyn, Webstor and Kobra Khan, who are after the city's treasures. By stealing a map, the villains beat the heroes to Stone City, which is filled with realistic-looking statues. When teleporting a life-bringer machine to Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn accidentally revives the city's warrior king, Vokan! Vokan reveals that his people have been sleeping in stone for thousands of years, to be awakened when Eternia next needs their help. When he notices the life bringer is missing, Evil-Lyn tells him that it is located in Castle Grayskull. Before long, Vokan himself is attacking Grayskull, unwittingly being used by Evil-Lyn, who wants to gain the castle's powers!
Trouble's Middle Name
30. Trouble's Middle Name
October 20, 1984
The Sunstone, which is held within the Temple of the Sun, is running out of power and must be recharged, in The Ceremony of the Sun, which takes place once a century. The Sunstone's keepers invite He-Man and his companions to the ceremony, but on the way they face trouble from Negator, who wants the Sunstone's power for himself, and even more inconveniently a Trollan called Prankster who is deliberately making a nuisance of himself and will only go home if they can guess his name.
Jacob and the Widgets
29. Jacob and the Widgets
October 19, 1984
Merman attacks a seafaring hermit called Jacob with some mechanical sea monsters, but his attack fails and He-Man, Teela and the Widgets rescue Jacob. Merman thinks he could use the Widgets' Coridite to make his mechanical demons stronger, so he sets up a scheme to steal the Coridite. He-Man and his friends must stop Merman, with the help of Jacob.
One for All
28. One for All
October 18, 1984
A small agricultural village is invaded by Space Pirates. When Adam, Teela, Orko and Cringer investigate the village, the Space Pirates steal Adam's sword, leaving him unable to become He-Man. So Adam must take the leading role in his regular identity and convince the villagers to fight back against the Space Pirates, while Cringer sets out to recover the sword.
Just a Little Lie
27. Just a Little Lie
October 17, 1984
When Orko finds out that Adam's visiting cousin, Prince Dal, doesn't think Eternos is as magical as his own home kingdom, he gives Prince Dal a pretty rock and tells him that its called the Star Crystal and that it will protect anyone who has it. Prince Dal believes the lie and steals the rock from Orko later to bring to his father, who is fighting a war against the Torks, thinking it will make him invincible.
Three on a Dare
26. Three on a Dare
October 16, 1984
Man-At-Arms needs a sample of Rainbow Quartz to repair a frequency transmitter. But the only place where they can find Rainbow Quartz is in a cavern in Snake Mountain! Adam and Cringer have no choice but to venture into Skeletor's domain to find the Quartz- and at the same time, Teela and three students she was training, who have taken a dare, also end up in Skeletor's clutches! With all this unwanted company suddenly invading Snake Mountain, ultimate chaos is sure to ensue!
Things That Go Bump in the Night
25. Things That Go Bump in the Night
October 13, 1984
A runaway Prince called Glitch from the planet Celasia has joined Skeletor's crew at Snake Mountain, but is so weak and pitiful that he is thrown out violently by Skeletor. The Royal Family take him to the palace to look after him, but Glitch is totally consumed by fear after his ordeal at Snake Mountain. When Glitch's father turns up on Eternia to look for him, and Skeletor attempts to recapture him, He-Man helps Glitch to face his fears.
A Trip to Morainia
24. A Trip to Morainia
October 12, 1984
King Randor sends Adam, Cringer and Orko to the Ice Kingdom of Morainia, to collect a powerful energy crystal from his friend King Moraius. However, Skeletor wants the crystal for himself and follows them, capturing King Moraius and demanding that the Royals give him the crystal in return for their King. As He-Man, Adam teams up with the King's daughter, Princess Janis, who helps devise a scheme to rescue her father.
The Rainbow Warrior
23. The Rainbow Warrior
October 11, 1984
Skeletor captures King Randor, Prince Adam, Teela, Man-At-Arms and Orko, intending to attack the Palace and take over Eternos City. Since Adam is unable to become He-Man when in Skeletor's clutches, only one person is able to save them... Queen Marlena, as pilot of the Rainbow Explorer, the ship which brought her from Earth to Eternia. Using her amazing pilot skills she leads a fleet towards Snake Mountain to rescue Skeletor's captives.
Fraidy Cat
22. Fraidy Cat
October 10, 1984
Skeletor devises a cunning scheme to capture Queen Marlena and lead He-Man to his robot bird Screeech, and he sends Whiplash, Merman, Clawful and Kobra Khan to carry it out. Kobra Khan kidnaps Marlena after overpowering the Royal Family with his sleep gas, then he and Merman take her through the Haunted Forest back to Snake Mountain. Whiplash and Clawful, meanwhile, create visible tracks in the ground in the opposite direction. When the Royal Family awake, He-Man, Man-At-Arms and Teela follow Whiplash and Clawful's false trail, which will only lead them to Screech. But Cringer's sense of smell detects that Marlena was taken towards the Haunted Forest, and so he and Orko set out to follow the correct trail. Encountering many dangers along the way, this is Cringer's big chance to prove he's no Fraidy Cat!
Into the Abyss
21. Into the Abyss
October 9, 1984
Prince Adam finds his work as He-Man is tiring him out, and Teela is getting frustrated with Adam's apparent laziness, unaware of the real reason for it. After a heated argument between the two of them, Teela decides to make up for it by making Adam train in a fun way, by following her across an obstacle course with a tracking device. Teela runs way ahead of Adam, but runs headfirst into danger as she slips over the edge of Castle Grayskull's abyss and falls down into its bottomless depths. When they realise the possibly fatal situation Teela is in, Adam (as He-Man), Man-At-Arms and The Sorceress must do their best to rescue her before it's too late.
Attack from Below
20. Attack from Below
October 6, 1984
Teela and Orko are returning from admiring one of the Eternian farmer's bumper crops, when strong tremors suddenly shake the ground and whole crops disappear. Teela is sucked underground with one of the tremors, where she finds herself in the tunnels of an underground community called the Belats. While Orko raises the alarm, the Belat's King, Subternias, who is determined to feed his people no matter what, holds Teela prisoner, and she finds that the Belats are not evil, but are very mistrusting, after being tricked by Skeletor years before...
The Littlest Giant
19. The Littlest Giant
October 5, 1984
Squinch the Widget visits Snake Mountain, hoping that Skeletor may be able to help him become bigger and stronger. Evil-Lyn gives him a gift for He-Man, and tells him she will make him big if he delivers it to He-Man. But of course, when he delivers it it turns out to be a trick- the box contains soporific mist which makes He-Man and Battle Cat fall asleep, thus enabling Skeletor to capture them! Realising he has been tricked, Squinch vows to make up for his mistake. But with his small size, is he big or strong enough to rescue Eternia's hero himself?
Revenge is Never Sweet
18. Revenge is Never Sweet
October 4, 1984
As Prince Adam and Teela attempt to fix a broken-down Attak Trak in the desert, Orko stumbles upon the wizard Kothos, who was transformed into a sand slug by Evil-Lyn in the earlier episode "The Witch and the Warrior". He turns him back to his true form, but has made a mistake as Kothos captures the heroes and offers them to Skeletor in return for his second-in-command, Evil-Lyn, upon whom Kothos is determined to enact revenge.
Island of Fear
17. Island of Fear
October 3, 1984
Man-At-Arms has built a new dam around the kingdom of Eternos, to block off the Eternian ocean and prevent flooding. However, some of his food ships have gone missing, and while flying over the ocean to investigate, Buzz-Off has noticed a strange volcanic island which is not marked on any map. Adam, Cringer, Orko, Man-At-Arms, Teela and Buzz-Off go to investigate further. It soon turns out that Skeletor is the source of the problem, using a floating island to capture the food ships, planning to starve the Eternians then smash through the dam to flood Randor's kingdom! Can the heroes stop him before he succeeds?
Disappearing Dragons
16. Disappearing Dragons
October 2, 1984
He-Man is summoned to Darksmoke by Granamyr, who tells him that dragons have been mysteriously disappearing from Dragon Mountain, and he wants He-Man to investigate. He-Man calls upon his most trusted spies, Mekaneck and Buzz-Off, to investigate the mystery, and they spot Kobra Khan and Webstor using a strange machine to transport the dragons to another dimension. A spell by Orko accidentally transports all of them- both heroes and villains- to the alien world, and the heroes discover that the dragons are being used to fight for amusement by three gamers on this world. It is up to the heroes to put a stop to the games and free the dragons from cruelty.
The Arena
15. The Arena
September 29, 1984
Man-At-Arms has managed to make contact with a peaceful alien being called Om, hovering above Eternia. When Om is being welcomed by the people of Eternos, Skeletor invades the city with General Tataran and the Goblin Army. A fierce battle follows, and Om is confused by the way the two sides fight against one another, as his race knows no violence. So to see which side is wiser and stronger, Om selects He-Man from the side of good, and Skeletor from the side of evil, and pits them against one another in a fight to the finish.
The Ice Age Cometh
14. The Ice Age Cometh
September 28, 1984
An irresponsible junior guard called Philip fails to notice Whiplash sneaking into the palace grounds to steal the King's Ice Raider. He-Man stops Whiplash just in time, but King Randor relocates Philip to the Eternian Weather Station to improve his responsibilities. Skeletor, determined to get hold of the Ice Raider, consults his agent in the North, Icer, and orders him to take over the Weather Station. Icer has no trouble in taking over, and before long weather disasters are occurring all over Eternia.
Betrayal of Stratos
13. Betrayal of Stratos
September 27, 1984
An attack on Avion by Skeletor causes serious damage when the kingdom's defence shield is sabotaged. A female citizen named Hawk has framed Stratos for the crime, so she can have him exiled from Avion. Once he has been banished, Hawk helps Skeletor steal the Egg of Avion, which provides the Birdpeople with the power of flight... but instead of giving her riches as he promised, he imprisons her in the Demon Zone, the home of Whiplash! Stratos teams up with He-Man, and they are faced with the three tasks of recovering the Egg, releasing Hawk, and proving Stratos' innocence!
Origin of the Sorceress
12. Origin of the Sorceress
September 26, 1984
At long last, the origin of the Sorceress is revealed, as a powerful wizard from Eternia's past threatens to return.
The Great Books Mystery
11. The Great Books Mystery
September 25, 1984
Orko is searching all over the Royal Palace for a book he has bought Prince Adam for his birthday. It soon transpires that not only this book is missing, but every book in the kingdom! The books have been stolen by a villain called Batros, who has hidden them in the Temple of the Sun. As the heroes set out to recover the books, Skeletor sends Beast Man and Trap Jaw out to recruit Batros into his army.
Trouble in Trolla
10. Trouble in Trolla
September 22, 1984
Dree Elle comes to Eternia to enlist Orko's help, explaining that an ambitious Trollan wizard called Snoob has defeated Uncle Montork and taken his position as head of the Academy of Magic. Since Montork claims to have felt inexplicably weak when fighting Snoob, they suspect unfair play was used. Orko and Dree Elle go to Trolla, followed by He-Man and Battle Cat, and it soon transpires that Snoob is being controlled by Whiplash, who is trying to learn magic in order to impress Skeletor. It is up to He-Man to stop his scheme, with the help of his Trollan friends!
The Cat and the Spider
9. The Cat and the Spider
September 21, 1984
Prince Adam and Melaktha undertake an archaeological expedition of the Temple of the Cats, once occupied by an apparently extinct race of Cat People. They take from the temple an ancient statue, called the Grymalkin. But unknown to them, the Cat People still exist and dwell deep within the temple- and the Grymalkin contains an evil demon imprisoned inside. The Cat People's king sends an agile Catwoman, Kittrina, to recover the statue from the Royal Palace. But at the same time, Skeletor sends his minion Webstor after the statue, and beating Kittrina to it, Webstor takes the statue back to his master, who subsequently frees the demon.....
Day of the Machines
8. Day of the Machines
September 20, 1984
Man-At-Arms almost kills the King and Queen when a device accidentally malfunctions, and fearing his skills are weakening with age, considers resigning from his position. Skeletor takes advantage of the situation by installing an energy bug called Byte into the Royal computers to make all the machinery malfunction. Can He-Man find the cause of the problem before it is too late?
The Good Shall Survive
7. The Good Shall Survive
September 19, 1984
A prehistoric race of Bee People know as the Tychons come back to life, and threaten to steal the food supply of Buzz-Off and his hive. And when Skeletor gets involved, the stakes are raised.
To Save Skeletor
6. To Save Skeletor
September 18, 1984
Whiplash arrives at the Royal Palace, badly wounded, and asking for help. Skeletor has tried to summon up Sh'Gora, a dreaded creature from another dimension, only to have the being turn on him and imprison him along with Evil Lyn and Trap Jaw. Reluctantly, He-Man and his allies must rescue Skeletor and join forces to stop Sh'Gora taking over Eternia and the powers of Castle Grayskull...
The Rarest Gift of All
5. The Rarest Gift of All
September 15, 1984
When Orko messes up several attempts to help his friends prepare for the King and Queen's wedding anniversary, he decides he is useless and runs away from the palace with Cringer. He-Man, Teela and Man-At-Arms begin to search for him, to get him back and convince him that they love him as he is.
The Gamesman
4. The Gamesman
September 14, 1984
A chess-playing nobleman called Lord Todd, from a far-off land, visits Palace Eternia and instantly charms and astounds the Royal Family with the wonderful gifts he provides them, and his incredible skill at chess. To repay King Randor for allowing him to visit, he offers to take Teela on a tour of his own home- the far-off Castle Star. The two of them depart together. However, things turn disturbing when Man-At-Arms is called to Grayskull by The Sorceress, who tells him that a great evil has arrived on Eternia from another dimension... and it has taken its base nowhere other than Castle Star.....
Fisto's Forest
3. Fisto's Forest
September 13, 1984
Fisto tells a young boy the story of how he was once a bad guy, terrorizing the forest.
The Energy Beast
2. The Energy Beast
September 12, 1984
An ancient temple is found within Mount Eternia, and when investigating it, Orko accidentally unleashes The Energy Beast, a powerful electrical demon that once ruled Eternia. He-Man, Man-At-Arms and Teela must drill into the mountain to find the Gold Chamber, which contains the magic needed to control the Energy Beast, before it is too late. But they also face trouble from Skeletor, who is hoping to strike a deal with the Energy Beast himself.
The Shadow of Skeletor
1. The Shadow of Skeletor
September 11, 1984
When Beast Man crashlands by Palace Eternia in one of Skeletor's shuttles, Adam, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Man-E-Faces and Ram Man discover that he was being sent to the Dark Moon of Eternia. Curious as to why Skeletor wanted to send him there, they imprison Beast Man in jail and take the ship up there themselves. Reaching Eternia's Bright Moon, they discover that Eternia's two moons are at war with one another after a resident of the Dark Moon reported seeing the people of the Bright Moon causing severe destruction on the Dark Moon. Knowing that the residents of the Bright Moon are innocent, the heroic warriors realise that Skeletor must be the real cause of the destruction, and so Man-E-Faces disguises himself with a Beast Man costume, and goes to the Dark Moon to spy on Skeletor and his warriors and foil their scheme.
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