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This animated series is based on Hasbro's line of Transformers toys and is the first series in the Transformers franchise produced as a joint American-Japanese venture. In this series, the good Autobots and the evil Decepticons battle for control of the Mini-Cons, a race of small robots. The series aired in Japan, Australia, Canada, the UK, and the United States in 2002 and 2003.

Transformers Armada is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (92 episodes). The series first aired on December 12, 2003.

Where do I stream Transformers Armada online? Transformers Armada is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Transformers Armada on demand at Amazon, Tubi TV online.

TV Tokyo
2 Seasons, 92 Episodes
December 12, 2003
Anime Action & Adventure
Cast: Garry Chalk, David Kaye, Michael Dobson, Matt Hill
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Transformers Armada Full Episode Guide

  • With Unicron defeated., Optimus and Megatron engage in a final battle within the depths of the Planet Consumer to determine once and for all the fate of the universe, but will the hatred between the two provide Unicron with the power to revive himself?

  • Galvatron decides to join forces with the Autobots. He shows no tolerance for dissent among Decepticons on the subject, and praises the fallen Starscream.Inside Unicron's core chamber, Thrust and Sideways fuse the 3rd Mini-Con weapon, the Star Saber, into the ground, awakening Unicron and blowing off the rest of the moon's surface to reveal his full planet mode.Its gravity pull on Cybertron increases, drawing shards of debris up into Unicron's maw. The Autobots and Decepticons evacuate Cybertron in their space ships, protected by the glowing space Mini-Cons. The Autobots, humans, and Mini-Cons from the Axalon board Galvatron's ship. After a brief face-to-face pause, Optimus Prime and Galvatron share an historic handshake "to Unity", joined by Perceptor representing the Mini-Cons.Unlikely Autobot-Decepticon pairs share further handshakes including Hotshot & Demolishor, Cyclonus & Sideswipe, and Tidal Wave & Jetfire. Prime and Galvatron command all their ships toward Unicron then give

  • Optimus Prime allows the kids (Rad, Carlos and Alexis) and their Mini-Cons to go with Hot Shot and Wheeljack underground Cybertron in pursuit of Thrust.The Autobots wish to focus on Unicron so they pull their troops from Decepticon battlefronts. Galvatron considers an alliance.Starscream follows Thrust through an underground warp gate to Sideswipe's lair in some large technorganic chamber somewhere. Starscream refuses to join with them, so Sideways summons a swarm of bot-spiders.Hot Shot and Wheeljack's team shows up and the kids and Perceptor try to awaken the Skyboom Shield and Requiem Blaster's Mini-Cons to liberate them from Thrust, but to no avail. Hot Shot and Wheeljack "link up" and spin away the technorganic defenses.Sideways and Thrust flee to a glowing core and Starscream joins Hot Shot's coalition in their pursuit, but the organic defenses are too much and they must escape. Alexis runs back for her necklace and Starscream goes back to get her and Sureshock.The coalition

  • Thrust has stolen the Requiem Blaster and Skyboom shield, and escaped into underground tunnels, with Starscream, Hot Shot and Wheeljack on his trail. Galvatron has the Decepticon forces after Thrust too, but Demolishor reports that they've lost him.As Hot Shot and Wheeljack venture down a passage Hot Shot discovers, the Autobots are working their way across the planet, getting the other Autobot forces to withdraw. Hoist and Scavenger have to deal with a particularly obstinate group leader, who thinks retreating renders all the sacrifices made meaningless.Carlos finds Rad taking a shower on the Autobot ship. The two boys look down on the planet, and Rad wonders if their meeting the Mini-Cons was just coincidence. Rad says that somehow, somewhere, he thinks he met High Wire before...A Decepticon reports the Autobots' pulling back to Galvatron, but is ordered to put every last bit of power into finding Thrust. Hot Shot then reports to Optimus about Thrust's treachery, and how they're t

  • Hot Shot attempts to convince Galvatron to join forces with the Autobots, until they discover the true intentions of one of Galvatron's most trusted soldiers...

  • The Decepticons have returned and conquered Cybertron. The Autobots repair the Axalon and return to Cybertron where the Mini-Cons freak as they spot the black hole nearby and head out into space, followed by Carlos.The Street Action team warns Optimus Prime of Unicron's impending doom. Sideways briefly appears in space, angry at the Mini-Cons for spoiling his surprise.The Autobots land on Cybertron and are ambushed by the Decepticons. Prime powerlinks with Overload, and the surviving resistence ralleys up against the Decepticons. Prime goes 1 on 1 with Galvatron and tells him to join forces to fight Unicron, but Galvatron thinks it's just a false ploy.The blackhole's gravity begins to tear up Cybertron's surface and pulls in the Decepticon ships. The Mini-Cons form a shield that both overpowers the force field/black hole and sends rays to protect the Transformers below on Cybertron.Later on the Axalon, Grindor warns that Unicron will destroy space. At the Decepticon base, Thrust

  • Aboard the Axalon, the Autobots bid farewell to Earth, their 2nd home, and the memory of Optimus Prime. Smokescreen has a new name "Hoist" to fit his new reformatting.The Mini-Cons broadcast a signal to some "friends". Hundreds of glowing, space-travelling Mini-Cons show up to battle the enemy. With the Street Action Team's help, the kids remember their journey through cyberspace and identify the enemy as Unicron!Blurr pilots the ship through an asteroid field and the Decepticon ship attacks. The Autobots and Decepticons head outside to fight, while the Mini-Cons hurry to battlestations. Out in space, Megatron is taking out the Autobots (and some Decepticons) with the requiem blaster.Sparkplug heads out with the Matrix, and Perceptor summons the glowing space Mini-Cons with the Mini-Con music. The light beams converge in the Matrix and power Sparkplug to knock down Megatron. The glowing energy then takes on form, resurrecting Optimus Prime, who blasts Megatron away.

  • The Autobots are preparing to return to Cybertron and will have to leave the kids behind. Feeling loyal to both his home and the Transformers, Rad tells his parents about the Autobots.His mother reacts coldly, but his father later confides about his own dreams of space exploration when he was Rad's age. Although he doesn't believe his story, he tells his son to follow his dream and to promise to return home someday.All the Mini-Cons volunteer for the return mission to Cybertron and the kids have decided to join, but Commander Hot Shot doesn't allow the humans to come, for their own safety. Perceptor leads the other Mini-Cons to stage a protest until the Autobots give in.All the kids board the ship and Alexis tells Rad she's sending her parents an email, but she really alerts his father at the Cosmo Scope research center! The Axalon surfaces from the river and blasts off. It's detected at the research center where Rad's father considers the authenticity of Rad's story.In space, the

  • Starscream brings Megatron the Skyboom Shield and Star Saber, completing the 3 Mini-Con powers (with the Requiem Blaster). Thrust proposes the Hydra Cannon (as Sideways put it).Fred convinces the other kids to skip school to see an approaching comet that has the human population abuzz. Prime hasn't lost hope in Starscream since he is a Transformer and can still do the right thing.The Decepticons leave the moon in their completed spaceship and test the Hydra cannon on the comet, blowing it up. Megatron then tells Starscream to target the Earth!

  • Starscream takes out his aggression in a rock field, slicing through rock after rock in an effort to relieve his anger while the children look on from a nearby bluff. Starscream knows that he is wasting his time amongst the Autobots, and has to get to Megatron soon.Later, Starscream sits on a rock, flanked by his Mini-Con partners, Swindle and the Air Defense Team. Alexis visits and tries to comfort him, but is shunned as he walks off. She worries that he will do something drastic…On the moon, Megatron also takes out his anger on some nearby rocks… blasting several formations with the Requiem Blaster. Demolishor, Cyclonus and Wheeljack gossip about the situation, until Thrust shows up on the scene and demands that they continue building the spaceship that the Mini-Cons were working in the previous ep.When the three leave to go work on the ship, however, Thrust hears a familiar voice coming from the nearby trash piles. As he recognizes it to be Sideways, the traitor tells Thrust

  • In the Decepticon Base's Warp Room, Demolisher curses Starscream while he cleans a mess, only for Starscream to startle him. Before the two can truely settle their differences, however, Starscream mentions to Demolishor that he hopes that he doesnt mind a little company... and opens the Warp Gate for the Autobots to arrive! Optimus Prime, Perceptor, Jetfire, Hot Shot Sideswipe, Scavenger and Smokescreen / Hoist now stand behind Starscream, and Demolishor makes a run for it to warn Megatron of an enemy invasion. The problem with that? Hot Shot blocking his path, and then Starscream using the Star Sabre to attack him. With what appears to be his last bit of energy, Demolishor hits a red button, which activates a warning siren.Megatron Cyclonus, Thrust and Tidal Wave and Wheeljack stand in the Decepticon Throne Room, and hear the klaxon. The Decepticon forces head out to face the Autobots, and Optimus orders Starscream to go with Perceptor and free the Mini-Cons in the base. The Autobots

  • The episode starts when the Autobots, the children, and the Mini-Cons are watching Red Alert repairing Smokescreen's body. They worry if he will live again...Later, Starscream entered the Decepticon Base, and made Thrust guilty because he closed the warp gate. Megatron stopped Starscream into attacking Thrust. At the energy vat (energy recovering machine) Demolisher tells Starscream to give him the Star Saber. But Starscream refused. When he began drawing the sword from his shoulder, Demolisher changed his mind with fear.After hearing Megatron and Thrust chit-chatting about didn't believing Starscream would survive, and insulting him, Starscream charged after Megatron. He swung his Star Saber at him, but missed. The other Decepticons heard the noise of the top-half of Megatron's throne fall on the ground. Looking at Starscream as a traitor, they attacked him, but with Starscreams Null Laser Cannon and the Star Saber, he defeated all except for Thrust and Megatron. Starscream

  • The Autobots and The Decepticons battle in a forest, which is part of Thrust's plan. His plan is to get the Requiem Blaster from Optimus, but they have to draw the Autobots out of their hiding spot in order to get it. But Thrust and the other Decepticons didn't know that the three MiniCons that make the Requiem Blaster is in the Autobot Base, where Smokescreen is guarding them. As the children look at the screen, the camera seems to be going crazy, caused by...Sideways.Holding the Star Saber, Starscream tries to get Optimus out, but Optimus and Jetfire powerlinks into Jet Convoy mode. Starscream yells for Cyclonus and Shockwave (or Tidal Wave) as backup, but he later knows that the Decepticons abandoned him.The Children later know that the Decepticons are invading the Autobot base again, this time...To get the Requiem Blaster. They knocked down the door that leads to the room where Smokescreen and the three Mini-Cons are in. The Autobots were busy with the other Decepticons, th

  • Desperate opens to the Autobot's has they are pinned down under heavy fire from the Decepticons and an advancing Tidal Wave. Flashback to last episode - Carlos is stalking over the flashback, mentioning the new Mini-Con, and the Requiem Blaster weapon that Sideways mentioned last episode.Inside the base, the kids and the street team are trying to convince Skyblast to join them in helping the Autobots. Skyblast fires off several shots at the group, prompting Perceptor to combine and approach Skyblast, causing him to hide behind Rad.Back to the beach battlefield, Tidal Wave is still advancing on the Autobots. Hot Shot attempts to stop or atleast stall him with the Skyboom shield. While Tidal Wave is focusing on the Sky Boom shield and Hot Shot, Jet Convoy flies in, kicking Tidal Wave in the throat and knocking him to the ground. Jet Convoy then flies into the sky and above the clouds.. where he is met by Thrust and the Air Military team.Back at the base, the kids are discussing findin

  • The episode begins by returning to the battle on the beach of the previous week. As battle is being engaged, Tidal Wave storms across the battlefield, knocking away all in it's path. Tidal Wave slides across the beach and into the ocean, where upon Thrust's command, he begins to fire on the Autobots, pinning them on the beach in defense.Inside the Autobot base, Red Alert and the kids watch has Tidal Wave unleashes on the Autobots.Smokescreen attempts to get a crane cannon shot off, but is blasted by Starscream. Jetfire gives chase, transforming and flying into the sky. Hot Shot and Blurr have formed a plan of their own, and powerlink with their Mini-Cons, racing across the beach, avoiding the fire of the Decepticons has Smokescreen gives cover fire. Hot Shot and Blurr dissappear into the waters beneath Tidal Wave, while Red Alert theorizes they are going for an attack on Tidal Wave's blindside, underneath him. Jetfire and Thrust grapple above, but Thrust uses his invisibilty to break

  • The episode starts off with the space shuttle exploring space near an asteroid field... where it has a 'unique' experience. A bright light seemingly flies out of nowhere, and scans the shuttle, only to appear as a near replica of the shuttle a moment later. Back at the base, the kids were talking about this, unsure of what to make of it.On the moon, in the Decepticon base, we see a figure land and walk through the base... down a hallway toward a storage room. The figure appears cloaked, and it is difficult to tell who, or what it is.... only a ripple in space seems to show it's presence. It opens the door to the room, and talks to the Mini-Cons who are being held (in the dark) within. The Mini-Cons (including the Air Defense team, the Air Military team and also Inferno) all look up to the hidden figure, who chooses Inferno for his personal Mini-Con, and takes the robot with him on his way out of the room.Meanwhile, a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons rages on Earth. The chi

  • The episodes_4-18 starts with Sideways making a log entry on the moon. He discusses how the Decepticons are losing the battle for the Mini-Cons, or even keep their valued Mini-Cons in their possession.Back at Decepticon base, Sideways sits slumped in the corner as Megatron and his crew returns from a mission. He claims his leg has been damaged... to which a small fight breaks out over the moral of the team. Starscream asks Megatron where the group is headed when the two head into a locked room... and Megatron punishes Starscream for their loss in the previous battle. He attacks the Decepticon warrior, and nearly destroys him, until Demolishor and Sideways blast their way into the room and stop the beating. Starscream manages to survive the punishment, and leaves the base.Demolishor and Sideways follow Starscream out onto the moon's surface, and when Starscream blasts off to spend some time alone, Sideways asks Demolishor why he is still loyal to someone as deranged as Megatron. With that,

  • This episode ends where the previous ends... with a review of the battle between Megatron and Optimus. The Skyboom shield saves both Optimus and Sparkplug from certain demise by Megatron.Back at the Autobot base, Rad, Alexis and Carlos are blocked from entry by Blurr and Hot Shot. They tell the children that Optimus has ordered that the children remain away from the base until the Autobots have figured out an attack plan to stop the Decepticons... for their own safety.On the moon, Megatron is going through fighting drills with the Decepticon Captured Mini-Cons. He powerlinks with many of them, and switches into Full Blast Mode against a hologram of Optimus Prime. His training goes well, until Sideways blasts him, stating he should watch out for other Autobot fire on the real battlefield.The Autobots sit at a console discussing strategy as well... with Optimus laying out a plan to utilize Smokescreen's launching arm to get the Skyboom Shield to anyone who needs it on the battlefield.

  • A meteor approaches the moon... and Megatron is ready for it. He calls upon the Skyboom shield and raises it in defiance against the huge rock. As the rock hits the shield he forces the shield against it, defending himself and his nearby Decepticon warriors. After the rock hits the shield it isnt long before the Decepticon warlord is triumphant... and is confident in the fact that it is time to stage one final battle against the Autobots. He shares this news with his warriors, but Sideways protests, saying that maybe they arent ready. Of course, Megatron takes offense to this and continues with his plans anyway.Back at the Autobot base, Hot Shot and Blurr are training by running an obsticle course of steel beams and Mini-Cons throwing debris. Blurr manages to reach the end of the course first, and Hot Shot protests... Until Smokescreen enters the room and tries the course himself, and he also smokes Hot Shot to the flag at the end. The children look on as Optimus calls over the interc

  • The episode starts with confrontation from the start.... Megatron is wielding the Starsabre, with his troops backing him up. Demolishor is hastily digging, searching for the Mini-Con to be found. Red Alert sneaks off behind the Decepticon defense, hoping to use his grappling hook to grab the Mini-Con from Demolishor. Before he can, though, Cyclonus blasts Red Alert, causing him to misfire and Demolishor grabs the Mini-Con!Just as soon as Demolishor grabs the panel, a blast shoots from a nearby ridge. It hits Demolishor, and he drops the Mini-Con just as the Decepticons retreat via warp. The unknown assailant leaps from hiding and transforms mid-air, grabs the Minicon, and lands on the ledge above. Optimus announces this new Autobot is Blurr, a reinforcement called in by Scavenger, who trained him. The Mini-Con is Incinerator, Blurr's Mini-Con.Back at the base, Blurr is introduced to the kids, who question him, but are blown off none the less by the new recruit.Back at the Decepticon

  • Optimus Prime and the Autobots brave the forces of nature to save Rad, Carlos, and their other friends from a ferocious storm and a burst dam as a distraught Alexis watches from the main base...

  • A blast hits down on a busy highway, and a purple motorcycle rushes out of it and into traffic....Hot Shot trains in the Autobot base, and remembers the fight with Scavenger in the previous ep. Rad, Carlos, Billy and Fred watch on as he trains, until a Mini-Con alert comes in and the group assembles in the Control Room. The signal is coming from a highway tunnel, and the group (including Billy and Fred) head out to the scene.Demolishor, Blackout and Cyclonus watch over a tunnel in the road as the Autobots drive up. Nearby, the same purple motorcycle pulls over, being ridden by a black driver. The driver jumps the side and onto a path to the side of the road. Meanwhile below, Scavenger digs for the Mini-Con panel and Megatron gets word from Cyclonus that the Autobots are on their way.Above, Cyclonus knocks out a tractor and it starts a traffic jam. The jam forces the Autobots to stop, but Hot Shot powerlinks with Jolt to take off over the congestion. Optimus lets Billy and Fred out (

  • A lone cloaked figure sits on top of a rocky spire in the moonlight while Starscream blasts overhead and Demolishor scrambles across the rugged landscape below. Starscream transforms and tries to grasp onto a nearby rocky spire, and Cyclonus finds a green glow in a cavern above him. While he climbs up to what appears to be a Mini-Con position however, Hot Shot appears, and calls up on the Air Defense team to form the Star Sabre. Using its power, he confronts Starscream while Smokescreen climbs up after the Mini-Con.Hot Shot disables Starscream with a slash of the Star Sabre and tosses him off the spire, and then leaps after him, slicing Starscream's sword in two. Cyclonus attacks Smokescreen, who has reached the Mini-Con panel, only to be hit by the remnants of Starscream's sword. Megatron watches from below, scowling about the Star Sabre beating him again. He urges Demolishor into battle with Hot Shot and Optimus Prime tackles Megatron from above. The Autobots have the upper hand, an

  • Rad stands alone in contemplation of the destruction of the sunken city that was found out in the last episode... while Megatron in his base tries to activate the second of the Air Defense team Mini-Cons to no avail. When the scene shifts back to the Autobot base, the children and Autobots discuss Cybertronian history.Optimus explains that in times long past, the Autobots and Decepticons fought to control Cybertron, and the Autobots managed to spring into action to stop them. The two sides fought to a stalemate, until the Mini-Cons mysteriously arrived. The Decepticons used their power to enhance themselves and attack, and it was only by teaming up with several other Mini-Cons to defend themselves and the planet where they even able to keep the odds even. The remainder of his conversation followed the explanations in the early episodes_4-18 of the series, with the Mini-Cons being sent off planet and ending up on Earth after crash-landing there.While talking, the Mini-Con alert rings, and

  • At the Underground base, Hot Shot and Red Alert dig out more of the tunnels below the base as the Mini-Con symbol comes in. The next Mini-Con will be found in a city, so the Autobots warp off to the location in search of their next possible ally. They reach the city and split up, but find out that the Mini-Con is likely underground. They all meet up at the entrance to the city subway system, and drive in to take a closer look.After a short drive into the subway, the group sees a pair of lights off in the distance and the children worry that a train is coming! Quickly Hot Shot and Red Alert get off the tracks, but Prime is too large and cannont make it off the tracks in time. The train rails forward, and just in time Optimus manages to drive backwards into a side track. The group splits up, and Hot Shot drives through a terminal in his search, Red Alert follows a train, and Prime find s a circular switch area for the subway. The children ride their Mini-Cons until they find a set of st

  • Billy and Fred argue about the Transformers, and their origin, when they spot Rad, Carlos and Alexa riding off in the distance. They speed off to catch up, but stop short of finding them as the children enter a forest.Cyclonus manages to find the children on what appears to be a survelance run, and corners Rad against a tree. He manages to drive Cyclonus off briefly with a shot from Laserbeak, but Cyclonus finds the two bullies and grabs them, taking them hostage. He yells back to Rad that he will trade the kids for the Autobot's Mini-Cons. Rad sends Laserbeak to follow them, and the children report back to the base.The Autobots agree they have to save Billy and Fred, and when Red Alert locks onto Cyclonus's coordinates where the Autobots warp out to his position. They find themselves in a deserted town, were Demolishor, Cyclonus and Starscream are in hiding. Billy and Fred are held captive in an abandoned warehouse, where Leader-1 keeps guard over them.The Autobots arrive in the ar

  • A Tribeswoman legend contains truth about a Mini-Con found in the Sahara desert many years ago, and a race has begun to find it. Cyclonus stands guard in the desert, and accidentally fires on Cyclonus as he comes in to report his lack of success... and when he takes off we find the Autobots in their base leaving from the activation of the Mini-Con alert.After a brief explanation that the 'bots should listen to the children because of their knowledge of desert areas, Demolishor fires on their position. The Autobots and Mini-Cons cant transform to vehicle mode (no traction in the sand), and when Hot Shot gets cocky and stands up to attack the camouflaged Decepticon, he fires, and Prime only manages to save him by a short second delay. The children find Demolishor as they sneak around from the side, but when Demolishor continues to fire, he loosens the sand in his area and the dune begins to sink into the sand. The children begin to fall in too as Demolishor radios the Decepticon moonbas

  • The episode opens with Starscream, Demolisher, and Cyclonus fighting the Autobots. Starscream tries to pull off a daring maneuver but ends up endangering all the Decepticons. The Autobots disappear, showing us that it was all a training simulation.Megatron isn't pleased, and the belittling of Starscream, the only Decepticon without a Mini-Con, begins. Megatron also refers to Starscream as the second-in-command for the first time in the series.A signal is heard and the Decepticons race to Earth - a new Mini-Con has been detected!On Earth, the Autobots are being their usual selves when Rad, Carlos, and Alexis walk in ready for their 'camping trip' with the Autobots - pretty much whatever adventure they go on next! The Mini-Con alert activates, revealing the position of a new Mini-Con is in a jungle/forest type of landscape. The Autobots, with their human friends, head out!Once arriving on scene, Prime detatches from his 'container' as he calls it, leaving Sparkplug to watch over. Jol

  • Hot Shot and Red Alert don't quite get along. Hot Shot is a young warrior and Red Alert is a veteran chief science officer. There is obvious tension between them in the opening scene.The Autobots discover a Mini-Con in the South Pole. However, the (in-fighting) Decepticons arrive shortly after.While Optimus is disabled due to the cold, the reckless Hot Shot denies any problems he has with Red Alert. He drives away as Red Alert stays with Prime.The only Mini-Con-less 'bot so far, Starscream, is desperate to find a Mini-Con, as his teammates have an advantage over him. Finally, he locates one... Until Hot Shot, with Carlos as his cargo, shows up. He blasts him away as they fall into a pit. Thanks to Jolt, however, there are no injuries. Once Hot Shot gets back up, he discovers he's surrounded by the rest of the Decepticon forces. Demolishor and Cyclonus begin insulting Starscream, as Hot Shot escapes. While this is going on, Starscream is coming closer and closer to his Mini-Con.The

  • The Autobots pick up a signal from a Mini-Con, but cant focus enough on the signal to get an exact fix. Alexis and Sureshock manage to help and get an exact location, and the group moves out for an area called Big Canyon. Red Alert warns the children that they shouldnt leave without suiting up, and each of them are 'teleported' on padded armor suits with Autobot symbols on their backs.The 'bots transform, and head for a room in which they "warp" to Big Canyon, an area about 100 miles away. Upon arriving, the group splits up what ends up being 4 teams, Carlos and Red Alert, Alexis and Hot Shot, the Mini-Cons and Optimus Prime and Rad gets left behind in the bustle.On the moon, Megatron, Demolishor and Starscream discuss their goals, and on Earth again Alexis returns for Rad, while the other groups continue their search. Prime and the Mini-Cons sit atop a cliff and overlook the area, Red Alert and Carlos continue the search in a rugged area, while Alexis, Rad and Hot Shot search a cany

  • The new series will kick off with this 90 minute TV movie.The episode opens in space, with our narrator explaining the history of the race called "Transformers" in brief. After a short intro, the masculine narrator says that the race settled, a planet that was eventually called Cybertron. A war broke out between the Autobots and Decepticons, over a race of what are called "Smart Tools", Mini-Cons. The war escalated to a stalemate, and both the Autobots and Decepticons both finally agreed that the war was too costly, and sent all the Mini-Cons away in a large Green Vessel, very reminscent of the Ark from Generation 1.This "Ark" travelled through space for a great deal of time, and landed on a primatvie planet after a damaging collision with its moon. The Mini-Cons laid dormant in this "ship" for over a million years, until today, where our story begins.Two children race to Lincoln Middle School, Rad on his bike and his friend Carlos who skateboards. Upon arriving they head for their