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Transformers: Energon, also known as Transformers: Superlink, is the middle series of the Armada trilogy of Transformers cartoons and the first of the trilogy to utilize computer-generated, cel-shaded images in addition to regular flat drawings. The story of Energon takes places a decade after the end of Transformers Armada, with the Earth establishing an energon grid to defend itself from attacks by the remaining Decepticons and the minions of the Quintesson being known as Alpha Q. Beyond the abilities of the Transformers, led by Optimus Prime, a teen boy named Kicker helps with an innate ability to sense energon deposits.

Transformers Energon is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on January 31, 2004.

Where do I stream Transformers Energon online? Transformers Energon is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Transformers Energon on demand at , Tubi TV online.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 52 Episodes
January 31, 2004
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Garry Chalk, David Kaye, Matt Hill, Brad Swaile
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Transformers Energon Full Episode Guide

  • Kicker send Optimus the sun as in the form of energon to help destroy Galavtron.

  • Galvatron has grown to enormous portions with the power of Unicron growing in him and is headed in to deep space. Shadowing him is a host of Autobots, included Optimus Prime. No one can quite figure out his destination and Optimus sees this as his final opportunity to take down Galvatron once and for all.

  • A band of super energon causes Galvatron to grow bigger and more powerful than ever, while the Autobots formulate a plan to bring him back down to size.

  • With Optimus Prime's power at its peak, Galvatron plans to use the super energon pool to fight him. However, Six Shot has other ideas...

  • The Autobots try to break into the control room to stop Cybertron getting through the Warp Gate, while Optimus looks for Unicron...

  • The Autobots are in disarray trying to avoid detection from Galvatron, while Ironhide faces a showdown with Scorponok.

  • Kicker searches for his family below Cybertron, while Galvatron and a damaged Optimus square off on the planet's surface.

  • The Autobots split up and with the help of other autobot rebels they attempt to find and free Kickers family and Cybertron. Megatron gets Cybertron through the space bridge. Alpha Q seems to think that Galvatron has "lost his marbles" and Ironhide has an "inflated ego".

  • The Autobots battle, but this time in cyberspace, a virtual training program. While Alpha Q watches from the sidelines, Six Shot hacks into the program and enables the Decepticons to play in the game.

  • Optimus Prime and the other Autobots try to breakthrough the energon grid and then later have to go under ground

  • Galvatron has Sixshot start moving Cybertron towards the planet where Alpha Q's "soul" is. The Miranda II gets hit and crashes into Cybertron.

  • Using Unicron, Megatron has discovered a powerful source of energy: Super Energon. By immersing himself in the liquid, he is transformed into Galvatron, with a new purple armor which makes him impervious to all forms of firepower. However, he awakens the guardians of the energon, who chose to join him- Constructicon and Bruticus Maximus. However, the third guardian- Superion Maximus, escapes, so he sends his new minions after him.

  • The Decepticons, Megatron, Starscream, and Scorponok attacks Cybertron. Optimus Prime and the other Autobots, aboard the Miranda II, travelled to Cybertron to save the planet.

  • on dies but Megatron survives with unicron's mind living inside him.

  • The Ice planet was destroyed by Unicron. All autobots can't save it and almost all of them got wounded from Unicron's attack.

  • The Autobots find a weak spot in Unicron's armor. Meanwhile, some very interesting transformations are taking place on the Decepticon team...

  • Unicron is complete! Now Optimus Prime must use his Spark of Combination to Powerlink with Omega Supreme - be will it be enough to stop the Chaos Bringer?

  • The sleeping giant is awake and ready to help, just when the Autobots need it the most...

  • The Autobots have spare time so Rodimus authorizes a race for the Autobots.

  • Inferno uses his decepticon "half" to bait Megatron. In the end, Inferno sacrifices himself in the sun to defeat the decepticons.

  • The Autobots go to put up an Energon tower on Jungle planet but Megatron isn't going to let that happen without a fight.

  • Team Bulkhead searches for the Autobots, while Kicker and Ironhide search for Inferno on the Jungle Planet. Inferno, who was previously affected by the Decepticons into embracing the dark side, is saved by Kicker after learning of a Decepticon attack, whom tracked Inferno's decepticon mark right to the planet.

  • Inferno gets into a Decepticon trap while guarding Shockblast.

  • On the other side of the rip, the Autobots must now defend a whole new set of planets, and Wing Saber finally gets the chance to re-capture his prisoner.

  • Recap episode. Megatron escapes into a black hole and Optimus Prime decides to give chase, even though he doesn't know what he will find on the other side. Kicker joins his Autobot friends on their mission and pilots the Miranda II into the black hole. Meanwhile back on earth, Dr. Jones monitors the situation and ignores the government agents who want to speak with him about his involvement with earth's energon reserves.

  • In an attempt to regain control of Unicron, Megatron accidentally causes an explosion that rips a hole right through the very fabric of the Universe!

  • Megatron and Optimus Prime are set to face off in a final showdown - until Shockblast interferes.

  • The battle continues on Cybertron as Optimus Prime and Rodimus once again act as one team. The Decepticons are able to cause more tears in the Energon grid, allowing Megatron to swoop down with the Terrorcons, bent on stealing the Energon from the core. Optimus Prime realizes that they must leave Cybertron and fight from Unicron's head.

  • Megatron is plotting to feed Cybertron to Unicron! The Decepticon army is battered and Shockblast forms an elite unit of those few who are intact. Optimus Prime and Rodimus team up and head off to defend Cybertron, leaving Kicker to deal with the injured Alpha Q.

  • Several Decepticon spaceships manage to escape Cybertron and arrive at Unicron's body where Megatron surveys his forces. Over in Unicron's head, Optimus Prime meets with Alpha Q. Suddenly, both Unicron parts come alive! Decepticons are attacked and destroyed in great numbers and Megatron is trapped while Unicron's head goes out of control.

  • As the Autobots scramble to defeat the Decepticons, the sadistic Shockblast is released from captivity on Cybertron!

  • Kicker confronts Alpha Q deep within Unicron mangning to get the Quintesson to expose his secrets and origins.

  • Unicron's body is rapidly reviving, much to Megatron's delight. Optimus Prime pilots the Miranda II into Unicron's body in an attempt to destroy it from the inside, but Unicron attempts to crush the Autobots and their ship!

  • Escalating tensions reach their boiling point as Optimus Prime and Rodimus clash over difference of their ideals over the menace of Unicron!

  • The Autobots dock their ship near a mysterious blizzard planet, which Kicker senses Energon on. But the Autobots face a new threat: for Demolishor is revived in a new body, with the ability to transform into a construction vehicle by Megatron. However, Tidal Wave interrupts, with Snow Cat reporting the Autobots' location. On the blizzard planet, the Miranda II is stuck between glaciers, unable to escape, so two groups are deployed: one to get the energon, the other to free the ship.

  • Carlos reports the locators on the two Terrorcons have concluded that the enemy has two bases (Megatron and Alpha Q), while Megatron's plan doesn't succeed as Team Rodimus comes to rescue Scorponok, making quick work of the Decepticons. After the report, Dr. Jones is unveiling a new starship to increase energon production, named the Miranda II. Optimus reveals their mission is twofold: they are also going to destroy Unicron, and they prepare to set up a space bridge.

  • Megatron forces Demolishor to divulge the Autobots' secret of finding energon: Kicker. Scorponok interrupts with news that a Battle Ravage drone was captured by the Autobots and transferred to Lunar City, and no doubt are searching for energon. On the Moon, Kicker pretends to search for energon, but really knows there is none, but there is something alive on the barren world. On their journey, Kicker runs into Demolishor, under orders to kidnap Kicker with a group of Terrorcons. Optimus attempts a rescue, but is ambushed by the other Decepticons, while Rodimus and his team debate over interfering. Kicker refuses help from Ironhide and decides to go under capture, hoping to spy and find information on Alpha Q, who does contact him through a Terrorcon while simultaneously using Scorponok to destroy both factions, although Scorponok's attempts are unsuccessful. However, the tide soon changes as Lunar City, along with a large group of Omnicons, is revealed to be intact, enabling an energon grid which defeats the Decepticons and Terrorcons.

  • Megatron gets a better sword that does much more damage than the one the Autobots have. The remains of Unicron are finally shown and then the Decepticons attack ocean city only to discover that the Autobots have an energon tower which activates during the battle. The energon tower destroys all the Terrorcons and causes pain for the Decepticons. Megatron pulls out.

  • In the partially destroyed control room of Luna City, Carlos tracks an unknown Transformer's path to Asteroid City. Megatron, Scorponok & Alpha Q know that Optimus Prime will follow Starscream to the Asteroid Belt. Scorponok sees this as an opportunity to destroy the Autobots, but Megatron exerts his power and heads off to Luna City in search of more Energon to take to Unicron.

  • A mysterious phantom assassin stalks Optimus Prime. Can Kicker and the Autobots protect Optimus and unmask the assassin before it is too late?

  • After seeing what Megatron did to Hot Shot the Autobots end up in a stand off with the Decepticons. Megatron taunts Optimus Prime with his powerful sword but allows the Autobots to withdraw without a skirmish. Back at Ocean City, Hot Shot is lowered into an Energon pool for repairs while the Omnicons begin making duplicates of Megatron's sword. A space bridge is detected near the city and the Autobots fly into action.

  • At various Cyber Cites the Transformers have set up defensive traps to stop the Terrorcons from stealing Energon. It appears the Autobots have won as their enemies retreat, but as they head back to regroup, Cyclonus, Tidal Wave and Scorponok begin to bicker around Megatron who still lies in his coma. Suddenly, he begins to come to life. Scorponok is outraged at this and whines to Megatron about him stealing all the Energon for himself.

  • Kicker has a dream about Energon in the Alps, so Optimus sends Ironhide, Hot Shot, Strongarm and Demolishor to go with Kicker to find the spot from his dream. Kicker gets separated from the others and falls in a ravine. The Terrorcons arrive, and blocks the Autobots escape route. Optimus demands that Dr. Jones set up a Space City Bridge to rescue them. Jetfire blames Demolishor for the arrival of Sorponok but Ironhide defends him.

  • When Scorponok is ordered to attack Earth, the Autobots are soon overcome both by the Terrorcons and the power of Scorponok's Star Saber. The Autobots look to the Omnicons to give them the advantage in this dangerous time.

  • Scorponok captures Tidal Wave and made him to follow his orders so that they can revive Megatron with energon. While Kicker and Ironhide stay behind (supposelly) while the rest of the team help Desert City...

  • After analyzing the Terrorcon threat, the Autobots decide to send away all the civilians living in the energon mining bases. Ironhide is given the job of "babysitting" Kicker, neither one is happy about it. The alarm goes off for an attack on Lunar City, Kicker and Jetfire go ahead and the others soon follow after being given energon stars by the Omnicons. When they get there, Ironhide heads off to check the mine and touches some energon by mistake which knocks him out. The others rescue him and they head back to Ocean City. The episode ends with Alpha-Q saying Optimus Prime will meet his match when Scorponok awakens.

  • Ten years have passed since the Armada battles. The Autobots and Decepticons work side by side with humans to harvest Energon. But trouble is brewing with recent attacks by a group of transformers known as Terrorcons. Can the Autobots meet the threat?