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In the romantic drama series Velvet, a humble young seamstress falls for the handsome heir to a fashion-industry fortune. He seems like the perfect man, but he comes from a different world. Can the pair transcend their vastly different social spheres and find true love? Velvet is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (58 episodes). The series first aired on January 17, 2014.

Where do I stream Velvet online? Velvet is available for streaming on Antena 3, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Velvet on demand at Netflix, Amazon online.

Antena 3
4 Seasons, 58 Episodes
January 17, 2014
Cast: Paula EchevarrÑa, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Manuela Velasco
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Velvet Full Episode Guide

  • Mateo makes a confession to Clara, Ral finally finds a romance of his own, Rita has a scare, and Alberto and Ana get their happy ending at last.

  • The day of Ana's wedding, Clara and Rita anxiously wait to hear from Mateo in New York. Patricia suffers the consequences of covering for Enrique.

  • While Ana receives an award in Italy for her new successful collection, Marco organizes a fashion show behind her back. Mateo gets info on Alberto.

  • Ana discovers those responsible for the sabotage and threatens them. Mateo supports an overwhelmed Clara. Humberto and Ral seem to finally get along.

  • Carlos awaits Anas response. Pedro fights for his wife. Mateo has a surprise in store. Ral becomes upset upon reading the news.

  • Things seem to be going well for Ana: she has a new business idea and Carlos is the perfect mate. Enrique and Valent'n are deceived by Patricia.

  • Cristina investigates information about Alberto. Pedro is tasked with giving some bad news to the employees. Jons wants to be a tailor.

  • Enzo will help Ana with her new project under the condition that Mateo returns. A mysterious woman arrives at Velvet with a secret in tow.

  • Marco asks Enrique to help him oust Cristina. The police question Raul. Mateo is reunited with his estranged father. Clara gets cold feet.

  • Carlos offers to be Ana's protector. Cafiero introduces the new director, who promptly shakes things up. Someone from Raúl's past begs for his help.

  • Patricia gives Valentín an ultimatum. A visitor lifts Pedro's spirits. Rita and Pedro get their test results. Ana seeks help from her ex, Carlos.

  • Víctor visits Cristina in the hospital at her request. The doctor gives Pedro worrying news. A game changer is revealed on Patricia's wedding day.

  • Alberto plays hardball with Patricia to get her shares. Cristina spirals out of control. Rita's obsession strains her marriage. Patricia feels torn.

  • A fit of anger sends Cristina to the hospital. Valentín's mother drives Patricia crazy. Alberto receives a tempting offer. Michelle gets a scoop.

  • Patricia and Valentin progress quickly. Rita develops a medical worry. Cristina's revenge against Ana threatens others. Mateo runs into an old flame.

  • Cristina accomplishes a mission. Lucía becomes suspicious of her father. Víctor unintentionally inspires jealousy in two men. Ana goes missing.

  • Cristina accomplishes a mission. Lucia becomes suspicious of her father. Víctor unintentionally inspires jealousy in two men. Ana goes missing.

  • Enrique's name is cleared and his help is needed. Rita wins Lucía's respect. Patricia finds a way to keep Jonas quiet. Cristina drops a bombshell.

  • Lucía starts her new job. Luisa visits during her tour. Alberto asks Ana to take a big step with him, and later makes a risky bet on Velvet's future.

  • Raúl and Ana's collaboration suffers a setback. Cristina steps up her efforts to thwart Alberto's annulment plans. An admirer gives Patricia leverage.

  • Raúl and Ana mesh their talents. Mateo vets secretarial candidates. Rita and Pedro's guest arrives. Alberto toils to give Ana a special birthday gift.

  • Cristina and Bárbara pitch a new product line. Pedro learns a relative is coming to town. A business disaster devastates Raúl and ousts a Velvet exec.

  • Patricia loses corporate power. Cristina refuses to let go. Pedro and Rita have unfinished business. Esteban wins Raúl's trust. Alberto is honored.