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In this comedy series, Matt Leblanc stars as a fictionalized version of himself who gets a part in an American version of a popular British sitcom. His efforts to remake the series in his image, though, turns out to be problematic. The series aired both on the BBC and Showtime, and it ran from 2011 to 2017.

Episodes is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 2011.

Where do I stream Episodes online? Episodes is available for streaming on Showtime, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Episodes on demand at Showtime, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Showtime Anytime online.

5 Seasons, 41 Episodes
January 9, 2011
Cast: Matt LeBlanc, Tamsin Greig, Stephen Mangan, John Pankow, Kathleen Rose Perkins
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  • Sean and Beverly learn that Matt - offering no explanation - has passed on the new show they created for him. Now they must figure out what lies ahead for their lives and careers without Matt. Carol continues to pursue her lawsuit against Helen and the network. But an encounter at her deposition may take her life in an entirely unexpected direction. Series finale.

  • Sean and Beverly find themselves in an ugly dispute with Matt when he demands a writing credit on their new show. Neither side is willing to give in. After all, they came up with the premise - but he bought the pads and pens! Carol decides to leave television, move home to Michigan and raise Merc's child on her own. What will she do for money? Sue Helen and the network for sexual harassment.

  • Carol reveals that she's pregnant and, even more significant, planning on keeping the baby - forcing Beverly to finally tell her the truth about Merc and Morning. Meanwhile, in the midst of Matt, Sean and Beverly struggling to come up with an idea for a new show, Matt's father drops dead - thrusting Matt (and a reluctant Sean and Beverly) into the enormous hassle of dealing with his remains.

  • Back on the hiking trail for the first time in months, Carol confesses to Beverly her newfound happiness with Merc. Appalled, Beverly nevertheless agrees to support her - until she discovers that Merc has recently become engaged. To Morning Randolph! Matt takes Sean and Beverly to his ranch for a working weekend to try and come up with a new series. Gunplay ensues. And a wild boar.

  • Matt tries to woo Sean and Beverly away from Tim. Carol hits rock bottom.

  • Matt's tryst with Danika goes viral - and no amount of damage control can contain it. Matt tries to take matters into his own hands by calling Elliot Salad, the head of the network, to plead his case but ends up getting more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, life goes on for the rest of the world. Sean and Beverly endure a disastrous casting session with Tim. And Carol gets stoned with her maid.

  • Matt's show is a runaway hit. Carol goes into a tailspin. Season premiere.

  • Beverly and Carol struggle to hide their friendship from Helen. It's showtime for "The Box"!

  • Beverly and Carol are forced to hide their friendship from an increasingly jealous Helen. Matt is caught between a financial rock and hard place: either sell his beach house or take a job as a game show host.

  • Sean is hurt that Matt hasn't shown any interest in his new show. Carol attempts to slow down the pace of her new relationship with Helen.

  • Matt is forced to spend a day at the hospital when his father undergoes heart surgery.

  • Three is definitely a crowd, as Sean and Beverly are forced to consider a writing partnership with Tim, and Carol and Helen discover they have a bedfellow in common. Meanwhile, with Matt's finances in rapid decline, he receives a lucrative yet dubious invitation.

  • Sean's former writing partner tightens the screws on Sean and Beverly. Carol throws herself into a new and unexpected romance. Matt may have found an answer to both his disastrous love life and his financial woes.

  • Sean's former writing partner turns up to wreak havoc. Merc's career is given a new lease on life. And both Matt and Carol find romance in the most unexpected places.

  • Matt scrambles to solve his financial woes. Several networks compete for Sean and Beverly's new show. Carol must mend fences with a woman whose husband she slept with.

  • Sean and Beverly's Hollywood career refuses to die, as they're dragged back from London to make six more episodes of "Pucks!". Matt gets some very disturbing news about his finances. Carol once again lobbies to run the network.

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