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Ray Donovan is a crime drama series set in present day Los Angeles. Liev Schreiber stars in the title role. Ray is a 'fixer', working for a law firm. This unofficial title refers to the fact that he makes the messy situations that his clients get themselves into go away. His list of clients includes celebrities from the worlds of show business and sports, as well as high-powered business moguls.

The backstory on Donovan involves his having relocated from South Boston. Veteran actor Jon Voight plays Mickey Donovan, Ray's father. The elder Donovan has recently, and unexpectedly been released from prison and appeared on the scene in L.A. where his presence re-ignites family conflicts which Ray had hoped were left behind in Boston.

Ray tries to protect his own family which includes his nagging wife Abby, ( played by Paula Malcomson ) and his two teenage sons from the potentially destructive effects of his manipulative ex-con father on all their lives. Ray has two ne'er do well brothers who also migrated from Southie Boston, and now spend most of their time hanging around a gym that caters to aspiring boxers.

In every episode Ray has to deal with a new set of circumstances that require his skill in resolving sticky situations. In many there is a fair amount of violence that is called into play. Schreiber's portrayal of Ray involves a great deal of brooding as he goes about doing his job saving some people who deserve saving, but more often than not the people that he must get out of trouble don't deserve to have their indiscretions wiped clean and he knows it. Ray is smarter and tougher than everyone else but he's got troubles of his own.

Ray Donovan is the classic anti-hero, noble in his own way, but flawed. Compared to the assortment of Hollywood degenerates that he deals with in his work and his father's incurable criminal tendencies, Ray is the show's most sympathetic character, and all the plots revolve around his efforts to do what he has to do in the midst of his dysfunctional family and the stress of his job. Liev Schreiber's performance drives the show, along with Academy Award winner Jon Voight.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Showtime
4 Seasons, 48 Episodes
June 30, 2013
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama
Cast: Liev Schreiber
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Ray Donovan Full Episode Guide

  • Ray attempts to play his adversaries against each other. Season finale.

  • Ray's latest attempt to rescue Avi and pay off his debts to the mob takes a hit when FBI agent Frank Barnes catches him before he can pull it off, so Ray has to send Mickey to Las Vegas to place a large bet on the boxing match between Hector and Whittaker. Later, in exchange for Federal protection, Barnes offers Ray an opportunity to turn informant against Dmitri.

  • Faced with a crisis, Ray strategizes. Hector comes to a breaking point.

  • Avi and Lena wonder about Ray's faithfulness to Sonia. Mickey comes back to Primm.

  • Ray requests Lena and Daryll to assure the rematch with Whittaker proceeds.

  • A long-buried calamity leads Ray to a surprise confrontation.

  • Ray fights with the possibility of putting a pimp back on the street.

  • Ray travels the highways with Mickey to Primm to retrieve stolen cash.

  • A trespasser breaks into the Donovan household; Mickey plans a casino heist; Bridget celebrates her 18th birthday and fights to keep her independence; Ray visits Belikov in prison to make a deal; Bunchy and Teresa navigate their marital problems under lockdown.

  • A trespasser breaks into the Donovan house. Mickey plans a casino heist.

  • On the night of a huge boxing match, Ray helps Hector take care of a person from his past who may reveal a secret that could ruin his career. As Bunchy tries to amuse a very pregnant Teresa, Abby teaches him about marital compromise.

  • Ray is still recovering from the shootout. Abby receives a diagnosis that creates major parenting choices. Mickey plots a heist while he is in hiding.

  • At last Abby and Terry reveal the truth about Bridget to Ray.

  • Mickey risks it all and gives himself a going away party.

  • Ray has an idea that will aid Mickey; Bridget gets into a brawl.

  • Failed attempts to get Mickey to reveal himself threaten Bunchy's wedding,

  • Romero shows up at the Fite Club and demands that Ray pay for his sins.

  • Romero contacts Ray. Bunchy teams up with Mickey to combat the Minassians.

  • Ray has ulterior motives in his efforts to ensure Verona's Election Day victory.

  • Ray's new mission drives a wedge between Finney and Paige.

  • Ray puts out fires as Paige tries to broker a deal. Abby goes to Boston.

  • Ray and Mickey make a desperate attempt to get Terry released from prison.

  • Ray tries protecting a quarterback.

  • In the third season premiere, a wealthy family hires Ray to find their kidnapped son. In the mean time, Mickey discovers a new opportunity, Abby makes new friends on the streets, and Bunchy is deflated when confronted by Luchadores.

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