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In the south of Spain, in a mediterranean region full of greenhouses, a crime is committed. A love story emerges during the investigation between Lucas, a young man with racial prejudices, and a migrant worker. A story about the lives of the illegal migrant workers and their coexistence with the greenhouse owners benefitting the agricultural boom, the new marriages between the locals and their illegal Eastern brides, and a portrait of one of the poorest areas of Spain, quickly transforming into one of the most prosperous.

Mar de plastico is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on December 26, 2015.

Where do I stream Mar de plastico online? Mar de plastico is available for streaming on Antena 3, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mar de plastico on demand at Netflix online.

Monday at 10:30PM et/pt on Antena 3
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
December 26, 2015
Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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Mar de plastico Full Episode Guide

  • Rueda barely survives. Lola, Hctor, and Salva arrive and find the murderer. They later manage to uncover the killer's identity.

  • Vlad informs the investigators that he has exculpatory evidence in his house. Fernando is threatened in prison.

  • The investigators see the photos and look at the silhouette of what looks like a bike. The investigators identify the model.

  • A woman accuses Pilar of having imprisoned her. Vlad faces off against the head of the gang. A big secret is finally revealed.

  • Guineans and Roma encounter each other after mass. Sergio goes to see his brother in prison. Sergio makes mention of an interesting blog.

  • Kaled finds a bloodied youngster on the highway. Hctor finds out that she has an interesting tattoo. The girl manages to utter a name: Vlad.

  • Hctor studies the anonymous clues that Fernando received. Sergio finds Agneska and Pablo together.

  • Hctor searches Franciscos phone. Fernando has a face to face meeting with Cristina in prison. Investigators discover letters belonging to Fernando.

  • Pablo seeks Hctors help with photos linked to the murder. Hctor submits to a polygraph test.

  • Similar to Marta, Barislavs death has no genetic link. Clues are later found at Barislavs house.

  • Salva finds Martas body and fear once again spreads throughout Campoamargo.

  • Lola, Salva, and Hctor continue their investigation into the elusive Boris. They begin by looking into the pistol used to shoot the sergeant.

  • DNA evidence is found on Ainhoas body and Juan Rueda is detained once again. Hctor urges the judge for more time to investigate the findings.

  • Juan Rueda is detained after a grave is found on his property, but he cant be charged. The investigation seems to have hit a dead end.

  • The coroner rules the latest death a suicide. Hctor isnt so sure and decides to investigate. Marta discovers secrets about her husbands death.

  • Hctor is closing in on clues that will uncover Ainhoas murderer. The only witness to the mayors daughters last moments begins to draw blanks.

  • Someone who was spying on Mar also filmed Ainhoa mere hours before her murder. Salva discovers new information on Agneskas lover.

  • Hctor asks to analyze a sample from the crime scene. Fara suffers a terrifyingly similar experience. Marta confesses something to Hctor.

  • The neighbors of Campoamargo receive a message about Ainhoa. Lola and Hctor find a suspicious burned vehicle. Lucas is chased.

  • Marta suffers an accident after activating the fumigation system in the greenhouses. Lucas is detained for having threatened Ainhoa.

  • Ainhoa falls victim to a crime in the greenhouses of Campoamargo. Hctor, the new sergeant, discovers compromising information.

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