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A master stroke devised and perfected for years, planned for months and executed in a few minutes so that the chosen group of thieves who enters the National Mint and Timbre at gunpoint make the police believe that their plan has failed... And that they are besieged inside the building with no other exit than their surrender.

Thursday at 10:45PM et/pt on Antena 3
1 Season, 13 Episodes
December 20, 2017
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La casa de papel Full Episode Guide

  • The Professor meets Raquel's mother under stressful circumstances. At the Mint, the thieves offer the hostages a decision: money or freedom?

  • Arturo continues to formulate an escape plan for a group of hostages. The Professor reveals who gave him the idea for the heist.

  • Raquel enters the Mint to ascertain that all of the hostages are still alive and well. Nairobi gives Alison advice.

  • The Professor races to stop a witness from identifying him. Berl'n seeks revenge once his own name is revealed and slandered in the press.

  • Tokio confronts Alison about R'o. The police suspect a spy is in their midst.

  • A break in the investigation and a mistake by one of the thieves puts the Professor at serious risk of being discovered.

  • M

  • The thieves let a medical team enter the Mint, and an undercover policeman sneaks in with them. Can the Professor stay one step ahead of Raquel?

  • Raquel suffers a personal crisis with her ex. The hostages are frightened by the gunshots they overheard. The thieves argue among themselves.

  • Police grab an image of the face of one of the robbers. Raquel is suspicious of the gentleman she meets at a bar.

  • Hostage negotiator Raquel makes initial contact with the Professor. One of the hostages is a crucial part of the thieves' plans.

  • The Professor recruits Tokio and 7 other criminals for a grand heist, targeting the Royal Mint of Spain.

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