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Set in the fictional All Saints Western General Hospital, this Australian medical drama focused on the medical stories surrounding the many patients who arrived in ward 17 and were under the care of the variety of staff that were employed in the hospital. The ward in All Saints is headed by a nun, Sister Terri, and a number of nurses who work under her management. Ward 17 is an overflow ward for other, overfilled wards, which means a wide variety of conditions, medical problems and patients pass through this hospital drama in each episode.

As the series progresses, Sister Terri is given new responsibilities which move her out of the confines of Ward 17 and into the Emergency Room of All Saints. The main group of nurses and administrators remains the same each week, with the doctors and patients arriving in the hospital during each episode changing as the staff of the hospital handle medical emergencies and their intertwining lives in terms of friendships and love lives.

All Saints is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (493 episodes). The series first aired on February 24, 1998.

Where do I stream All Saints online? All Saints is available for streaming on Seven, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch All Saints on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Tubi TV, IMDb TV online.

12 Seasons, 493 Episodes
February 24, 1998
Cast: Judith McGrath, Georgie Parker, John Howard, Tammy MacIntosh, Erik Thomson
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All Saints Full Episode Guide

  • Still processing Gabrielle's bombshell from the night before, Steve is called out (with Jo) to a rural clinic to help transport a patient, Neil.

  • With Mike still recovering from his injuries, Steve steps into the role of team leader in the MRU, and Adam fills in as a doctor.

  • Mike is back at work after suffering injuries in a blast the week before.

  • The MRU is called out to an explosion at a plastics factory, where multiple casualties are feared and expected.

  • The MRU find themselves unwittingly in the eye of a media storm when they are called out to treat Tilly.

  • The MRU Team is called to a Horse Training facility. A horse has been spooked, thrown its rider and stomped two others.

  • The MRU attend an illegal Asian brothel and force the authorities to release them to All Saints for treatment of suspected TB.

  • With Steve out of action, Adam joins the MRU to help rescue two men who have fallen into a disused mine.

  • The MRU are called out to a car accident where a red P-plater and a full licensed driver have collided.

  • The MRU are called to a remote bush location to tend to an environmental protestor.

  • The MRU are called out to attend an MVA and a difficult patient.

  • The MRU team arrive at a local butcher shop; where a young female apprentice has impaled herself on one of the meat hooks.

  • The MRU team attend the aftermath of a stunt gone wrong.

  • The MRU are called out to a riot of youths, where one boy has been stabbed.

  • The MRU team are called out to a religious commune, the Haven, where there are reports of injuries after a dawn police raid.

  • The MRU is called out to a suburban street where a woman, Sharon, has been knocked down and seriously injured by a drunken driver.

  • Frank is back on form and eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first intern under his new Intern Program.

  • Hank, an unlucky home renovator, is delivered into the care of Bart and Adam who are at a loss to explain or treat his symptoms.

  • The MRU team are called to a factory site where a truck has accidentally reversed into a pole bringing down high voltage electricity cables.

  • The MRU are called out to rescue a journalist and a photographer, Roxy and Drew, who are stranded in remote bushland.

  • A dangerous silo rescue pushes the MRU to the limit.

  • The MRU attend a multi-victim bus crash. The driver lost control after an apparent heart attack.

  • A glowing front page article on Mike and the MRU greets our people as they arrive for work; much to Frank's chagrin.

  • Steve, after taking several sick days to be there for Claire in the aftermath of her rape, returns to work.

  • The MRU Unit is called to a dirt bike accident in the bush.

  • The MRU is called out to a car wrecking yard where two men are injured, the result of a fight.

  • An explosion at a boutique winery sees the MRU team fighting to save several members of the Lewis family.

  • Mike, Steve and Jo are called to a domestic siege. A young man has taken his parents hostage in their home.

  • When Claire refuses to treat a patient, she's forced to reveal to Gabrielle that he is her ex-partner.

  • Garth and Helen Wilkinson, are travelling to their honeymoon destination when the car they are driving in suffers a tire blow-out.

  • A cave-in brings Mike, Steve and Jo on site to rescue a disoriented man from the fall.

  • Steve can't believe his bad luck, when he discovers that the MRU call out is to Gabrielle's family property.

  • It's the first day of official operation for Mike's MRU team.

  • Treating a Bride who's walked into the ED on her wedding day, Adam becomes aware she's lying to her fianc√© about her health.

  • A boating accident in a remote river location has left 4 people injured and stranded without medical help.

  • A worker from a car parts factory, brought into the ED after an explosion at her workplace, is discovered to have a bizarre but deadly injury.

  • A practice run on a suburban raceway turns to disaster when a wheel comes off a racing car, sending the car and tyre hurtling into its pit crew.

  • It's New Nurse Claire's first day, full time, in the ED. Gabrielle puts Claire to work immediately with a desperately ill, and very difficult patient.

  • Adam's first day at All Saints sees him dealing with a young man who appears to be suffering from alcohol poisoning after his best mate's 21st.

  • Bart goes with Dan on a fruitless search for Erica, following every possible route that Dan can think of.

  • When two victims of an armed robbery are brought in, the All Saints team are pushed to the limit.

  • Steve and Gabrielle fight to save the life of a worker in a plastic factory who has suffered long term exposure to chemicals.

  • Charlotte, Frank and Gabrielle deal with Joel Quinliven. He has epilepsy and has suffered a seizure at an all night party.

  • A fatal MVA near his home brings Jack onto the front lines on his day off.

  • Mike has bitten the bullet and phoned Juliet - whom he barely knows - for a date.

  • Charlotte and Mike clash over the best way to deal with a patient, who has sustained a head injury in a road accident.

  • Frank and Mike find themselves out of their comfort zone and in solitary confinement at a high security prison, treating its deadliest inmate.

  • When Laszlo, a middle aged man and professional Skydiver, arrives at All Saints after a skydiving accident, the team are expecting the worst.

  • Dan feels helpless when a pre-wedding gag organised by his brother goes wrong.

  • Erica and Dan are both at work, in an effort to quell pre wedding nerves.

  • Von makes an unscheduled homecare visit to Robyn, a woman in her fifties, who suffers from Multiple System Atrophy.

  • Dan dreams erotic dreams about Erica's pole dancing class but the reality is a much more down to earth affair.

  • A traumatised Charlotte brings Rhiannon into the ED after Rhiannon has attempted to end her life.

  • Steve attends to a young, attractive woman, Tanya, who is suffering burns to her face and neck.

  • Rhiannon convinces Charlotte to meet her away from All Saints in the hope of finding a way to reconcile their differences.

  • Von is approached for help in the Hospital car park but when she finds herself in an abandoned tram factory, she has reason to regret her decision.

  • Despite facing an accusation of sexual harassment, Charlotte throws herself into her work.

  • An apparently psychotic man is brought in hearing 'Helicopters' in his head, convinced they're trying to kill him.

  • A young woman, Lara, drags her semi conscious much older husband, Robert out of a river.

  • A young woman comes in having collapsed in the middle of a uni exam.

  • Heath and Suzi are called out to attend an MVA in which a husband and wife have been injured.

  • Pregnant, schizophrenic and distressed Becky is brought into the ED.

  • Frank has good reason to be angry with a private nursing home after Scott, a comatose patient, is brought in.

  • Cody is delivered to the ED after being hit by a car, and what appears to be a fairly straight forward case becomes a medical mystery.

  • A high profile athlete is found badly injured from a vicious hammer attack.

  • The Ambos are called to the scene of a car fire.

  • Dan, Erica and Jack are running late for work when they find a middle aged woman on the bonnet of Dan's car.

  • A battle of the titans as Oliver continues to apply pressure on Frank to resign by using the ED as his bargaining chip.

  • Andrew, late 30s, is frantically driving his semi-conscious wife, Emily, to hospital.

  • Teenager Kimberly Dyer is brought into the ED in the throes of a seizure.

  • Ann-Maree, suffering considerable pain, is still refusing to contemplate any further, invasive treatment for her cancer.

  • Bart arrives for work hungry for distraction. Anything to avoid thinking about the tragedy unfolding at home with Ann-Maree.

  • On Zoe's advice Frank has decided to try and win over his fellow department heads with a presentation.

  • While everyone is still struggling to come to terms with recent events, Frank finds his job is under threat after his statement to the media.

  • James, Melissa and Smokey have taken the ED and all in it hostage.