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  • 2001
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.0  (263)

An Australian comedy series about two families living in very different environments who decide to make a bold change. The suburban Taylor family lives in Sydney, while the rural Todd family lives out on a farm outside of Inverness, in New South Wales. When John Taylor visits his sister Sandra Todd he makes a wishful joke about the two families switching houses. Later on, after a drug problem affects the Taylors and financial woes befall the Todds, the idea suddenly doesn't seem quite so outlandish after all and they decide to go for it.

Always Greener
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Future Shocks
28. Future Shocks
June 8, 2003
Tom's world is rocked to its foundations with the results of a blood test. To tell or not to tell: Cam and Pip wrestle with the timebomb of Pete’s infidelity. Liz and John become sudden co-hosts of Good Morning Warrigong - with potentially life-changing repercussions.
True Romance
27. True Romance
June 1, 2003
Sparks fly at John's marriage guidance seminar. Jason scores a win at the estate agency - at Marissa's expense. Tom learns the shocking truth about Gregory Kind's agenda. Is Pete cheating on Sandra?
5,4,3,2,1 Happy New Year
26. 5,4,3,2,1 Happy New Year
May 25, 2003
Sandra thinks her relationship with Pete may be over, Marissa suspects there may be more going on with Tom's father than meets the eye and Katy is surprised when Mickey makes an offer regarding their future. Jason has certainly gone a little off the rails in recent times. But tired of being the family "dropkick", he resolves to turn over a new leaf. His first goal is realised when he lands a job - as an assistant to Derek Unn. But as Jason's portrayer Daniel Bowden reveals, the character has a hidden agenda.
Boxing Day
25. Boxing Day
May 18, 2003
Tensions flare and old wounds are opened on Boxing Day. Pete and Sandra clash over his mother, Isabelle and Tom clash over his father, and Jason and Mickey clash over Katy.
What A Difference A Year Makes
24. What A Difference A Year Makes
May 11, 2003
Liz tries hopelessly to keep her family together on Christmas Day. Sandra's dream Christmas turns to a cynical nightmare at Pete's mother's. Pip and Cam are too cool for Christmas but succumb to traditional festivities when Nick and Shelley show up. Jason goes out depressed and comes home drunk creating comic chaos for Eileen and Derek's plans - and everyone ends up at the neighbourhood centre, where the surprises just keep on coming.
The Trouble Is it's Christmas
23. The Trouble Is it's Christmas
May 4, 2003
It's one week till Christmas and everyone is under pressure. John must regain the upport of the community and increase business at the neighbourhood centre. Eileen wants to raise money for the centre appeal. Jason is taking comfort in the bottle. Katy and Mickey want to make amends with Jason, so they can enjoy Christmas together. Sandra is determined to find the perfect gift for Pete's Mum and Pip wants to rekindle her friendship with Nick. The strains of the festive season are brought into perspective when troubled farmer, Les Doyle, attempts suicide, despite John's attempts to help him.
Surfboards in the Roof
22. Surfboards in the Roof
April 27, 2003
Marissa returns to Inverness with Tom, but turns down his marriage proposal - and the chance to audition for "Home and Away". Tom turns down Isabelle's offer to reveal his father's identity. Bert relives his yearning to be a surfer, and John fulfils his yearning to kick a winning goal. Katy decides to act on her yearning, and lands on Mickey's doorstep.
Cause and Effect
21. Cause and Effect
April 20, 2003
Cam and Kim discuss the ramifications of the book on 'Sunrise'. After Patch and Jason try to replicate the exploding cow trick on Bert's prize bull, he threatens legal action. Jason confesses his infidelity to Katy, and learns that Mickey was seeing Katy. Pete's mum tells Sandra she doesn't approve of their relationship. Mickey kicks Tom and Marissa out of the house.
A Tangled Web
20. A Tangled Web
April 13, 2003
Katy makes an excuse to get out of going to schoolies with Jason and Patch. While away, Jason sleeps with the fun loving Sylvana. Katy rejects Mickey out of loyalty to Jason. John and Liz's attempts to prepare the locals for the launch of the book backfire. Sandra and Pete clash over his support of the book. Kim goes on 'Good Morning Warrigong'.
More Things Than Heaven and Earth
19. More Things Than Heaven and Earth
April 6, 2003
Liz dreams of her father, Harry, then learns he's on his death bed. Liz implores her sister Margaret to fly out from England. Satisfied that his two daughters are reunited, he dies peacefully. After an outpouring of anger and recrimination, Liz and Margaret make their peace. Mickey goes to visit Katy, behind Jason's back.
... And Greener... And Greener
18. ... And Greener... And Greener
March 30, 2003
Pete gives Sandra a brand new car. Sandra refuses to accept the gift, until a visit to the country helps her realise that Pete's generosity is unconditional. John is won over by Pete. Infatuated with Mickey, Katy feels trapped in her relationship with Jason. Marissa tells Tom she refuses to be ordinary. Marissa attends a cattle call at a modelling agency.
Great (and Not So Great) Expectations
17. Great (and Not So Great) Expectations
March 23, 2003
Isabelle and Katy's trip to the city leads to an argument with Tom and Marissa. The new look Shelley is revealed, increasing Marissa's feelings of failure. After clashing with Tom, she packs up her market stall - for good. Katy and Mickey meet and are attracted. Jason agonises over Katy, and walks out on an important exam. Liz notices a potential problem with Little Derek.
The Long Weekend
16. The Long Weekend
March 16, 2003
Shelley says to Mickey 'I killed your Dad', and Mickey reacts with anger. Marissa appeals to John for help, and takes Shelley to the country. John counsels Shelley and makes her realise that she can get her life back on track. Realising she can no longer blame herself for Greg's death, she bids Mickey farewell. Jason and Kim spend an uncomfortable night at Patch's. Pete whisks Sandra away to a beach house, and they negotiate the tricky waters of sleeping together for the first time. With some help from Jennifer Anniston, Pip makes peace with Nick.
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
15. You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
March 9, 2003
Marissa confesses her guilt over Shelley to Tom, and they track her down in the Cross. Shelley initially rejects them, then after a brief flirtation with heroin, turns up at the Steele house asking for help. Sandra pursues a relationship with Pete, but only after overcoming a few insecurities about age and glamour. John and Derek bond in the bush, where Derek reveals his fears of fatherhood. Bert helps deliver Eileen's baby boy which she promises to name after Bert!
Flesh for Fantasy
14. Flesh for Fantasy
March 2, 2003
Shelley phones Mickey and tells him to leave her alone. With some help from Nathan and Pete, Mickey's ode to Shelley is played on the radio. Marissa's market stall is an embarrassing failure, leading to conflict with Tom. Kim gets her braces off, but it's not the life changing experience she expects. Pip and Nick break up. Pete is exposed as 'The Love Professor', and Sandra as a thirty-something mum with two kids!
The Always Greener Variety Hour
13. The Always Greener Variety Hour
February 23, 2003
Shelley's working hard for the money. Mickey and Nathan, a friend of Shelley's father Trev, are on her trail. Scumbag returns with a Thai bride, who isn't what Patch expects. Nick picks a fight with Pip to avoid intimacy. At a nightclub, Sandra sees Nick flirting with a guy, then meets handsome and groovy Pete. Is it love in the first degree? John, blaming Les for baby Harry's death, is unable to help Angela.
Guilt Trip
12. Guilt Trip
February 16, 2003
Liz is steely in the wake of baby Harry's death, then finally releases her emotions after the memorial service. On the bright side, her father Harry agrees to have treatment for his cancer. Katy is upset by Jason's insensitivity, and tells Isabelle they are at different stages of maturity. Sandra learns Pip and Nick are an item. Marissa and Tom decide to live in the city. Shelley is revealed, working as a hooker. Mickey receives a visit from big Nathan. The Todd's and the Taylor's agree to swap homes - officially.
A Death in the Family
11. A Death in the Family
November 24, 2002
Tom and Marissa's relationship gets off to a passionate start. Liz and Kim go to the hospital to visit Harry. When doctors offer a grave prognosis, he refuses treatment. With encouragement from Isabelle, John tries to help Angela break free of her abusive husband Les. Cam loses his virginity to a charity worker. Marissa and Tom consummate their relationship. Liz is seriously injured when electrocuted by a faulty fridge.
Why Is It So?
10. Why Is It So?
November 17, 2002
John makes his first appearance on 'Good Morning Warrigong', and later cops a punch on the nose by an irate viewer. Pip and Nick get intimate, setting them on a path of unlikely romance. Cam strikes a deal with Kim over the book. Tom learns that Cam's book portrays him as a dimwit, and seeks Marissa's advice. When she assures him the portrayal is anything but uncomplimentary, they seal their attraction with a kiss.
Understanding the Cry
9. Understanding the Cry
November 10, 2002
In the aftermath of Shelley's disappearance, Sandra is forced to realise that she has been sadly neglecting the home front. Marissa and Mickey embark on a bold prison-visit to further the search for Shelley. Eileen and Liz attend pre-natal classes - with hilarious and touching results.
Share Space
8. Share Space
November 3, 2002
Shelley wants to tell Mickey the truth about his father's death but knows this will destroy any chance of a future with him. The dilemma forces her to make an impulsive decision. Pip discovers the truth about Cam's 'female voice'. Liz's attempts to ease Eileen's fears about childbirth lead to Eileen inviting herself to attend the birth.
Opening Gambit
7. Opening Gambit
October 27, 2002
'Do-gooders' and 'naysayers' do battle for the future of John's neighbourhood centre. Riotous antics turn sour as Jason and Kim attempt to expose the secret of Bert's glamorous 'lady' friend. Mickey rails against Sandra's efforts to help him through his grief - and earns a surprise new housemate for his trouble.
In The Beginning, I Was Afraid
6. In The Beginning, I Was Afraid
October 13, 2002
Shelley is plagued with guilt over Greg's death. Liz wonders if she's set Bert Adams up with a trans-sexual. Pip learns that trying to turn a gay man straight isn't easy.
It Takes Balls
5. It Takes Balls
October 6, 2002
A debutante ball in Inverness brings together country and city. Isabelle introduces Tom to his father. Sandra and Greg have their final farewell. Shelley allows Greg to be stung by a bee, and is horrified by the consequences.
Black, White & Grey
4. Black, White & Grey
September 29, 2002
Crunch-time for the Todds and the Taylors when distressed Sandra announces a return to Inverness. Cam learns confronting lessons about life - and literature.
Two Sides To Every Story
3. Two Sides To Every Story
September 22, 2002
An emotional rollercoaster for Sandra in her pressure-cooker household, as lover boy Greg returns from his holiday with unexpected plans. Agony for Pip - and danger for Nick - when she inadvertently reveals details of boofy Bomber's love life. Crazy, touching moments as Eileen continues her struggle with valium withdrawal and meets her first homosexual.
Endangered Species
2. Endangered Species
September 15, 2002
Tom struggles with issues of self-esteem and identity, as he forges a new relationship with his mother. John confronts terrifying visions of a possible future as he assesses his decision to return to social work. Pregnant Eileen meanwhile decides to come off her 'nerve-pills', with distressing results.
Here We Go Again
1. Here We Go Again
September 8, 2002
John and Liz have returned to Inverness with a new plan for their life in the country. John wants to set up a Neighbourhood Centre, which in the beginning will be a very grass-roots, community funded and run operation. In the city it is revealed that Cam has written a book about the country-city swap. The manuscript has been submitted to a publishing company who now want to proceed. Sandra is initially excited about the prospect of her son becoming a famous writer - that is, until she actually reads the book, and discovers that it's not a pretty picture Cam has painted - he has barely even changed the names, to protect the innocence. Marissa is upset in the wake of Tom's declaration of love for Sandra. And Pip is still coming to terms with the news that her boyfriend Bomber is gay.

An Australian comedy series about two families living in very different environments who decide to make a bold change. The suburban Taylor family lives in Sydney, while the rural Todd family lives out on a farm outside of Inverness, in New South Wales. When John Taylor visits his sister Sandra Todd he makes a wishful joke about the two families switching houses. Later on, after a drug problem affects the Taylors and financial woes befall the Todds, the idea suddenly doesn't seem quite so outlandish after all and they decide to go for it.

Always Greener is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on September 9, 2001.

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  • Premiere Date
    September 9, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (263)