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Packed to the Rafters is an award winning Australian family-oriented show following the life of the Rafter family. A lighthearted mix of comedy and drama, the show tackles serious social issues as it weaves the story of the Rafter Family. Each episode is narrated by a member of the family, which changes often.

The show begins with electrician Dave Rafter and his wife, Julie, excited but nostalgic about their three children becoming adults and moving out of the house. Instead, their son Ben moves next door, their daughter Rachel finds trouble finishing any task and returns home and their first born, Nathan, faces misfortune that leads him to move back home with his wife.

Packed to the Rafters was created by Bevan Lee, and stars Rebecca Gibney as Julie Rafter, Erik Thomson as Dave Rafter, Hugh Sheridan as Ben Rafter, Angus McLaren as Nathan Rafter, Sabella Storey as Ruby Rafter, and Jessica Marais as Rachel Rafter.

Packed To The Rafters is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (123 episodes). The series first aired on August 26, 2008.

Where do I stream Packed To The Rafters online? Packed To The Rafters is available for streaming on Seven, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Packed To The Rafters on demand at Hulu, Tubi TV online.

Tuesdays at 08:30 pm on Seven
6 Seasons, 123 Episodes
August 26, 2008
Cast: Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson, Michael Caton, Zoe Ventoura, Angus McLaren
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Packed To The Rafters Full Episode Guide

  • The Rafters begin the emotional task of packing up their beloved family home.

  • Julie and Dave knuckle down to the stressful task of buying a house in Sydney on a tight budget.

  • It's a matter of head versus heart as Julie and Dave wrestle with their decision to sell their beloved family home.

  • When a room at their preferred nursing home comes up, Julie and Dave raise the difficult topic with Ted.

  • Julie finds herself dealing with the demands of a toddler and caring for Ted.

  • Ted continues to drift between the past and present

  • Nathan heads to London, desperate to find out why his wife Saskia never arrived in Sydney

  • After months of putting her own needs on hold to take care of her family, Julie is starting to feel the strain

  • Easy-going Dave has his limits put to the test -and begins to suspect his good nature is being taken advantage of.

  • Nathan will do anything to get his wife and son to Australia as soon as possible. All he needs is a job and a home. Simple, right? Guess again

  • Julie narrates, as she muses on high hopes. Hers are especially lofty at the moment because Nathan is moving back to Australia.

  • As Dave and Julie's 30th wedding anniversary approaches, thoughts naturally turn to family and history.

  • Given the circumstances with Coby, Dave and Julie try to end their business dealings with Duncan but he holds them to their contract.

  • Dave is determined to take his business to the next level, beginning with his new contract with Duncan.

  • Julie feels at odds with both Ted and Dave over the severity of Ted's condition.

  • Julie is in denial about Ted's health and Dave carefully voices his concerns but Julie doesn't want to discuss it.

  • In light of his ongoing tests, Ted isn't sure whether he should reveal his health concerns to his family.

  • Dave bets Julie that she can't refrain from giving advice. For "mother-to-all" Julie, that's of course impossible.

  • Jake is settling into a comfortable, productive routine with Sian when a familiar whirlwind blusters back into his life.

  • Julie muses on the nature of life's surprises when she receives two big ones -the unexpected return of Nathan, as well as the sudden departure of Ben.

  • For Ben it finally feels like the right time to move on from Mel and start a new chapter with Emma.

  • Tension remains high in the Rafter house as Julie and Dave struggle to forgive each other and Ted, caught in the middle, is feeling the strain

  • As Julie and Dave find themselves undergoing a period of squabbling, Julie muses on the unwritten rules of relationships.

  • Ben finds himself unhappily disengaged from his home-life and his work.

  • Dave finds himself having an unwanted erotic dream about Julie and her boss Adam and begins to fret about his secret fears coming up to the surface

  • Poor judgment leads several of our characters astray.

  • With Valentine's Day looming, Ben is increasingly aware of the power of words, especially those three little ones, which neither he nor Emma has said yet

  • Explores how our expectations, both of ourselves and others, help us make sense of the world -when those expectations are met, that is