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"Everybody Loves Raymond" is a comedy television sitcom about a sports columnist named Raymond Barone. Ray and his wife, Debra, have a daughter and twin sons. When the television sitcom first started Ray and Debra find a house to buy after they were married. The house they bought is across the street from Ray's parents, Frank and Marie. Eventually Ray's older brother, Robert, moves in across the street with his parents.

Ray and Debra have a typical American family. Ray is a sports columnist who writes about all the different sporting events. Sometimes he will write at home in his home office in the basement. Debra is a stay at home mother and wife who takes care of the children and household chores.

No matter what Ray and Debra do, especially Debra, Ray's mother Marie usually will find some fault or something wrong with the way Debra does something. Marie always will find something wrong with the way Debra takes cares of the children, how Debra cleans house, and the way Debra cooks.

Marie is a typical mother-in-law. She always finds some reason or some fault in the way Debra does something. Marie will say out loud anything and everything that comes to mind when it comes to things she believes Debra is doing wrong. Ray is Marie's favorite son who can never do anything wrong, so Ray is always getting babied by his mother, even when she is putting down Debra.

Ray's father Frank is retired. Frank is an ordinary and typical father-in-law and grandpa type character. He tells it like it is when asked something, whatever the topic of the question is. He will undo his belt and his pants after over eating at any meal. Frank will not cook for himself, saying he does not know how to, so Marie waits on him for anything and everything he wants.

Robert, a New York cop, is Ray's older brother and his only brother. After Robert got a divorce from his wife he moved back into Frank and Marie's house across the street from Ray and Debra. As with any sibling, Robert will take Ray and Debra's side when it pertains to the way Marie treats them, except for when Marie is around.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" is a comedy television sitcom for the whole family. Many people can relate to the different characters. People can see at least one of their actual family members act and behave like one of the characters in the sitcom. It is a hilarious sitcom the whole family will enjoy watching.

Everybody Loves Raymond is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (213 episodes). The series first aired on September 13, 1996.

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9 Seasons, 213 Episodes
September 13, 1996
Cast: Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, Brad Garrett, Madylin Sweeten, Doris Roberts
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Everybody Loves Raymond Full Episode Guide

  • A brief complication after minor surgery forces the Barones to consider life without Raymond.

  • Robert is shocked when he catches Pat smoking a cigarette, but is thrilled to be part of Pat's dirty little secret. The secret causes Robert and Pat to bond, until someone spills the beans.

  • Ray attempts to make Debra want him more by rebuking her advances.

  • After Ray has a long conversation with Amy, he tells Robert that she talks too much.

  • Marie is shocked when Frank must use salt on her homemade lasagna. Ray and Robert investigate why he would need to salt something with so much flavor.

  • Ray accidentally insults the twins' new friend's father. When the boy's dad comes over, and Ray accidentally repeats it, he's in for some trouble.

  • When Debra accidentally throws away a letter to Ray from Muhammad Ali, she goes to Marie for help. Marie takes the blame, but now Debra owes her a favor.

  • Ray and Debra try to get a date for Peter, Amy's brother. They hold a cocktail party to try and find him a girl. When Ray learns Peggy is invited, he tries to "save" Peter.

  • Ray becomes jealous when Marie starts treating Robert better than him. What are Marie's motives in doing this?

  • Ray, Robert, and Frank are sent to a therapist from their wives. They skip therapy, and go out to the race track. In doing that, they become closer, which was the point of the therapy.

  • When Ally comes home with an "F" on her report card, Debra thinks they should pay more attention to her, while Ray thinks it is the teacher that is causing Ally to get bad grades.

  • Ray lies to Debra and tells her that members of the PTA called her outfit "trampy". Debra decides to show the PTA the meaning of trampy.

  • Ray craftily turns what looks to be misfortune, after Debra and Marie fight, into a night of passion by helping Debra channel her emotions into what he terms, "angry sex."

  • When Ray and Debra visit Frank and Marie's new home, they are informed that the landlord is going to kick Frank and Marie out of the community.

  • After Frank and Marie have a wonderful time visiting old friends, they deliver the shocking news to the family that they have decided to buy a condo in New Jersey. Ray, Debra, Robert, and Amy are both sad and happy about the news.

  • Ray and Robert golf to decide who Marie will live with when Frank passes on.

  • A young man claims that Frank has been a big inspiration in his life. Ray and Robert are amazed that Frank could have inspired anything.

  • After an agent says Robert has a "unique look", he signs with a modeling agency. When he finds out it is fake, he and Ray make their own pictures.

  • When Ray learns that Debra, Amy, and Linda talk about their husbands behind their backs, Ray, Robert, and Frank decide to do their own gossiping.

  • The Barones and McDougals attempt to bond over a 500 piece puzzle on Easter. While everyone goes to bed, Ray and Pat stay up and have a nice talk.

  • Amy's parents start to point out that Robert always taps his food to his chin before he eats it. Amy goes to Debra for help, and Debra suggests it could be a psychological problem.

  • Debra is hurt when Ray thanks everyone but her in an acceptance speech for his honorary doctorate.

  • Robert takes a second job selling home security systems. He starts to wonder whether he should stay a policeman, or sell security as a full time job.

  • Ray and Debra debate whether they should buy an expensive dress for Ally for her friend's birthday party. Ray can't see why she should buy a dress, that she will only wear once.

  • When Debra takes too long in getting ready for an awards show, Ray leaves her at home. He worries about later, when he must face the consequences.

  • Ray finds that Debra and the kids have been making bets about him. When he gets mad at Debra for making fun of him, he recalls how Marie used to complain about Frank to him all the time.

  • After mistakenly leaving the twins at home, Ray and Debra are amazed to find Ally has taken care of everything. Ray and Debra decide to let Ally babysit instead of Marie.

  • When Debra starts to work at Frank's lodge, Ray starts to wonder why she isn't home all the time. Later, he finds out what the guys really think of Debra

  • Frank misses his old jazz records that Ray broke when he was little, which causes Ray to feel very guilty.

  • Debra's birthday is coming up and it is up to Ray to think of a party idea. Debra's mom does everything for the party, but Ray claims that he did most of the work.

  • Ray tells a lie to Marie as an excuse for missing their meeting. Debra gets into lying too. Soon, Ray and Debra get in a tangled web of lies.

  • Peter visits Amy and Robert and never leaves. The Barones and Amy discuss how it is hard to keep a middle-aged man in their homes.

  • Debra and Ray are growing tired of all the love and affection between Robert and Amy. Robert even gives Ray marriage advice!

  • Micheal stays home from school two days in a row and Ray suspects that he hasn't finished some of his assignments, but he finds out that it is something different entirely.

Everybody Loves Raymond News

'Everybody Loves Raymond''s Doris Roberts Dies at 90

She starred in Everybody Loves Raymond, but Doris played supporting roles in a long list of TV series since the 1950s.

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