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This original British television drama explores what happens to regular people when they win the lottery. Each series follows a different group of people who pool together and win on a single ticket, leading to major upheavals in their previously regular lives. Series One follows five people working at a struggling supermarket in the city of Leeds, in West Yorkshire. With five episodes in each series, each episode focuses on a single main character.

Bob (Timothy Spall) is the store manager, a kindly gent planning his retirement. Stuart (Matthew MacNulty) is a young man trying to support his wife and family. Jamie (Matthew Lewis) is Stuart's less than ethical brother, and a bad influence on his struggling sibling. Leanne (Joanna Page) is a secretive young woman who is unhappy with the attention brought on by the win. Denise (Lorraine Bruce) is big hearted innocent who may the most vulnerable of the crew.

The second series follows a new group of five winners, this time workers in a hospital.

The Syndicate is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on March 27, 2012.

Where do I stream The Syndicate online? The Syndicate is available for streaming on ITV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Syndicate on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

2 Seasons, 11 Episodes
March 27, 2012
Cast: Matthew McNulty, Joanna Page, Matthew Lewis, Lorraine Bruce, Timothy Spall
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The Syndicate Full Episode Guide

  • Despite winning the lottery, Mandy's life is worse than ever. With Steve bound and gagged in the cellar, Helen ups her demands to stay quiet. As pressure mounts, Mandy makes a decision that could set her free from Steve for good.

  • Sarah and Sean take their relationship to the next level, but Sarah is haunted by the ghosts of her past romance. The police become suspicious of Andy Stevenson after they find that Nick has been shot.

  • DI Baker continues her investigation into Amy's disappearance, and a reporter approaches Dawn with shocking information about Sean. Meanwhile, Spencer schemes behind Lord Hazelwood's back to try to sell the house to the Americans.

  • After his final course of IVF on the NHS being unsuccessful, lovable Tom is now able to afford the best private fertility care for him and his partner Natalie.

  • Becky bought last night's Euro lottery ticket; only she can't remember what she did with it. So with all eyes, hands and ears to the ground the hunt begins. But will the search be worth its weight in gold?

  • Jamie feels invincible now that he's rich, but he soon finds that his shady past can still wreak havoc on the present. Leanne faces consequences for her actions, Stuart wrestles with his romantic desires, and Bob takes a long-overdue honeymoon before his surgery.

  • Stuart and Leanne share an intimate moment at Bob's party, after which Leanne panics when she discovers her daughter missing. Stuart's efforts to help Leanne cause a rift with his girlfriend, Amy, who takes extreme measures to exact her revenge.

  • Bob reevaluates his life and relationships after getting his test results back. Stuart confides in Bob about the robbery and looks to Leanne for comfort. The group locates a surgeon in South Africa who may be able to help Bob, but he hesitates.

  • Denise is left devastated when husband Dave announces he's leaving her. She embarks on a personal mission to win him back but Leanne thinks she's going too far. Denise and Leanne hit the shops, "╦ťPretty Woman' style!

  • Right Buy U supermarket in Leeds is threatened with closure spiraling its five staff, Bob, Stuart, Denise, Leanne and Jamie into an uncertain future.

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