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Kingdom is a British television show following the lead character of Peter Kingdom, of Market Shipborough, who is a small town solicitor dealing with the craziness of the people he lives amongst. He has a half brother Simon and a half sister Beatrice. His brother was recently supposed to be dead but it was realized that he was in fact alive and his sister finds out that she is pregnant. She goes to have the child. It is later revealed that Peter is actually of no relation to Simon and Beatrice and that their father was not really his at all.

Kingdom (UK) is a Drama series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (83 episodes). The series first aired on April 22, 2007. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.9.

Kingdom (UK) is available for streaming on the Digital Rights Group website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kingdom (UK) on demand at Crunchyroll Hulu, Crunchyroll online.

Digital Rights Group
3 Seasons, 83 Episodes
April 22, 2007
Cast: Stephen Fry, Hermione Norris, Celia Imrie, Karl Davies, Tony Slattery
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Kingdom (UK) Full Episode Guide

  • Lyle helps a client take on a pharmaceutical giant. Peter attempts to help an aristocrat whose brother is selling off the family titles.

  • Lyle returns home to Stockport to try and help his mother keep her allotment. When Scott is caught on the school's CCTV playing up he is suspended. Peter attempts to help a local family video their daughter's appearance in a school concert. When Mr Snell gets married everyone is left feeling shocked.

  • Peter finds out who the real father of his niece is. Lyle tries to sort out a depute over some land between some golfers and druids. He also tries to take the next step in his relationship with Emily. Peter tries to help somebody who is being blackmailed.

  • Peter finds himself trying to find some middle ground in a scientific research and animal rights battle. Nigel and Lyle try to stop some nuns from being evicted.

  • The local sci-fi community are intrigued by some crop circles in the area. A local farmer decides to make some money by charging people to see them.

  • Peter attempts to help an injured Iraq War veteran face his future. Lyle helps an attractive young lady who claims she has been sexually discriminated against by the army. Beatrice has to adjust to being a mother.

  • New ministers take positions in the Royal Court, and Xiang has big news for Zheng. Xin sees a potential problem as a way to get closer to his goal.

  • Zheng approaches his stepbrother for help ousting Lü Buwei. The Fei Xin Force fights to defend a tiny country and stumbles onto something huge.

  • Zhao makes a surprising move, while the Fei Xin Force makes a discovery. Back in Xianyang, Zheng reveals a trump card in the Court's power struggle.

  • He Liao Diao pulls out all the stops in a strategy meant to shut down Wei troops bent on revenge for the Fei Xin Force's fierce battle at Shanyang.

  • The Fei Xin Force is eyeing tactician He Liao Diao with great distrust, but who else can think up a way to deal with the latest wave of Wei attackers?

  • Despite the recognition Xin receives after the Shanyang Offensive, the Fei Xin Force just hasn't been the same. Perhaps a new tactician is in order...

  • With the Shanyang Offensive over, Lian Po shares with Xin a sure way of achieving great fame and glory. Qiang Lei prepares to leave the Fei Xin Force.

  • Meng Ao encourages Lian Po to leave the past behind and embrace a new era. Bai Guixi gets an unexpected visitor that could turn the tables on Wei.

  • It's a showdown between Meng Ao and Lian Po as the mighty generals face each other for the first time in forty years. Will Meng Ao have his revenge?

  • As his battle with Lun Hu ends, Xin remembers the people he met along his path. Jie Zifang's men launch a brutal attack against the wounded Qiang Lei.

  • Xin must cope with a grave injury in his fight to take Lun Hu's head. Lian Po continues his seemingly unstoppable march on Meng Ao's main camp.

  • Meng Ao reveals a surprising strategy for taking on Lian Po in hopes of finally claiming victory over his rival. Xin's battle with Lun Hu intensifies.

  • The Le Hua, Yu Feng, and Fei Xin Forces find themselves bringing up the rear in the final battle. Lian Po makes a daring move to get the ball rolling.

  • Lian Po judges Wang Jian's worth as a commander, while a badly injured Xin returns to camp. The end of the Shanyang Offensive is in sight at last.

  • Lieutenant Wang Jian's plot comes to fruition with help from the skillful Commander Bi, but the battle--and the battle of wits--is far from over.

  • Bi gets a surprise visit and a new role in the battle against Wei, while Wang Ben and Xin fight against time to put an end to the masterful Lun Hu.

  • Meng Tian skillfully brings all three special forces together in his plan to eliminate Lun Hu, but will the shrewd assassin fall prey to his scheme?

  • After Huan Yi's masterstroke, Meng Tian suggests the Le Hua, Yu Feng, and Fei Xin Forces team up in the hopes of leaving their own mark on history.

  • Meng Ao's lieutenant Huan Yi takes the battlefield with some real tricks up his sleeve. The Wei army must scramble to beat him at his own game.

  • The Qin army is at a standstill in their battle against Wei--until Qiang Lei devises a workaround. Will her idea be enough for them to claim victory?

  • As Wang Ben and the Yu Feng Force do battle with Lun Hu, the Fei Xin Force is called into battle. A devious strategy takes the Qin army by surprise.

  • The battle at Shanyang is underway. Xin and his fellow temporary thousand-man commanders must face the fearsome Lian Po--and the deadly Lun Hu.

  • Xin settles into his new position as the Qin army prepares for a battle that could change the face of China. Qiang Lei discusses her plans with Xin.

  • Lian Po gives his reasons for returning to the battlefield. A chance meeting in the dead of night could have a major impact on Xin's military career.

  • An assassin is picking off Qin's thousand-man commanders! Xin encounters a formidable young man who sees promise in the scrappy Fei Xin leader.

  • Lian Po, once one of Zhao's Three Greats, is called to the battlefield again. The Fei Xin Force tries unconventional tactics to storm Jinliguan.

  • As Qin's war against Wei rages on, Xin follows his convictions only to land in hot water. A new opponent emerges that could turn the tide of battle.

  • Wang Ben's Yu Feng Force tries unconventional tactics to gain ground in the siege of Gaolang Castle. Lü Buwei's actions start to have consequences.

  • Xiang struggles to bring Zheng some shocking news. The Qin army mounts its offensive against Wei's Gaolang Castle, but is Xin in over his head?

  • As Zheng and his supporters await word from the Inner Palace, the Queen Dowager reveals where her allegiances lie. Xiang is put in a tight spot.

  • Zheng's flashback shows the lengths to which a black marketeer was willing to go to make sure he got home and became King of Qin, against all odds.

  • The flashback to young Zheng's escape from hostile Zhao to his Qin homeland reveals the startling effects of the mental and physical abuse he'd endured.

  • Zheng tells Xiang about his days as a young hostage in Zhao, and about the unexpected people called upon to get him safely back to the Kingdom of Qin.

  • When Peter attends a conference with an old school professor he finds himself involved in a case.

  • Simon wants to return to work. Peter finds himself trying to sort an argument about a sponsorship deal between the local cricket team and a sex shop. Simon finds himself involved with Nigel's wife. Lyle finds himself representing a woman who is refusing to pay her council tax.

  • Peter decides it would be best if Simon was made to face up to what he has done and he is arrested. Peter attempts to help a woman who is expecting a baby find the father of her child.

  • Peter finds hiding his brother difficult. Peter is asked by a woman to investigate the nurse looking after her ill father as she is worried she is more interested in his money than his health. Lyle finds himself involved in a dispute between a naturist community and a group of unhappy local residents.