Watch TV Shows on Digital Rights Group

Sponsored by the Modern Times Group, the Digital Rights Group is a TV network and one of the head independent content distributors worldwide. They are considered to be a serious company that is always looking for new and valuable programs to show to their clients. The Digital Rights Group has a mission of acquiring programs from various producers and content owners, as well as a company that sells programming to be distributed by broadcast outlets.

They offer many different kinds of genres including drama, comedies, the Arts, Animals shows, and more. You are sure to find a TV program that you love that is involved with the Digital Rights Group of available programming choices. The Digital Rights Group also offers fast and effective reporting of all royalties due to be paid out to their clients, and offers licensing and merchandising services to those that need or desire them.

Digital Rights Group is always on the lookout for other producers or content owners to speak with them about their programs and the chance to work with them in their programming needs. Some of their well-liked programs in their lineup include Peep Show, Tracey Takes On, Black Books, Spaced, and the Book Group to name a few offers.

All in all, Digital Rights Group is one of the best providers of TV programming in the UK area and strives to bring the best content to their customers every day of the week. For more information, go to their website at