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Sea patrol is a crime drama/action adventure television show consisting of standalone episodes dealing with the lives and situations that the crew of the fictitious Royal Australian Navy (RAN) vessel must contend with on a day-to-day basis as sailors in the Navy. The show deals with crimes such as high-volume illegal fisheries, asylum-seekers and other major breaches in Australian maritime law. All of these adventures occur aboard the ship the HMAS Hammersley, which is a patrol boat designed for running interference on the Australian seas between Australia and those that would do her harm

The seasonal plots of the program have reoccurring themes such as Eastern European mercenaries running drugs and weapons such as biological components out of some of the outer islands of Australia and other governmental conspiracy theories such as a murdered high-level government biologist, who was working on some sort of weapon for the Australian government and while the crew of the Hammersley goes about solving the murder. In typical police procedural fashion they also become more and more entrenched in the conspiracy theory around the murdered biologist and the weapon that they were working on so not only is the show about various crimes, but it is also about relationships and trust that the crew has with one another and how those relationships are tested on a regular basis.

Along with the typical drug running overfishing and asylum seeking and biological weapons cases and mercenaries the crew of the Hammersley. Occasionally also has to deal with problems such as a coup against the Australian government and trying to prevent it from being overthrown by a group of international terrorist experts the crew had to come up with a plan to prevent the crew from occurring, and thereby sending the Western world into an economic downturn, from which it might not recover.

Anyone that likes crime drama/action adventure is sure to find something of interest in Sea patrol. Especially if they are injured, military oriented crime dramas, which is a unique spin on the police procedural is sort of like a cross between a forensics police procedural and anti-terrorism Special Forces military action program, with all the requisite guns and explosions and military jargon that any viewer could want. The viewer is also sure to become thoroughly invested in the life of one or more of the characters and be kept on the edge of their seats by what is taking place in the life of their favorite character during any given episode.

Monday 8:30 PM et/pt on Digital Rights Group
5 Seasons, 68 Episodes
July 5, 2007
Drama, Action & Adventure
Cast: Kirsty Lee Allan, Rebecca Brown, English Wikipedia
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Sea Patrol Full Episode Guide

  • Tragedy rocks HMAS Hammersley as the crew races to prevent a terrorist attack on a busy Australian port.

  • Bird is compromised when she discovers Ryan working for a private security firm while AWOL from the navy.

  • When one of their mates is kidnapped by terrorists, the crew of Hammersley is in a desperate race to save his life.

  • Dutchy and the junior sailors are caught in a deadly fight for survival when a training exercise turns into a manhunt.

  • Once again, Hammersley is called upon by the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation to assist in its investigation of a terrorist network, and this time the task results in a murder on the Navy ship.

  • Robert becomes the lifeline when 2Dads is trapped alone in a sunken research submarine.

  • 2Dads and Charge come under fire while investigating a UFO sighting. Ryan and Bird befriend a young man with a tortured secret that could get them all killed.

  • The crew go undercover to stop a gang network.

  • Kate's compassion and persistence saves an island community from poisoning at the hands of illegal toxic waste dumpers.

  • Swain becomes obsessed with a mystery object clasped in the hand of a dead child from a sunken FFV.

  • Dutchy rescues a beautiful young woman only to find himself the prime suspect in a cold blooded, premeditated murder.

  • Kate reacts and shoots a woman in self defense when boarding a suspicious vessel. Her life is then threatened because of the woman's brothers want revenge. Bird and Ryan drama are also part of the intertwined storyline.

  • After an explosion in a bar, 2Dads discovers that it was caused by a suicide bomber. The Hammersley is then commandeered for a covert mission which brings a familiar face back into the fold.

  • Mike is tortured and faces death when the crew of Hammersley comes up against cocaine traffickers.

  • Kate tangles with ruthless gold thieves and saves Dutchy's life, sparking his romantic interest.

  • Bomber comes into conflict with Kate when the crew confronts the dangerous practice of cyanide fishing.

  • 2Dads' criminal past catches up with him when an old mate is pierhead jumped onto Hammersley; tempted and morally compromised, he must decide where his ultimate loyalty lies - to an old mate or his crew.

  • Swain finds a bittersweet, unfulfilled romance when he is forced to protect a Remote Area Nurse from warring rascal groups on a New Guinean island.

  • When 2Dads goes missing on a recreational dive, Charge feels responsible and puts his career on the line to rescue his mate.

  • The crew of Hammersley come up against a gang of cattle rustlers and Robert becomes Bird's hero when he rescues her from a stalker.

  • Dutchy confronts the horrors of his Post Traumatic Stress when he finds himself in a fight for survival with Kate against a gang of grog runners.

  • Swain's compassion and humanity almost bring about his and Bird's downfall when Hammersley tangles with extremely ruthless black market organ traders.

  • Charge finds himself in a dangerous psychological game with a convicted murderer when Hammersley rescues two escaped prisoners from a crashed, hijacked Cessna.

  • When Bomber's life is saved by a member of a remote, idyllic community, romance ensues. But when the community is revealed as a front for drug trafficking, romance almost turns to tragedy.

  • Kate revisits her yearning for marriage and kids with Mike when she battles to save the life of a young child, kidnapped by her estranged but wealthy Thai father.

  • When Hammersley pursues the smugglers of stolen uranium, Dutchy demonstrates the right stuff as the new buffer and earns the admiration of all the crew - except possibly Kate...

  • An incident of drunken hi-jinks in a foreign port places 2Dads in direct confrontation with the new C.O. And Mike's new shore posting finally breaks down the obstacles that have prohibited his and Kate's passion.

  • Mike's heroism and skill as a Patrol Boat commanding officer averts an assassination plot, but ironically, works against him when he's forced to accept a promotion and shore posting as a result.

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