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In this legal drama, a prosecutor is thrown into a difficult case immediately upon her return from maternity leave. Her work on the case quickly uncovers a complex web of secrets and political intrigue. The series, which is a spin off of the legal drama Crownies, debuted on Australia's ABC1 network in 2014.

Janet King is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2014.

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3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
January 1, 2014
Crime Drama
Cast: Marta Dusseldorp, Damian Walshe-Howling, Hamish Michael, Andrea Demetriades
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Janet King Full Episode Guide

  • Go behind the scenes of the thrilling third series.

  • An unexpected murder shocks Janet and her team. The commission closes in on Darren, uncovering a new betting scam centered around an up-and-coming tennis star, but they need Richard's help to seal the deal.

  • Graham stays with Janet while he recovers from his injuries, putting strain on Janet's relationship with Bianca. Owen makes a shady deal with known criminal kingpin Darren and Janet blackmails Richard into helping the commission.

  • When the commission's prime suspect goes missing, Janet and her team assume she's either guilty or dead. Richard confides in Lina about his crisis of conscience, and Graham is in the news because of new fraud allegations.

  • Realizing the bottles of evidence were swapped, Janet tries to track down the missing bottle of performance enhancing drugs before it's sold. After losing the trial, Nate fires Richard, but Richard still tries to help Nate's wife.

  • Janet and Richard discuss a deal to exchange information about Nate, but to uphold her end of the bargain, Janet needs to find the drug that Nate took. Richard discovers that the new crown prosecutor he'll be arguing against in Nate's trial is an old colleague.

  • Tony worries that Janet's ethical integrity may be compromised when Janet's father, Graham, becomes a person of interest to the commission. Richard defends football player Nate on manslaughter charges, but faces obstruction from Nate's team.

  • The commission contends with the sudden death of their key witness, but was his death an accident, murder, or suicide? Later, a scuffle amongst players over a video leads to manslaughter, and Janet faces a surprising witness.

  • After a young cricket player's suicide, Janet is seconded to the National Crime Commission and tasked with uncovering the links between gambling, sport, and organized crime. After questioning a number of high-profile players, Janet realizes she has a lot to learn about the game.

  • Find out how series 2 uses topical issues to create a complex story.  

  • Crew carefully researched everything from royal commissions, firearms, to international law to create an authentic story.  

  • Cast and crew discuss representing diverse communities in present-day Australia.

  • Get an inside look at how an old library was transformed into the set for Janet's Royal Commission.

  • Cast and crew talk about working with Marta Dusseldorp.

  • The cast talk about how their characters have changed over time and what drives them in series 2.  

  • Cast and crew talk about filming the stunt scenes including the shocking moment at the end of the first episode.

  • Cast and crew explain how Janet has changed since series 1 and how series 2 of Janet King is more of a thriller.

  • Take a behind the scenes look at series 2 of Janet King. (Exclusive to Acorn TV)

  • With the commission suspended, the gun shipment is finally picked up. Janet secures damning evidence for the people involved, but without a clearance from the anticorruption hearing, all the work the commission completed could be in vain.

  • The commission finds a connection between Major Hamilton and Robbie Carter, the social-media face of crime victims. The attorney general gives Janet an ultimatum-either resign from the commission or risk her reputation in a public hearing.

  • The undercover operation goes awry, with deadly consequences. Her cover blown, Bianca offers protection to Felix. Janet, Richard, and Lina prepare for their anticorruption hearing.

  • After discovering the cargo of illegal firearms, the commission allows the shipment to continue in hopes of finding out who will pick it up. Under political pressure from the media, the attorney general demands a report on the royal commission's progress, despite Janet's protestations that they aren't ready.

  • Reeling from what the ballistics report revealed, Janet lashes out at Andy, who knew all along about the gun that killed Ash. With their key witness to the illegal gun operation murdered, Janet suspects a mole in the commission. Lina convinces Elaheh to make a public appeal.

  • After the shooting at Elaheh's house, her family says they have no idea who would want to harm them, but Janet and Andy believe they know more than they're letting on. Meanwhile, Janet is summoned to court by her sister-in-law.

  • When a man shot dead on Australia Day marks 19 shooting deaths in the past 15 months, the attorney general asks Janet to head a royal commission into gun crime. Before she begins work on the commission, Janet finishes up an inquest into the suicide of an army corporal suffering from PTSD.