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  • TV-14
  • 2011
  • 6 Seasons
  • 8.2  (21,688)

Friday Night Dinner is a British comedy television series that aired on Channel 4 from 2011 to 2020. The show revolves around the Goodmans, a Jewish family who come together every Friday night for their traditional Shabbat dinner. The series stars Tamsin Greig and Paul Ritter as Jackie and Martin Goodman, the parents of two grown-up sons, Adam (Simon Bird) and Jonny (Tom Rosenthal). Mark Heap plays Jim, the family's eccentric and often unwelcome neighbor.

The series begins with the arrival of Adam and Jonny to their parents’ suburban home for their weekly dinner. No matter what happens throughout the night, the family always sits down for dinner together by the end of the episode, making it a somewhat sacred tradition for the Goodmans.

The Goodmans are a dysfunctional family, and their weekly dinners always come with some form of chaos, whether it's embarrassing secrets coming to light, arguments, or an unexpected guest. Even small things, like a prank played by Adam or Jonny, can cause mayhem.

The father, Martin, is a reserved man who is often exasperated by his sons' antics, but he remains a loving husband and father. Meanwhile, Jackie is a quirky and energetic mother who dotes on her family and tries to keep everyone happy. Their sons, Adam and Jonny, often tease each other and generally cause trouble at dinner, much to their parents’ chagrin.

Jim, the eccentric neighbor who is always popping into the Goodman’s house uninvited, adds an extra layer of madness to the show. Although he is often unwelcome, the family tolerates him due to his endearing eccentricities.

The show is known for its eccentric and hilarious characters, its witty writing, and the clever use of dialogue. The cast has excellent chemistry, and they showcase their comedic skills in every episode. Their timing and delivery are flawless, making the show a joy to watch.

Despite its humor, the show also has many heartfelt moments that explore the relationships and dynamics of the family members. The show offers a wholesome reminder that, no matter how dysfunctional your family may be, they’ll always be there for you in the end.

Each episode takes place over the course of a single night, with events ramping up as the evening progresses. This structure creates a suspenseful build-up that always leads to a satisfying resolution by the end of the episode.

Friday Night Dinner has received critical acclaim for its humor and its ability to capture the quirks of family life. The show has won multiple award nominations, including a BAFTA nomination for Best Situation Comedy in 2012.

In addition to its all-star cast, the show has regularly featured guest appearances from British celebrities, including Mark Bonnar, Kenneth Cranham, and Tracy-Ann Oberman.

In its seven seasons, Friday Night Dinner never lost its charm and continued to be a fan favorite. The show's final episode aired in May 2020 and was met with mixed emotions from fans who were sad to see the series end but grateful for the laughs and heartwarming moments it provided.

Overall, Friday Night Dinner is a hilarious and heartwarming comedy that captures the chaos and love of family life. It’s a show that will make you laugh out loud while reminding you of the importance of family, tradition, and spending time with the ones you love.

Friday Night Dinner is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on February 25, 2011.

Friday Night Dinner
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The Females
6. The Females
January 1, 1970
Adam and Jonny bring their 'females' home to meet the parents. Cue an overexcited Mum and an extremely embarrassing Dad.
The Cage
5. The Cage
January 1, 1970
The boys arrive at home, only to discover Val on her own - Mum has had a 'women's procedure' at hospital, so Val will be cooking instead.
Dad's Birthday
4. Dad's Birthday
January 1, 1970
Jonny arrives in his car as Adam arrives after running and is sweating. They enter the house and give Dad presents, but he is unhappy.
The Au Pair
3. The Au Pair
January 1, 1970
Adam and Jonny arrive home to find a strange woman dressed head-to-toe in pink: it's Gibby, their old au pair, who has made a surprise visit.
The Plastic Bag
2. The Plastic Bag
January 1, 1970
Dad's obsessed with retrieving a plastic bag from a tree. Jonny's sense of style is out of this world. And Adam discovers hell hath no fury like his Mum scorned.
The Caravan
1. The Caravan
January 1, 1970
Dad's bought a grotty caravan. Jim's got a new dog. And the boys have new 'females' but can they bear to tell Mum?
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  • Premiere Date
    February 25, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (21,688)