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This nature reality series follows a group of young orangutans as they work their way through the program at a rehabilitation center. The hope of the young apes is that they'll one day be able to live free in the wild. The series airs on the Smithsonian Channel. Orangutan Jungle School is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on August 15, 2018.

Where do I stream Orangutan Jungle School online? Orangutan Jungle School is available for streaming on Channel 4, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Orangutan Jungle School on demand at CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, The Roku Channel, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Channel 4
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
August 15, 2018
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Keeley Hawes
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Orangutan Jungle School Full Episode Guide

  • Tense efforts to reunite traumatized Dilla with her newborn baby are met with mixed results, but the staff isn't giving up. Meanwhile, troubled Luthy is paired with a female orangutan to help with her behavioral issues. And on the Rungan River, a flash flood threatens the release schedule of female

  • A freak accident during birth causes young mother Dilla to reject her newborn baby, putting its life at risk. Meanwhile, the staff at Nyaru Menteng are hard at work identifying the orangutans with the most advanced forest and social skills to nominate as candidates for release. There's good news as

  • A flu epidemic has broken out at Nyaru Menteng. The prescription? Quarantined rest, lots of fluids, and...onion juice? Meanwhile on Palas Island, two female orangutans have broken through an electric fence. Back in class, coconut husking and tree climbing are on the curriculum, the latter with the h

  • With sick orangutans, if they're misbehaving then they're probably feeling better. Erik is no exception as his mysterious head infection finally begins to lift, allowing him to rejoin his fellow students. Meanwhile, in forest school, the nursery group takes to the trees for a tutorial on arboreal li

  • Everyone's on edge as the team makes the final attempt to reunite reluctant mother Dilla with her new baby Delilah. And Clara and Clarita are on their final journey to freedom when a dangerous flood stops them in their tracks and threatens everyone.

  • Timid Kesi, who's on pre-release in Bangamat Island, faces a moment of truth. Can she hold her own against a bully? Back at the compound, two very different groups of students prepare for release: a pair of sun bears and two female orangutans. Despite the seriousness of the school's mission, a littl

  • Moving day arrives for the nursery school kids; Beni gets a beating from a bully; the socialization cage has a new queen; dominant male Pujon is still on a time-out after attacking Alba, but he’s allowed a second chance to bond with his rival.

  • It's a moving moment when six Orangutan Jungle School graduates are finally released back into the wild.

  • Clara and baby Clarita get a second chance at island life, but a hostile reception threatens disaster.

  • Things get steamy in the treetops as hormones run wild among the older orangutans in jungle school.

  • Follow staff vets as they respond to emergencies of all sizes, from bad breath to a potentially deadly malaria outbreak.

  • Join staff on a dramatic journey through a devastated landscape as they rescue an infant orangutan.

  • Four large male orangutans arrive on Bangamat Island, creating chaos that could endanger everyone.

  • It's the rainy season at jungle school, a time for watery games, new arrivals, and dramatic confrontations.

  • In this episode, vet Arga sets out to rescue a newly orphaned one-year-old orangutan from a remote village. Meanwhile, 'Big Boy' Beni has a gum infection and is put on an even stricter diet. His beloved bananas are off the menu. When Arga gets back to the school with the orphan, Josh, he's found to have a broken wrist. The release candidates have passed all their health checks and embark on the 24-hour journey by road and river to the wild. Back at school, Beni's cravings get the better of him and he attempts the biggest banana heist in the school's history. Finally, it's an extremely emotional moment for staff when five adult orangutans are at last set free in the wild.

  • In this episode, 'Class Clown' Valentino is busy showing off, and the staff decide that 'Big Boy' Beni needs to lose weight. Teenage mum Clara and her baby Clarita face a return to island life, now that they've been reunited.

  • Teenage mum Clara and her baby Clarita - who was kidnapped by a dominant male - arrive at Orangutan Jungle School. Meanwhile, the older orangutans are ready to be released into the wild.