Come Dine With Me

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Come Dine With Me is a British cross over of the reality and game show television genre's. The basic premise of the show is that four or five contestants cook and host a dinner party for the other contestants and provide scores for each others performance as host; the dinner party host with the best scores from the other contestants at the end of the week is declared the winner and receives a cash prize.

Throughout each dinner party a running commentary is provided to explain what is being eaten and to provide comedy for the viewers. In the U.K. the commentary is provided by comedic actor Dave Lamb; the sarcastic commentary provided by Lamb is reported to be one of the major reasons for the success of the show in Britain. Dave Lamb appeared in small roles in British comedy shows and radio shows before providing the voiceover for Come Dine With Me. Lamb also hosts the children's television show Horrible Histories: Gory Games for the BBC.

Produced in the U.K. by ITV Productions for the Channel 4 network Come Dine With Me has completed 26 seasons of the U.K. version. The show first aired in 2005 and has been scheduled during both daytime and primetime schedules on Channel 4; in the U.S., Come Dine With Me is shown by BBC America. In most episodes the contestants are amateur chefs from the general public of the U.K.; some special editions of Come Dine With Me have been produced featuring U.K. celebrities, including game show hosts and politicians.

ITV Productions has sold the format of Come Dine With Me to television production companies around the world. Countries which show versions of the show include Canada, Israel and Australia. In the U.S. the TLC network produces its own version of Come Dine With Me under the title Dinner Takes All offering the weekly winner a $1,000 cash prize.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 05:30 pm on Channel 4
38 Seasons, 1462 Episodes
May 31, 2005
Reality, Food
Cast: Dave Lamb

Come Dine With Me Full Episode Guide

  • Jaymi Hensley from Union J, TV presenter Gail Porter and actor Ricky Groves team up with their partners, and compete to throw the best festive feast for charity

  • In Cardiff, comedian Dan competes with Julie's Teutonic treats, Jess' impressive dessert and Jason's tour of Thailand

  • In Glasgow, John hopes his Scottish themed night will wow his guests. And how will non-Scottish contestant, Peter, fare when he attempts some traditional local food?

  • In an episode of extreme highs and ravaging lows in Bristol, straight-talking Frenchwoman Anne refuses to drink Richard's wine, calls his job boring, barks at Harriet and recites erotica

  • In Milton Keynes, Becky hopes to impress her guests with a menu which has cheese in every single course. But the atmosphere turns heated; can Chris cool it down with his alpine theme?

  • In Oxfordshire, Lynsey hopes her 'mates' favourites' menu will win over her new friends. But as the week goes on, banter turns to bust-up, and it's up to health fan Simon to keep the peace.

  • In York, German-born Svenja plans to broaden the minds of her guests with her German take on British food. And the best part of Nichola's holiday-themed night appears to be the piƱata.

  • There are tears and tantrums in this episode from in and around Portsmouth: Michael Jackson super-fan Sian reveals how much she loves the King of Pop and Rob rubs everyone up the wrong way.

  • Daljit serves family-inspired Punjabi recipes, Kirsty showcases her Jamaican roots, Nicola embraces the festival vibe and David performs stand-up comedy in this episode from the Midlands

  • In south east London, there's cutting culinary critique and intriguing international cuisine, friendships are made, hilarious secrets are revealed and outrageous outfits are de rigueur

  • In Wolverhampton, straight-talking Shermayne can't hide her disgust at Curtis's home-cooked food. And disco fan Carl hopes a night filled with dance floor classics will bag him the grand.

  • In Glasgow, David tries to woo his guests with a modern day Irish menu with a very special cabbage pesto. And Liz blows everyone away with her bling, but are they as impressed by the meal?

  • In Cardiff, 'Queen of cooking' Lianne is up against all the glitz and glam of actor and musician Lee's Rat Pack-themed evening, which includes a full swing band in his living room

  • In Manchester, Chris hopes to impress his guests with his own dish, 'Nacho Pie'. And there's a battle between the French and the English as Thomas and Wendy host patriotic inspired nights.

  • Grandma Sue hopes to impress her guests in north Somerset with her simple home cooking. But she's competing with Heidi's posh nosh, Myles' movie night, and Nick's fancy French cuisine.

  • In East Oxfordshire, bubbly Charlotte hopes her 'happy' themed menu will put a smile on her guests' faces. But sparks fly as the week progresses, building towards an explosive finale.