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There are many differences in which women and female police officials have to endure that male police do not, which will be displayed through this television series in multiple situations. There are so many differences that a TV crew decided to follow a few select female police around their jobs and at home to see what it is like through their eyes. Being a female in law enforcement means obstacles that males maybe don't even know exist. TLC follows these women and see what may happen in everyday life for the other side of law enforcement officials.

Police women shows in the eyes of the women who are on the work force, speaking their mind and openly showing public eye what it is really like to be one of them. Show casing their talent and how much hard work and sacrifice goes into a long day of fighting crime and still coping with the outlook of the world on women. Having a role as an officer of the state can still be viewed as a male role. Police women is a show where you can see how much effort and hardships which women go through in order to protect the country and still have a life at home.

The women of the field will also show what it is like at home, and how their home lives could be affected due to being in the police industry.

Following these women it shows the viewers the challenges and proud moments that female police get to have on in an every-day life style.

Police Women is a Reality series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (78 episodes). The series first aired on August 6, 2009. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.1.

Police Women is available for streaming on the TLC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Police Women on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, TLC, iTunes online.

Thursdays at 9:00 pm et/pt on TLC
7 Seasons, 78 Episodes
August 6, 2009
Cast: Yvette Gonzales, Tracy Jones, Cheryl Matthews, Angela Nordyke
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Police Women Full Episode Guide

  • Tracy responds to a call involving a woman threatening with a knife; Yvette is forced to draw her gun during a robbery; Cheryl assists a troubled teenager; and Angela questions a carjacking suspect.

  • Yvette interrupts a home robbery; Tracy deals with a nude man high on PCP; Cheryl intervenes in a self-inflicted stabbing; and Angela investigates a robbery involving a transgender suspect.

  • Tracy investigates a shooting; Angela checks in on an aggravated robbery; Yvette discovers a large drug stash during a traffic stop; and Cheryl deals with a domestic confrontation.

  • Cheryl searches for a burglar; Tracy goes after a suspect believed to be passing counterfeit bills; Yvette sorts out a domestic dispute; and Angela investigates an armed robbery.

  • Yvette responds to reports of an armed man; Tracy investigates a threatening landlord; Cheryl deals with a car accident; and Angela looks into a robbery and assault that took place in a parking lot.

  • Cheryl has to pull her gun after a high-speed chase; Yvette deals with a hostile suspect during a drug bust; Angela investigates an armed robber's history; and Tracy handles a domestic dispute involving a pit bull.

  • An intoxicated man jumps into Yvette's vehicle; Tracy responds to a carjacking situation; Angela investigates a suspected kidnapping; and Cheryl has an unusual encounter with a man and his horse.

  • Tracy is forced to pull her gun during a confrontation; Angela investigates a robbery at a home; Cheryl responds to a physical altercation at a barber college; Yvette deals with a cross-dressing prostitute.

  • Yvette responds to a domestic dispute involving a gun; Tracy assists a woman who was locked out of her home; Angela investigates a robbery.

  • Four Dallas women juggle their careers and their personal lives. Tracy mediates an argument between a couple; Cheryl assists a woman with an imaginary problem; and Angela questions suspected carjackers.

  • A college student attempts to sell marijuana during Andrea's watch. Shelunda takes down a pregnant 16-year-old runaway. Erika catches a guy wanted for stealing a car. Julie responds to a call where a hotel maintenance man is allegedly spit in the face and stabbed.

  • Andrea prevents a suspected crack-dealer from running. Shelunda goes on a scavenger hunt throughout an apartment complex. Erika participates in a high-speed chase when a suspicious car refuses to stop. Julie plays house with fellow detectives.

  • Andrea busts a pothouse. Shelunda meets a drunken woman in desperate need of a restroom. Erika hands out a dose of common sense to a woman. A suspect spots hidden surveillance equipment during Julie's undercover prostitution sting

  • Andrea chases a car after a hit and run. Erika arrests a man wanted for drug trafficking. Shelunda helps take down suspects during an prostitution sting. Julie employs the help of Broward's Robbery detectives.

  • Andrea captures a suspected prescription pill dealer. Shelunda deals with a trio of drunks. Erika goes undercover as a prostitute. Julie searches for the truth behind an alleged rape case.

  • Andrea teams up with SWAT to ultimately take down a suspected cocaine dealer. Shelunda responds to a complaint for a drunk roommate. Erika locates a man wanted on a felony warrant. Julie goes undercover in a red wig and takes down sex solicitors.

  • Erika chases a man suspected of starting fires. Andrea discovers a human trafficking victim at the heart of an immigration sting. Julie educates a reckless bicyclist about yielding. Shelunda assists in an undercover buy bust.

  • Andrea chases down a suspect who ironically leads her team straight to a fully stocked drug house. Erika deals with a very queasy suspect. Shelunda witnesses a case of road rage. Julie goes undercover as an Internet escort.

  • Andrea participates in a drug sting that gets complicated when two suspected dealers show up simultaneously. Shelunda breaks up a wacky dispute. Julie attempts to get to the bottom of a juvenile case. Erika attempts to educate a young girl.

  • Andrea goes after a mouthy suspect in an elaborate drug bust. Shelunda responds to a bizarre drunken dispute. Erika pulls over a vehicle suspected of drug activity. Julie participates in a sting to bust fraudulent contractors.

  • Andrea tracks down a suspected drug dealer. Erika responds to a shooting call involving a couple. Julie investigates the alleged rape of a homeless woman. Shelunda counsels a troublemaking teen.

  • An out of control bystander refuses to cooperate with Andrea; a man dressed up as a pirate is acting suspicious; Erika tries to reach a troubled prostitute; Julie checks out a molestation case involving a teenage girl.

  • Andrea busts a suspected drug dealer who brings his toddler daughter with him; Erika races to a tense, and potentially deadly, armed stand; Detective Julie Bower investigates a molestation case nearly a decade old; Shelunda chases a rogue squirrel.