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  • 2006
  • 5 Seasons
  • 5.8  (37)

Viewers who prefer dramas about families and their struggles will enjoy the Brothers and Sisters TV series. This show is about a well-to-do dysfunctional family that has problems just like any other family the world over. The ways that the Walkers deal with the problems and overcome their battles is inspiring, poignant and real.

Nora Walker who is played by Sally Field is the matriarch of the family. She is a widow and her main goal in life is to see that her four children get along and are happy and content. She tends to stick her nose repeatedly into her children's professional and personal lives. At the same time, she struggles with the knowledge that her deceased and well-respected husband cheated on her in a long-term affair.

Saul is Nora's older brother and Ron Rifkin plays this character. He became the substitute patriarch of the family after Nora's husband died. Although he is more laid back than his sister Nora, he struggles with secrets and passions of his own while trying to help the Walkers with their many difficulties.

The Walker children are all adults in the show, yet they still compete with each other like most siblings. Although the members of the family love each other dearly, they still engage in loud and boisterous clashes while trying to maintain separate identities from the clan.

Rachel Griffiths play the oldest child and daughter, Sarah Walker. She enjoys a passion for the family business just like her father and takes on the role as boss after his death. Sarah frequently engages in a battle of wills with the oldest brother, Tommy. Balthazar Getty plays this character brilliantly. Although he doesn't share as much passion for the business as his older sister and father, he stills feels he should be the patriarch and leader. This power struggle results in many arguments between the two siblings.

Calista Flockhart plays the role of Kitty Walker, another Walker sister. She is an opinionated woman who rarely backs down from a fight. Kitty's career as a radio and TV political host keeps the conservation lively at the dinner table since she and her mother and other siblings disagree on many issues. These discussions are exacerbated by the hidden struggles each of the family members face.

Matthew Rhys plays the role of Kevin Walker, another of the Walker siblings. He is the quietest of the siblings due to inner struggles with his homosexuality. He tries to remain neutral when chaos erupts in the family dynamics although he rarely succeeds in staying out of the limelight.

Dave Annable, who portrays the character of Justin Walker, plays the baby of the family. He struggles with drugs and post-traumatic syndrome from being in the war. His problems cause the rest of the family to tiptoe around him. He reacts with bitterness because he thinks he is strong enough to bear his share of the normal family burdens and resents that the rest of the family tries to shield him.

The Walker family disagrees on just about everything on a daily basis. Nevertheless, when the chips are down, they rally together with unconditional love and stalwart family loyalty. These familial dynamics result in a charismatic drama that makes viewers laugh, cry, rejoice and identify with the Walkers.


Brothers and Sisters is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (112 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 2006.

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Walker Down the Aisle
22. Walker Down the Aisle
May 8, 2011
As Sarah and Luc's wedding date approaches, things don't go as planned and the Walkers learn several surprising lessons about the real meaning of family.
For Better or For Worse
21. For Better or For Worse
May 1, 2011
After Sarah confronts Brody about being her father, she decides she wants nothing to do with him. However, Nora just can't seem to let him go.
Father Unknown
20. Father Unknown
April 24, 2011
Justin keeps a closely guarded secret about the true paternal identity of one of his siblings and Scotty discovers new information that will bring a new life into the Walker family fold.
Wouldn't It Be Nice
19. Wouldn't It Be Nice
April 17, 2011
Nora stops denying her feelings for Brody, which leads to a spontaneous romantic getaway.
Never Say Never
18. Never Say Never
April 10, 2011
Saul and Nora discover their mother has passed.
Olivia's Choice
17. Olivia's Choice
April 10, 2011
When Olivia's brother shows up and is determined to get custody of her from Kevin and Scotty, the Walkers struggle amongst themselves to determine what's best for Olivia.
Home Is Where The Fort Is
16. Home Is Where The Fort Is
March 6, 2011
Nora and Sarah use Evan's birthday as an excuse to head to Washington DC, but what they really want to know is why Kitty is still on the East Coast.
15. Brody
February 20, 2011
Though Nora tries her best to keep Brody at a distance, she can't ignore the long lost connection between them.
The One That Got Away
14. The One That Got Away
February 13, 2011
The Walkers' Valentine's Day celebration is ruined when Tommy tells Sarah about another secret that Nora has kept buried since they were kids.
Safe at Home
13. Safe at Home
January 16, 2011
The Walkers are excited when Tommy comes down for a visit, but his new girlfriend's enthusiasm for Walker family history rubs the family the wrong way.
Thanks for the Memories
12. Thanks for the Memories
January 9, 2011
While walking down memory lane, Nora and Holly have a shocking revelation about Nora's past that may help Holly make a decision about moving away from California. Meanwhile, an old flame upsets Justin and Annie's comfortable relationshiop; Kevin and Scotty reconsider becoming adoptive parents; and Saul finds forgiveness in his heart for Jonathan.
11. Scandalized
January 2, 2011
Nora's innocent date night scandalizes every couple in the Walker family, while Kitty's new relationship with Seth ignites internet gossip and an unexpected reaction by Kitty's boss.
Cold Turkey
10. Cold Turkey
December 12, 2010
The Walker family experiences anxiety and tension during the holidays when Nora takes a last minute getaway with Karl. Saul has a chance encounter with a past love (Richard Chamberlain), who he believes had a lasting and very permanent effect on his life.
Get a Room
9. Get a Room
December 5, 2010
Both Kitty and Nora hesitate to make new romantic connections in unexpected places, Kevin's nerves about the adoption drive him to a disastrous bout of overindulgence, and Sarah's plans to spend one last romantic night alone with Luc go horribly awry.
The Rhapsody of the Flesh
8. The Rhapsody of the Flesh
November 14, 2010
Luc's mother, Gabriela, visits, but her matchmaking intentions quickly turn to high drama as she sticks her nose in Nora's romantic affairs.
7. Resolved
November 7, 2010
Justin is suddenly interested in Holly's recovery after a nurse (guest starring Odette Yustman as Annie) at the hospital catches his eye; Nora's fellow radio host, psychiatrist Dr. Karl, finds his way into Nora's heart when he helps Sarah and Kitty resolve some old sisterly squabbles; and Paige helps Kevin and Scotty find forgiveness.
An Ideal Husband
6. An Ideal Husband
October 31, 2010
Everyone in the Walker family is willing to forgive and forget Scotty's infidelity. But when the family all put their best foot forward to help them reunite, things end up in a fist fight. Meanwhile Jack is reinvigorated by being back in the city and starts to pursue new ventures, but Kitty can't seem to picture herself in this new life, and Sarah and Luc share some exciting news with the family.
Call Mom
5. Call Mom
October 24, 2010
Nora's maternal instinct, skills and advice catch the attention of a radio producer who invites her to audition for a new show. But when Nora follows through with the invite, she suddenly finds herself out of her league. Meanwhile, as Kevin and Justin go through some life lessons of their own, Kitty heads back into the dating game with her Ojai handyman, Jack.
A Righteous Kiss
4. A Righteous Kiss
October 17, 2010
Justin and Rebecca feel deadlocked in their relationship; Holly has a breakdown over her inability to remember her own daughter; Sarah struggles to keep up with the Joneses when Cooper lands the lead role in "Romeo & Juliet"; Saul takes a huge risk to make a romantic connection with a dear friend; and Kitty struggles with an affair of the heart.
Faking It
3. Faking It
October 10, 2010
Kitty meets a handsomely rugged handyman, Jack, while reinventing herself in Ojai. As Kitty fakes her persona to seem like a local, she winds up in a situation that proves that honesty usually is the best policy. Meanwhile, the rest of the Walkers are in on a little surprise birthday celebration for Sarah.
Brief Encounter
2. Brief Encounter
October 3, 2010
The Walkers attend a launch party for Luc's advertising campaign; Kevin must deal with a runaway juvenile delinquent; Nora receives a job offer.
The Homecoming
1. The Homecoming
September 26, 2010
A year after the tragic car crash, the family is forced to come together for Justin's homecoming party; Kitty's life becomes a subject to avoid.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 24, 2006
  • IMDB Rating
    5.8  (37)