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In this drama series, four grown siblings navigate through the grown-up world of parenthood both individually and together. At the same time, they have to deal with the changing lives of their own parents, and the entire family has to come together to help each other through their daily lives.

Parenthood is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (103 episodes). The series first aired on March 2, 2010.

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6 Seasons, 103 Episodes
March 2, 2010
Cast: Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Monica Potter, Erika Christensen
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Parenthood Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Amber's grandparents step in to help her with motherhood. Meanwhile, Sarah surrounds herself with her loved ones on her big day.

  • Camille and Zeek come to a conclusion regarding Zeek's health; Amber goes into labor.

  • Zeek and Camille happen upon some old rolls of film, which Max develops. Meanwhile, Sarah and Julia express their concerns; and Jasmine intervenes when Adam and Crosby are deciding the fate of the Luncheonette.

  • Zeek is rushed to the hospital as his family anxiously awaits an update on his status.

  • When tension mounts between Dylan and Max, Kristina and Adam are dragged into the conflict.

  • In an effort to prove herself, Amber agrees to watch Nora and Max. Julia and Joel reach a final decision.

  • Crosby is overwhelmed as things slow down at the Luncheonette. Amber helps salvage a game night. Drew contemplates his future.

  • Max searches for a commonality with his new friend. Amber is left smitten after an unexpected connection.

  • Max makes a new friend while Sarah wonders where she fits in to Ruby's life.

  • Julia and Joel discuss their future. Amber gains Drew as an ally. Sarah attempts to become close to Ruby. Camille and the kids anxiously await news about Zeek.

  • Kristina desires to fully meet the needs of her students. Zeek is faced with a choice in regards to his health. Sarah is struggling with how to deal with Amber's news.

  • In the sixth season premiere, Zeek heads to Sin City to celebrate his birthday. Amber struggles being an adult.

  • In the fifth season finale, Adam and Crosby reminisce about their childhood. Meanwhile, Amber and Ryan reunite; Sarah responds to Hank's request; Victor conquers his fears; Zeek gives Victor a driving lesson; and Drew pursues his happiness.

  • Crosby struggles with a housing dilemma and seeks help from Joel. Julia decides to talk to Sarah about her current situation. Kristina is delivered a devastating blow and pours all her energy into fighting for the charter school.

  • Zeek and Camille finally reach an agreement with the house. Julia immerses herself in work helping out Kristina and Adam, but is struggling on how to proceed in her personal life. Sarah discovers what her children have been up to and puts her foot down with Drew.

  • Joel and Sarah are thrilled to complete their work projects and decide to celebrate. Meanwhile, Max has a disappointing field trip.

  • Joel unintentionally fails to pick up Victor from baseball and old feelings of abandonment overtake his thoughts. Sarah anxiously awaits a response from the ad agency on her final project. Amber tries to persuade Drew into taking his life back. Max goes on a class trip and struggles to understand his classmates.

  • Kristina doesn't let her checkup get in the way and begins a new adventure. Amber tells Drew it's ok to move on, Julia struggles to do the same. Carl gives Sarah an offer that's hard to refuse, but her work comes first. Hank opens up about feelings from a previous relationship.

  • Julia's siblings become her support during this trying time with Joel. Jasmine and Crosby move in with Zeek and Camille while their house is under repair. Meanwhile, Drew confides in Amber for advice on girls.

  • Sarah and Hank commence on their new project, meanwhile Kristina becomes the community counselor. When Crosby discovers mold in his house, Jasmine gets upset. Julia and Joel decide to tell Sydney and Victor the truth.

  • Joel intervenes when Ed confronts Julia. Zeek makes a new friend while Camille is away. Drew remembers old feelings and Natalie gets jealous. Sarah is thrilled to learn more about Carl.

  • Election day proves to be emotional for the family. Meanwhile Sarah helps Hank with a family affair.

  • The family is cautious of Zeek, but he ends up giving Sarah some much needed advice. Tension rises in Julia's household after a phone call from Victor's school.

  • Amber goes to Kristina for counsel while Julia finds comfort elsewhere. Sarah questions Hank.

  • Sarah and Amber struggle with the marriage blues while Julia and Joel try to keep calm. Kristina and Adam hit the campaign trail hard and enlist Team Braverman to hit the pavement.

  • Max's photography has no bounds while Joel struggles for boundaries with Peet. Adam and Crosby must establish limitations with the band for the betterment of their new business.

  • Wedding plans drive apart Amber and Sarah; Adam takes The Luncheonette in a risky new direction.

  • Crosby and Jasmine feel more challenged by parenthood the second time around, while Kristina's campaign with the ever-presence of Heather creates a new dynamic with Adam.

  • In the fifth season opener, the Bravermans gather for Jasmine and Crosby's unnamed newborn. Kristina and Adam deal with the aftermath of her cancer, while Hank moves back to town and, unbeknownst to Sarah, reunites with Amber.

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