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  • TV-14
  • 2004
  • 5 Seasons
  • 8.5  (49,827)

Boston Legal is a legal comedy-drama TV series that aired on ABC from 2004 to 2008. The show is a spin-off of the popular legal drama series The Practice, which focuses on the law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt. The show was created by David E. Kelley and starred James Spader, Candice Bergen, Rhona Mitra, William Shatner, Julie Bowen, Constance Zimmer, Craig Bierko, Mark Valley, Gary Anthony Williams, and Ren.

The show revolves around the lives of the eccentric and quirky lawyers of the law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt, who are known for taking on controversial cases and winning them through unorthodox methods. James Spader plays the role of Alan Shore, a smart and cunning lawyer who is known for his unscrupulous methods in winning cases. Candice Bergen plays Shirley Schmidt, a senior partner at the firm, who is sophisticated and tough, but also compassionate.

Rhona Mitra plays the role of Tara Wilson, a young lawyer who is hired by the firm for her beauty and intelligence. William Shatner plays the role of Denny Crane, an aging lawyer who has dementia but is still a brilliant litigator. Julie Bowen plays the role of Denise Bauer, a young and idealistic lawyer who joins the firm to make a difference in the world.

Constance Zimmer plays the role of Claire Simms, a paralegal at the firm who is known for her strong work ethic and dedication to her job. Craig Bierko plays the role of Jeffrey Coho, a charismatic lawyer who joins the firm after working for the Department of Justice. Mark Valley plays the role of Brad Chase, a handsome lawyer who is known for his good looks and charm.

Gary Anthony Williams plays the role of Clarence Bell, a legal assistant who is known for his humor and quick wit. And Ren plays the role of Edwin Poole, one of the founding partners of the firm who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

The show is known for tackling controversial and sensitive issues such as euthanasia, abortion, gun control, and same-sex marriage. The show also explores the personal lives of the characters, who often struggle with their own moral dilemmas and ethical issues.

Boston Legal was a critical and commercial success, winning several Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. The show was praised for its sharp writing, witty dialogue, and outstanding performances by its ensemble cast. The show was also known for its use of music, often featuring classic rock songs as the soundtrack to its episodes.

Overall, Boston Legal is an entertaining and thought-provoking legal drama that explores the complexities of the law and the human condition. It is a show that successfully combines drama and comedy, and is a must-watch for fans of legal dramas and witty banter.

Boston Legal is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (101 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 2004.

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Last Call
13. Last Call
December 8, 2008
In tonights final episode after 5 long years the law firm is in need of financial help and is looking for a buyer to help out. Alan argues before the Supreme Court to let Denny have access to a non approve drug to help with his Alzheimer's. Meanwhile, Shirley and Carl Sack make plans for a wedding; and Denny poses an important question to Alan in the series 5 year finale.
Made in China
12. Made in China
December 8, 2008
The law firm is in financial needs and is looking for a buyer; Shirley and Carl make arrangements for a wedding; and Denny argues before the Supreme Court to let Denny have access to a non approve FDA drug that will help him with his "mad cow". Denny poses an important question to Alan on the series 5 year finale.
11. Juiced
December 1, 2008
Alan pleads before the Massachusetts Supreme Court to allow his best friend Denny (who learns some disturbing news about the progression of his Alzheimer disease) have access to an experimental drug which could slow the progression of his Alzheimer's disease is available but not FDA approved. Meanwhile, Jerry and Katie take on a case of a woman who used a brain-enhancing drug while taking her SATs and was disqualified from Harvard. The murderous Catherine Piper returns.
10. Thanksgiving
November 24, 2008
This Thanksgiving Shirley just wanted to spend the day with her partner Carl, but after she invites the gang over for dinner; Alan, Denny, Jerry and Katie and the ever emotional and unstable Ed Poole who in turns brings along his foster son who tried to mug Shirley to join them in the feast.
Kill, Baby, Kill
9. Kill, Baby, Kill
November 17, 2008
When a planned state execution goes awry for a death row inmate, the corrections officer took matters into his own hands by shooting the prisoner. Carl and Denny go to Virginia to defend the officer. Meanwhile, Shirley and Alan are working on a case where this woman Martha Headly was fired for voting for John McCain for President and while they worked long hours Alan tries to heat things up with Shirley.
8. Roe
November 10, 2008
Jerry Espenson assaulted a bully after a run-in with him and wants to defend himself in court much to the dismay of the fellow partners. Meanwhile, an underage pregnant girl wants an abortion and Shirley and Alan try to obtain a judicial by-pass for the girl.
Mad Cows
7. Mad Cows
November 3, 2008
Alan Shore and Denny Crane sue the government when cattle rancher Carol Hober who, Crane believes, is the spitting image of actress Valerie Bertinelli - accuses the USDA of not allowing her to test all of her cows for Mad Cow Disease, an affliction that's close to Denny's heart. But Denny continually irritates Carol when he tries to make her confess that she really is Valerie Bertinelli. Meanwhile, Jerry Espenson is up for partner at the firm, but his quirky social inadequacies could lead to his downfall with the firm's panel, which includes Paul Lewiston.
Happy Trails
6. Happy Trails
October 27, 2008
Coming soon...
The Bad Seed
5. The Bad Seed
October 20, 2008
Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt take on the armed forces when a man's brother dies in a local military hospital due to malpractice. But a friendly wager Denny Crane makes with Alan regarding the outcome of the case could cost Alan his job. Meanwhile, Jerry Espenson's sister, Joy - whose son was conceived through an anonymous donor - - asks him to get a ruling which would allow her to find out who the father is to determine if her son and his girlfriend are related.
True Love
4. True Love
October 13, 2008
Alan Shore is called upon by ex-flame Phoebe Prentice to prove her husband's innocence in the murder of a nurse. But deep down, Alan's unrequited love for Phoebe makes him hope that her husband is guilty so that they can rekindle their relationship.
Dances with Wolves
3. Dances with Wolves
October 6, 2008
"Dances with Wolves" Denny Crane is arrested yet again for carrying a concealed firearm after he shoots a man in self defense who's attempting to mug him and Jerry Espenson. Meanwhile, Alan Shore fights for a sex surrogate's right to joint custody of her daughter -- while grappling with the fact that he was a former client of hers
Guardians and Gatekeepers
2. Guardians and Gatekeepers
September 29, 2008
After Denny Crane almost dies from toxic shock due to his unintended misuse of an arsenal of prescription drugs, Alan Shore takes on a pharmaceutical company for employing deceptive advertising to scare people into using their products. Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt asks Carl Sack to defend her cheeky 17-year-old granddaughter who's been arrested for voting in the primary with falsified records, and Jerry Espenson and Katie Lloyd sue a private detention facility after a 15-year-old girl is raped by a guard.
Smoke Signals
1. Smoke Signals
September 22, 2008
Bethany Horowitz asks Alan Shore to help her out with a case against a large tobacco company. But when it turns out that the defense attorney is Phoebe Prentice, an old flame of Alan's, he finds himself distracted and fears that he won't be able to perform in court. Meanwhile, Denny is distraught over his own personal lack of performance in the bedroom.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 3, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    8.5  (49,827)