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The Dating Guy, is an animated comedy series depicting single guy, Mark, who values - well - being single. While primarily focused on the dating lives of twenty-something's Mark and his roommates V.J. and Woody, their gal pal Sam is not to be left out of the party, play and pounce type misadventures they all often encounter. Whether it's pretending to be a twin in order to date twins, marrying a friend to avoid Canadian deportation, trading an organ for "special" favors, nearly becoming a criminal or narrowly escaping one, nothing is too farfetched if it means having the time of their lives.

Created by executive producers and fellow Gemini Award nominees Mark J.W. Bishop and Matt Hornburg; The Dating Guy stars Fab Filippo (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Queer as Folk, Being Erica) as charming ad man and weather guru, Mark Dexter; Sean Francis (appearances in Covert Affairs and Nikita) as Woody Jenkins, a handsome bartender and ladies man; Anand Rajaram (The Horses of McBride and Suits) as lonely computer guy, V.J. Mendhi and Lauren Ash (Scare Tactics and Almost Heroes) as the pretty, witty and wild Sam Goldman.

Each week viewers are taken on a ride that starts with what might be called a "too good to be true" dating "win" for one or more of the principal characters only to find them marred by an improbable dilemma midway through and ultimately leaving them stunned and later looking to each other for advice and finally a little perspective; so, even though they never quite reach their desired outcome, it's their "oh well, what's next" attitudes that drive Mark, Woody, V.J. and Sam to keep things in check as they continue to look for their next big "dating" thrill.

Each episode is 22 minutes and aired in the 30 minute television broadcast format. The Dating Guy is rated TV-14 for its adult themes.

The Dating Guy is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on September 17, 2009.

Where do I stream The Dating Guy online? The Dating Guy is available for streaming on E1 Entertainment, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Dating Guy on demand at Amazon online.

E1 Entertainment
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
September 17, 2009
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy
Cast: Fab Filippo, Lauren Ash, Sean Francis, Anand Rajaram
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The Dating Guy Full Episode Guide

  • Mark works on an ad campaign for the eccentric billionaire Russell Peters.

  • When Brian Booyah, Mark's boss, falls into a short-lived romance with Sam, Mark must think fast to make Booyah happy again and keep his job.

  • After Mark gets dumped for being "too safe" Woody teaches him how to be a man until their bad-ass ways gets them caught in a gang war.

  • Woody and Mark must walk a day in the other's "colour" when they each get their skin lightened/ darkened.

  • When Sam's ex splits leaving her with a monkey, she unexpectedly goes all maternal, treating the masturbating, feces-throwing chimp like the child she never had.

  • Woody falls for a professional basketball player. When she gets pregnant he must decide what kind of Dad he'll be.

  • Having seen all the porn the Internet has to offer, V.J. goes on a quest to find the "Holy Grail of Porn".

  • After a night of heavy partying V.J. is convinced he's had his "cherry popped" by aliens - and needs to get more of their sweet lovin'.

  • On St. Patrick's Day Mark, Woody and V.J. kidnap a Leprechaun whose hot Irish daughter curses them to bad luck forever.

  • Sam goes to Brazil for a butt augmentation while V.J., on the run from Woody, gets an unexpected gut reduction.

  • Woody and Anderson are shrunk to twelve inches tall and used as sex toys by a deranged scientist.

  • Sam goes undercover to catch a serial killer who's only murdering women that are "Perfect 10's".

  • Woody and Mark have only 30 minutes to get to the airport and hookup with two Swedish flight attendants.

  • VJ's family sends him a mail-order bride. Also, someone pops the question.

  • After spending the night with Mark, local weathergirl Connie accidentally flashes the world and loses her job. Mark takes action to get her job back, but is forced to take the position himself. V.J. turns a golf-putting device into the next great sex toy.

  • Woody pretends he has a twin brother in order to date twin sisters. Elsewhere, VJ totals Mark's car.

  • A porn star named Cherry Sundae takes a liking to Mark. Because that always happens in real life.

  • Mark dates a were-wolf. Can he take her out at night? What's her budget for hair products? Does she walk on two legs or four? So many questions!

  • Mark meets a gold-digger and steals a boat to impress her. Woody starts a pillow-fighting league.

  • A drunken Woody and V.J. are abandoned at a reenactment pioneer village but think they have traveled back in time. Mark and Sam date police officers Valerie and Vince, a crime fighting duo with reality issues.

  • Mark takes a liking to a dummy Mallory when he hooks up with ventriloquist Shari.

  • Mark is emasculated when an artists sculpts him with a reduced manhood. Elsewhere, Woody gets a tattoo. On his face. Who would do that?

  • V.J. falls for Lily and becomes involved in illegal fish fighting.

  • Mark is promised the best sex of his life in exchange for a kidney to save his date's dying brother. What do you think he'll do?

  • Mark's new girlfriend Brie invites the gang to her parents' cottage for the weekend. Mark is hunted by Brie's father while V.J. and Woody attempt to get lucky with the ladies at an all-female retreat across the lake.

  • Mark hits it off with Bonnie just before she robs a bank, making him her accomplice. Sam meets the mysterious street illusionist Archangel who briefly impresses her with his mystical abilities.