Watch TV Shows on E1 Entertainment

E! Entertainment Television is an American based cable and satellite television channel that covers celebrity industry news, contemporary film and music, contemporary television shows, daily Hollywood gossip shows and fashion news. The entertainment television channel is currently owned by Comcast Entertainment, after several ownership changes over the past several years. The media channel was once owned by five cable television providers but was eventually taken over by the current ownership group.

The entertainment channel features shows that include reality television programming, feature films, occasional unique series and specials and other specials that are a part of the modern entertainment industry. E! has several sister channels that have associated production projects. These associated channels include Bravo, Chiller, Cloo, Esquire Network, Oxygen, Syfy and the USA Network.

The entertainment television channel began airing movie trailers when it first began broadcasting. It, also, began with entertainment news, events, awards coverage and celebrity interviews. E! still provides these forms of entertainment and reality events for an audience that covers over eighty percent of the households in the United States. Channel coverage, also, extends to homes in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Hosts for the highly popular entertainment channel included Greg Kinnear and Paula Abdul, both actors and entertainers who have gone on to star in feature films and television shows. The entertainment television channel is one of the pioneer broadcasting groups for international celebrity news and film industry events coverage. Its pioneering formats have been duplicated but not surpassed in today's competitive broadcasting venues.