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  • TV-MA
  • 1986
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.6  (1,398)

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers is an action-packed American space western animated TV series produced by E1 Entertainment in 1986. The show is set in the year 2086 when humanity has spread out into the galaxy and established a peaceful federation of planets. The story revolves around a team of Galaxy Rangers, a group of highly trained interstellar law enforcement officers tasked with maintaining order and protecting the federation from threats both internal and external.

The team consists of four members, each with a unique set of skills and abilities. The leader of the team is Zachary Foxx, voiced by Jerry Orbach, a former pilot who gained enhanced powers after being exposed to a mysterious energy field. His powers include super strength, psychic abilities, and the ability to communicate telepathically with machines.

Walsh, voiced by Earl Hammond, is the team's tech expert who can communicate with any type of machinery. He is able to hack into any computer system and manipulate mechanical devices simply by thinking about it.

Nikko, voiced by Laura Dean, is a psychic who can sense and manipulate energy. She is able to read minds, predict events, and manipulate the behavior of others through her telekinetic abilities.

The final member of the team is Doc, voiced by Ray Owens, who was designed to be the ultimate healing machine. He can regenerate damaged tissue and cure any illness or injury, including those that are fatal.

Together, the Galaxy Rangers are a formidable team able to take on any threat that comes their way. They are often called upon by the federation to handle situations that are too dangerous for regular law enforcement officers to handle.

Throughout the series, the Galaxy Rangers face a variety of different threats from both outside and inside the federation. These threats include aliens bent on destroying the federation, rogue rangers seeking revenge against the federation, and even corrupt politicians and businessmen threatening the very foundation of the system.

The show features stunning visuals and a unique blend of science fiction and western themes that set it apart from other shows in the genre. The animation is top-notch and the attention to detail in the design of the ships and gadgets used by the characters makes the world of the show feel lived-in and real.

The show's voice acting is also exceptional, with each actor bringing a unique personality to their character. Whether it's Jerry Orbach's tough but compassionate portrayal of Zachary Foxx or Earl Hammond's sarcastic tech expert Walsh, the characters are all fully realized and feel like real people.

The show's writing is also top-notch, with each episode telling a self-contained story while also advancing the larger narrative of the series. The characters are all well-developed and each episode explores a different aspect of their personalities and backstory.

Overall, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers is a classic animated series that still holds up today. Its unique blend of science fiction and western themes, exceptional animation, and strong writing make it a must-watch for any fan of the genre.

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1986.

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
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65. Heartbeat
December 11, 1986
The Rangers return to Tarkon, where the Queen of the Crown is attempting to take control of the planet, and the only thing that can stop her is technology forbidden by Tarkonian law.
64. Sundancer
December 10, 1986
Continued from the previous episode, Billy and Sundancer race for their lives.
Gift of Life
63. Gift of Life
December 9, 1986
The Rangers investigate a mysterious call from the man who raised Goose.
Tower of Combat
62. Tower of Combat
December 8, 1986
The General, an evil alien warlord, is back. He has perfected a matter transportation device to collect an army of lifeforms to serve him.
Fire and Iron
61. Fire and Iron
December 5, 1986
Rancit and his gang are threatening farmers to stop the monorail from going through.
Tortuna Rocks
60. Tortuna Rocks
December 4, 1986
Singer Eve Weiner, daughter of Senator Weiner, takes her crew to shoot a music video on the outlaw planet of Tortuna.
Don Quixote Cody
59. Don Quixote Cody
December 3, 1986
Wildfire has "Don Quixote Syndrome" and thinks he's Wyatt Earp, FitzMorris and his gang are the Clanton brothers, Doc's Doc Holliday, and Niko is a dancehall girl named Louise.
58. Ariel
December 2, 1986
Niko's mentor Ariel needs her help back at Xanadu where Niko was raised as girl.
57. Horsepower
December 1, 1986
Doc and Niko are drawn to a planet in the Empty Zone by a mysterious psychic force.
Trouble at Texton
56. Trouble at Texton
November 28, 1986
Dr. Albert Ograbgo is experimenting with particle collisions on Texton moon, trying to prove his theory on parallel universes.
Rusty and the Boys
55. Rusty and the Boys
November 27, 1986
Q-ball's new android, Rusty, is quite a sight. Doc is sent to accompany her on her first mission on Basut.
Battle of the Bandits
54. Battle of the Bandits
November 26, 1986
Nimrod's back, this time as a rock singer in a group called the Slaver Lords.
53. Rainmaker
November 25, 1986
The Rangers are looking to take down Jackie Subtract, but when he goes on the lam to his brother Aidan, they follow him all the way to Nebraska, where they have bigger problems: drought.
52. Westride
November 24, 1986
The planet Ozark is joining the League, and a land rush is organized for the territory for settlement. Daisy and the Black Hole gang are trying to rig the race.
Promised Land
51. Promised Land
November 21, 1986
While Daisy O'Mega and Maya of Tarkon are buying weapons on Mesa to outfit the Tarkonian rebels, they learn someone is arming the natives, and it will turn into an all-out range war if the Rangers can't stop them.
50. Changling
November 20, 1986
The Deltoid Rock Prison colony in the Greater Asteroid Field has been taken over by the inmates. The General and his army hold the command bridge but Macross leads the Black Hole Gang in an attempt wrest control of the station from him.
Lord of the Sands
49. Lord of the Sands
November 19, 1986
After Crown Agents sabotage Ranger One, Zach, Goose and Zozo are stranded on a desert planet in the Empty Zone.
Galaxy Stranger
48. Galaxy Stranger
November 18, 1986
A blond, stubbled man in black appears in Frontier looking for Jacob Laramie, who has hired the Supertrooper Stingray as muscle to push ranchers and farmers off their land, planning to use it for grazing his Bovo 9 cattle.
Super Trooper
47. Super Trooper
November 17, 1986
The rogue Supertroopers kidnap Senator Weiner and force him to steal Batch 22, a virus that can destroy all organic life on any planet.
46. Boomtown
November 14, 1986
Old Roy McIntyre's at it again! The prospector and Burr-O 5000 are on C-40, yet another planet in his never-ending search for the mother lode.
Badge of Power
45. Badge of Power
November 13, 1986
Lazarus Slade and Mogul combine their forces to create a badge that will duplicate all of the Rangers' unique gifts, stealing the data needed from the BETA computers.
Aces & Apes
44. Aces & Apes
November 12, 1986
The Rangers stop on Mesa to repair Space Tug 4, which was pulling a ship outfitted with an experimental Andorian engine that would render current drives obsolete.
43. Round-Up
November 11, 1986
Macross and the Black Hole Gang try to rustle some Bovo-15 cattle, but the Galaxy Rangers won't let a few outlaws cow them!
Rogue Arm
42. Rogue Arm
November 10, 1986
The Queen launches a special psychocrystal through hyperspace, and it manages to get aboard a new naval vessel that the Rangers happen to be taking on its maiden voyage tour of the solar system.
41. Invasion
November 7, 1986
Zach can't make it in time to "The Albert Einstein School for Gifted Youngsters Science Fair," and his daughter Jessie is disappointed when big brother Zach Jr. comes in his stead, sure that Dad will be there was soon as he can.
Bronto Bear
40. Bronto Bear
November 6, 1986
Macross wants to stake a claim to the oil fields of planet Prairie's Texacota Valley, and decides the best way to go about this is to re-enact a Godzilla movie, using the giant sleeping Bronto Bear, and substituting Texacota for Tokyo.
Shoot Out
39. Shoot Out
November 5, 1986
The Queen of the Crown holds a gunslinging contest, with Eliza's crystal as the prize.
Marshmallow Trees
38. Marshmallow Trees
November 4, 1986
While introducing Kiwi marshmallow trees to the planet Granna, the planet's two suns have an adverse effect on the trees, making them complete their entire cycle of growth in one night, not to mention being 100 times their normal size.
In Sheep's Clothing
37. In Sheep's Clothing
November 3, 1986
Lykans, a highly intelligent wolf-like species, are being blamed for the deaths of Bovo 6 cattle on Prairie.
Scarecrow's Revenge
36. Scarecrow's Revenge
October 31, 1986
Niko and Goose are called to Tarkon by Maya when entire villages of frozen, lifeless people are discovered. They soon learn that the Scarecrow is responsible, and he is seeking immortality once again.
Natural Balance
35. Natural Balance
October 30, 1986
Niko, Doc and Buzz take Zozo, Zach Jr. and the Kiwi kids on a field trip to Mistwalker's home world, and find out the supposedly perfect natural balance has been tipped by Slade.
34. Mothmoose
October 29, 1986
Wild Bill Krebb and his gang are at it again, this time on Kirwin, where they trick a guide into showing them the home of the legendary Mothmoose.
Lady of Light
33. Lady of Light
October 28, 1986
Mogul the Space Sorceror summons a powerful entity from a Pneumonic Universe in order to add her power to his own, making him invincible.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 14, 1986
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (1,398)