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In this fantasy adventure, a group of catlike humanoid aliens flee their home planet as it's dying. Pursued by another race of evil aliens, the must find allies and fight to survive. Larry Kenney, Earl Hammond, Bob McFadden, Lynne Lipton, Earle Hyman, Peter Newman, Gerrianne Raphael, and Doug Preis.

ThunderCats (1985) is a Animation & Cartoon series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (149 episodes). The series first aired on September 20, 1989. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.9.

ThunderCats (1985) is available for streaming on the Kids WB website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch ThunderCats (1985) on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Kids WB
4 Seasons, 149 Episodes
September 20, 1989
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Bob McFadden, Larry Kenney, Earl Hammond, Lynne Lipton
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ThunderCats (1985) Full Episode Guide

  • The ThunderCats finally open the Book of Omens. The Guardian of the Book explains that the ancient artifacts they have gathered must be presented at four different locations at precisely five clicks before the twenty-fourth hour or the ThunderCats will be frozen in time and the new ThunDERa torn apart by earthquakes.

  • The ThunderCats build a Homing Beacon Tower just in time to guide a group of Thundarian refugees back to the planet.

  • Vultureman hijacks a space bookmobile to escape Captain Bragg's Circus Train. On board, he learns of the powerful Rosencranz Medallion that once belonged to Mumm-Ra's arch rival Zaxx.

  • Amortus, an evil tentacled creature banished eons ago by the Thunderians, has returned to the new ThunDERa through Mumm-Ra's cauldron.

  • The ThunderCats prepare for a visit from the Ecology Inspector. The Inspector hopes to enlist the aid to the ThunderCats in capturing Two-Time, an intergalactic land poacher who has been stealing entire land masses with his geodesic vessel.

  • A rare lunar eclipse casts an eerie pale over the new ThunDERa. The eclipse opens a portal where the exiled Shadowmaster contacts the Ancient Spirits of Evil.

  • Mumm-Ra unveils his latest weapon, the Babylonian Barbarian Boiler, to destroy the ThunderCats. The Boiler emits a beam that rapidly melts anything it touches.

  • Tygra gets caught in a meteor shower while returning from Third Earth. Losing control of the Feliner, he crashes through the atmosphere into the unexplored Mosslands of New ThunDERa, where he awakens the gigantic Monster of the Mosslands.

  • Captain Cracker attacks bounty hunter Captain Bragg, who is holding the exiled Luna-Taks prisoner, and frees the Luna-Taks in order to have them help him return Third Earth to a pirate's paradise.

  • An astronomical lineup of the five Thundarian moons causes a serious drought on the new ThunDERa. Panthro and Snarf take the ThunderTank to collect the remaining water of Dreary Canal. On the way, they are attacked and the ThunderTank crashes into the Swamp of the Laughing Lilypads, which causes uncontrollable laughter.

  • In an effort to reach a distressed Thundarian spaceship, the ThunderCats must use all of their supplies of Thundrillium to fuel the Feliner for a deep-space voyage.

  • The tremors that previously threatens to destroy the new ThunDERa begin again when Jagara loses control of the gyroscope. The ThunderCats bring in a gyroscope specialist robot named Screw-Loose.

  • Wilykat and Wilykit discover the Golden Sphere of Setti, an ancient artifact that once belonged to Mumm-Ra. The sphere magnifies his power by four, making him more powerful than the Ancient Spirits of Evil.

  • The Ancient Spirits of Evil provide Mumm-Ra with a Mirror Wraith, which can take the form of any shape and travel through space using mirrors as portals. Meanwhile, an escape pod containing a Thundarian child named Leah is rescued by the ThundarCats. Leah had been separated from her parents when their spaceship was destroyed by a meteor storm.

  • Mumm-Ra realizes he must destroy the new ThunDERa in order to destroy the ThunderCats, so he travels to the Great Beneath and blasts the gyroscope into rapid decay.

  • Enraged by his failure to destroy the ThunderCats, Mumm-Ra returns to the Great Beneath as Jaga the Wise.

  • The ThunderCats are determined to stay on the new ThunDERa despite its unstable environment. Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra summons Grune the Destroyer to help him destroy the ThunderCats.

  • With Mumm-Ra banished form Third Earth, the ThunderCats return to their home planet ThunDERa. The Ancient Spirits decide to give Mumm-Ra one last chance to destroy the ThunderCats.

  • The Ancient Spirits give Mumm-Ra until sundown to destroy the ThunderCats or be banished from Third Earth forever.

  • Mumm-Ra's mentors, the Ancient Spirits of Evil, threaten to relinquish Mumm-Ra's rule over Third Earth if he fails to destroy the ThundarCats. The spirits describe an ancient artifact called the Dragon of Doom that can capture any being inside its small body.

  • Snarf discovers an ancient Thundarian artifact, the Thunderscope, amid the wreckage of the ThunderCats' original spaceship. The object has the power to immediately identify any object of Thundarian origin.

  • Following up on a rumor, the ThunderCats take the Feliner to ThunDERa where supposedly a piece of the Treasure of ThunDERa lies within the Caverns of Cold. Mumm-Ra watches them in his cauldron and concocts a trap for them.

  • Snarf accidentally discovers the Bracelet of Power has the power to control the ThunderCats. Gradually, he starts to coerce the ThunderCats to do his bidding. Snarf then loses the bracelet to Mumm-Ra.

  • Mumm-Ra retrieves the ancient Thundarian artifact the Locket of Lies. Mumm-Ra and Ma-Mutt use the artifact to lure the ThunderCats into a concealed pit-trap.

  • Aluro invents a supercharged fuel that finally gives the SkyTomb enough power to reach the new ThunDERa.

  • Growing impatient with Mumm-Ra's repeated failures to destroy the ThunderCats, the Ancients diagram a plan for him to claim the Treasure of ThunDERa. He must trick Cheetara into revealing the location of the treasure by offering her an original piece of the treasure casket.

  • Lion-O is about to give up deciphering the hieroglyphics in the Book of Omens, when Snarf suggests using the Sword of Omens as a magnifying glass. This causes to book to open and sucks Lion-O and Snarf into it.

  • The Luna-Taks kidnap the ThunderKittens. The ThunderCats rescue the ThunderKittens and capture the Luna-Taks in the process. The ThunderCats sentence the Luna-Taks to exile on Exile Island.

  • As part of a plan to capture Panthro, Vultureman joins forces with the Luna-Taks. Together they build the telepathic beam projector, a machine capable of masking Cheetara's sixth sense.

  • Lion-O intercepts a radio transmission from the rebellious Luna-Taks. It appears the Luna-Taks have recovered the Treasure of ThunDERa and are hiding it in the Crystal Canyon.

  • The Thundercats must return to the new Thundera to recover one of the most sacred pieces of the Treasure of Thundera, the Chain of Loyalty. Mumm-Ra disguises himself to help the Thundercats look for the Chain and break it which will make the Thundercats fight amongst themselves. It falls to an unlikely hero, Egbert, the Snarf, to save the Thundercats.

  • Mumm-Ra and the Mutants use one of the Treasures of Thundera, the Totem of Dera, against the Thundercats. Lion-O becomes sick and only Snarfer can save him, with a little help from Jaga.

  • With the Sword of Plundarr, Mumm-Ra is nearly undefeatable. However, Lion-O tricks Mumm-Ra into striking the the Man-Beast statutes, which are the source of Mumm-Ra's evil powers. The pyramid crumbles around Mumm-Ra.

  • The ThunderCats are helpless as Mumm-Ra escapes with their treasure and heritage.

  • Mumm-Ra succeeds in finding the Sword of Plundarr. With its power and the Treasure of ThunDERa, he will have the secrets needed to destroy the ThunderCats once and for all.

  • Tug Mug and Red Eye capture Lynx-O and the ThunderKittens at the Tower of Omens.

  • A miraculous astronomical phenomenon starts to reform the ThunderCats' home planet ThunDERa. Amid the debris is the legendary Sword of Plundarr, which caused the calamity of ThunDERa years before. The TunderCats travel to the new ThunDERa leaving the Tower of Omens unprotected.

  • Vultureman works with Chilla and invents a new device to get back at the Thundercats.

  • The Thundercats set off to tackle some of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy whilst Lion-O and Snarf hold the fort back at Cat's Lair. Mumm-Ra sees this as the perfect opportunity to attack and masterminds a plan to get inside Cat's Lair to wreak havoc.

  • The Thunderkittens feel ignored and unwanted so they run away from Cat's Lair to seek adventure. Upon their travels, they make a new friend.

  • The Lunataks lure Hachiman into a trap in order to steal the Thundercutter. The Thundercats have to help Hachiman regain his sword as well as his honour but a new enemy stands in their way.

  • Long ago on Third Planet, Mumm-Rana and evil Queen Luna battled for possession of a Magic Belt, which Queen Luna used to enslave Wolla, Berbils, and other peoples of Third Earth. Luna overhears Snarf tell this and goes to the White Pyramids in search of the belt.

  • As Snafer goes to the Berbil Village to get Mexican take-out, Chilla side swipes his ship and ices it. The Chilla ices Mandora as well. The ThunderCats decide to serve Chilla with an arrest warrant.

  • Every 100 years, Third Earth experiences a full eclipse, during which Mumm-Ra can cast any spell which will last until the next eclipse. Mumm-Ra casts the Day of Decay spell on the ThunderCats which makes all things surrounding the ThunderCats begin to corrode.

  • Vultureman discovers a map which outlines the route to the legendary Sound Stones of Darkside. He asks the Mutants to help him steal the stone so he can make a sonic weapon and defeat the ThunderCats.

  • While Tygra and Lion-O hoist an old suspension capsule left over from the ThunderCat arrival on Third Earth, the capsule slips and shatters on the ground. The suspension gases within the capsule escape and cause Lion-O to become progressively younger, to his infancy.

  • On Ravage Island, Mumm-Ra oversees the Mutants' gathering of magic crystals to fuel the Beacon of Ravage Island, a beam of light which has mind-controlling powers.

  • Mumm-Ra summons Hammerhand and her Berserkers to his pyramid and forces them into his bubbling cauldron. When they emerge, they are covered in Thundaranium and set out to capture the ThunderCats.

  • Overpowering Snowman and Snowmeow, the Luna-Taks gain entrance to a old Thundrillium mine on Hook Mountain. Inside the mine is an evil reptilian creature called the Mad Bubbler.

  • Mumm-Ra orders Tug-Mug and Chilla to steal the Mask of Gorgon, which can cause its viewer to turn to stone, from the Warrior Maiden's Treetop Kingdom.

  • Mumm-Ra allies with the Egyptian princess Ta-She to gain the Doomgaze, an entrancing power which could enslave the ThunderCats.

  • Mumm-Ra transforms into Jaga, appears before Lion-O, and tells him that the new ThunderCats plan to overthrow the old ThunderCats and take over Third Earth.

  • Mumm-Ra convinces the Luna-Taks to use their slaves a bait to trap the ThunderCats.

  • The Ancient Priests of Evil grant Mumm-Ra the restoration of his powers. The Luna-Taks fail to destroy the ThunderCats and Mumm-Ra concludes that he must destroy them himself.

  • The ThunderCats plan to defend themselves against the Luna-Taks by building a Tower Of Omens.

  • Mumm-Ra and the Mutants free the Luna-Taks from their lava encasements and Ma-Mutt orders them to destroy the ThunderCats.

  • Ma-Mutt rescues a weakened Mumm-Ra after he was cuaght up int the eruption of Fire Rock Mountain.

  • Weakened by the Thunderians pits below, Lion-O hangs from the bridge at Fire Rock Mountain. Hachiman finally realizes that Mumm-Ra tricked him into believing that Lion-O had turned evil.

  • The sun drains the powers of Mumm-Ra's mummy bandages and Lion-O escapes from their grasp.

  • On Hook Mountain, Lion-O prepares to battle Monikan in the Fistpounder, when they are caught in an avalanche.

  • Using his new vehicle, the Thunderclaw, Panthro attacks the Berserkers' ship with the Thunderian prisoners aboard.

  • A nightmare torments Lion-O. He believes that he was saved from his erupting planet as a youngster at the sacrifice of three other Thunderians. Jaga informs the now grown Lion-O that his nightmare is false.