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Tom and Jerry Tales is an animated television series that features the world's most famous cat and mouse team Tom and Jerry. Each episode of the show is a half-hour in length and is comprised of several short cartoons. The show was created by Hanna-Barbera, and the show's production company was Warner Brothers Animation.

Generations of people around the world have enjoyed watching Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse engage in elaborate games of hide and seek, and this show usually shows three cartoon shorts, most of which are fairly new. Tom and Jerry Tales is similar to the original Tom and Jerry cartoons, but the writing in many episodes is updated with more contemporary topics.

The action is always fast-paced in the cartoons on the Tom and Jerry Tales show. The cat and mouse team regularly find themselves in an array of locales, and they're always at odds with each other, with chase scenes galore. Even though Tom and Jerry are often fighting with each other, they actually really do like each other.

When the cat and mouse are chasing each other around indoors on Tom and Jerry Tales, they make the most out of every household object, and some of their schemes are quite clever.

Among the adventures that are presented on Tom and Jerry Tales are those dealing with robot mice, finding a treasure map, using power tools and jackhammers, playing hockey and visiting a haunted house.

Some of the other characters in this animated series are Droopy the dog, Nibbles the mouse, Barney Bear and the dogs Spike and Tyke. In some of the segments of Tom and Jerry Tales, the cat and mouse are set in the historical past, and in others they are set in the future.

The animation work on this cartoon show is modern and high quality, and the cartoon shorts feature very entertaining soundtracks.

More than 75 segments of Tom and Jerry Tales have been created.

Kids WB
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
September 23, 2006
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Don Brown, Jake D. Smith
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Tom and Jerry Tales Full Episode Guide

  • Game of Mouse & Cat: In a twisted alternate reality, mice chase cats and Jerry's owner orders him to get Tom out of the house by whatever means possible. But in reality, it's a virtual program in which Jerry gets to live his dream. Afterward, Tom tries out a program in which he gets to chase a fearful Spike around. Babysitting Blues: Tom and Jerry babysit their nephews for the day, which leads to more trouble than usual courtesy of their being very mischievious. Catfish Follies: Tom and Jerry go fishing and are pitted against Butch in the form of a catfish, who wants to eat Jerry, but has to avoid becoming a catch for Tom.

  • DJ Jerry: Tom is in charge of guarding his owner's record store at night, but has trouble doing so when Jerry hosts a hip hop nightclub for mice down below. When his initial efforts to stop the noise fail, Tom infiltrates the club, but is again thrawted by DJ Jerry and the party mice. Kitty Cat Blues: In the South, Tom tries to woo a potential girlfriend by giving Jerry to her as a gift. But when she takes a liking to him instead, Tom impresses her with a music act and sings the blues. At first it works, but when the cat and mouse duo go back to their usual chases and wreck the house, she gets fed up and kicks them both out. Flamenco Fiasco: In old Spain, Tom enters a Flamenco dance contest to try to win the top prize of the Golden Guitar awarded by El Presidente himself. However, this disrupts Jerry's date and he tries to sabotage the cat's efforts to win. But the two, along with their girlfriends vie in a danceoff and Tom wins by bringing the house down--literally!

  • Hockey Schtick: On a cold winter day, Jerry decides to freeze the pond and go ice skating. But Tom, escaped from jail, wants to play hockey and tries to engage him in a physical confrontation, leading to hijinks on ice.Snow Brawl: Jerry engages Tom in a snowball fight and the two build snow forts as they're pitted against each other in battle. During their snowfight, a truckload of magic hats spill out, bringing their snowcats and snowmice to life and intensify the battle as it gets out of control. The duo then have to work together to put a stop to it.The Abominable Snowmouse: Tom and Jerry encounter a giant abominable snowmouse during a chase in a forest in the winter. The creature begins to chase them as well, but when he's exposed to hot springs, it shrinks down to size and the duo literally blow the puffy-furred mouse away.

  • The Declaration of Independunce: Just after Thomas Jefferson writes the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, Tom proceeds to lose it by making it into a paper airplane when throwing Jerry out of the house. Jefferson sends the cat out to retrieve it, but as usual, the mouse and Redcoat dog Spike make the task difficult for him.Kitty Hawked: A museum tour mouse tells young mice about Jerry's role in the Wright brothers' aerial experiments, leading to the historic first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903. Tom plays his own role courtesy of the duo's usual chases.24 Karat Kat: In 19th century Sutter's Mill, Tom and Butch scheme to steal the gold from Jerry's claim. But their own bad efforts stop them and make Sheriff Spike throws them in jail.

  • Bend It Like Thomas: Tom torments Spike and Jerry with his soccer skills. But they're eventually able to turn the tables on him. Endless Bummer: Tom, Jerry, and Droopy enter a surfing competition. To everyone's surprise, Droopy wins for the big cash prize. Tom narrowly beats Jerry for second place and wins a lifetime supply of cheese! Game, Set, Match: Spike makes Tom teach his son Tyke the game of tennis. But Jerry and Spike make the task difficult for the cat.

  • Summer Squashing: Tom is assigned to guard his owner's garden against various pests, including Jerry. However, he soon realizes he's dealing with several mice, making the job much more difficult. League of Cats: Butch invites Tom to join the League of Cats, a secret organization that believes in a more effective way of catching mice by ganging up against them. Jerry counters by organizing a League of Mice to outnumber the cats. Little Big Mouse: During a heat wave, Tom and his owner cool off by relaxing by the refrigerator. While they're asleep, Jerry steals all the food, leaving Tom to get the blame and be thrown out of the house. Yet Jerry doesn't get to enjoy his picnic because an ant steals the food one by one and for once, Jerry is the chaser in unsuccessful efforts to get the food back.

  • Xtreme Trouble: Jerry dresses up like a skateboarder in an effort to get food from the refrigerator. Afterward, he pursues a truck with a shipment of cheese with Tom hot on his trail on a dirtbike with hijinks to follow. A Life Less Guarded: Tom and Droopy compete for a lifeguard job at the local pool. Jerry intervenes during the tests to help Droopy win. Sasquashed: Tom's owner takes him camping where they learn Bigfoot is in the vicinity. Also camping, Jerry and Nibbles learn he's a short, friendly creature named Sheldon who they choose to protect from being captured by Tom for reward money.

  • Invasion of the Body Slammers: An alien spaceship lands near Tom and Jerry's house and the emerging creature is a green shapeshifter, who complicates Tom and Jerry's normal chasing antics with its otherworldly powers. Monster Con: Tom is assistant to legendary monster hunter Van Helsing as they stop at a hotel that's hosting a Monster Con. When Van Helsing leaves to hunt, Tom uses some of his equipment in efforts to catch Jerry, but catches a few ghosts instead before eventually getting bitten by a werewolf, causing him to turn into a werewolf cat and gets chased by Van Helsing. Over the River and Boo the Woods: Tom and Jerry find themselves in a cursed forest, where they meet Butch, in the form of a vampire cat. The three wind up in a race to see who can escape first as the last one out must stay in the forest forever.

  • Adventures in Penguin-sitting: Jerry befriends an escaped penguin, whose appetite for frozen treats leads to trouble for Tom, especially after a freezer malfunction causes the inside of the house to be covered in ice. Cat of Prey: At an ocean theme park, Jerry is the star of a show with a trained eagle. Tom's efforts to catch him are thrawted by the eagle, as well as a seal and an octopus. Jungle Love: Jerry befriends a baby rhinocerous who helps him against Tom, who's also thwarted during his chase by a crocodile, leeches, quicksand, and a snake, who literally has a crush on him.

  • Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day: A little girl brings Tom to her school for Pet Day while a young boy brings Jerry as his pet. Sure enough, Jerry antagonizes Tom, leading to a chase. And when it's his turn to be shown to the classroom, Tom puts on quite a performance, courtesy of other animals, including a burping frog and irritating ants, and winds up winning the gold star. Cat Show Catastrophe: Tom is selected to be part of the Society of Feline Fancifiers cat show where the victor will be top in class and distinction. But Jerry and Nibbles go out of their way to sabotage his chances of winning. The Cat Whisperer with Casper Lombardo: After Tom makes a mess during a tea party (courtesy of Jerry), his owner hires Casper Lombardo, the cat whisperer, to train him to be more well-behaved. His training methods are unorthodox and Jerry makes things more complicated for Tom. But in the end, Jerry reverts Tom to his old self, and the cat gives the whisperer a taste of his own medic

  • More Powers to You: Tom is assistant to the superhero team, the Amazing Acquaintences. When they're off-duty, Tom must guard their power rings. But when chasing Jerry, they fool around with their various powers. Catch Me Though You Can't: A scientist conducts an experiment that gives animals super-speed, and Jerry winds up as the first test subject. Power Tom: Tom finally gets his chance to be a crimefighter when he stumbles upon a superhero suit, but he's dressed as female heroine Power Gal, leading to ridiculous results.

  • Piranha Be Loved By You: Tom seeks romance with a female cat (making Jerry jealous) at the boardwalk of Atlantic City, New Jersey, but a large piranha that's been rejected by fishermen is making it difficult for him.Spook House Mouse: Tom and Jerry's chasing each other lead them into a carnival's haunted house where they are faced with enchanted mirrors, a live roller coaster, and scariest of all, ghosts.Abracadumb: Tom is a famous magician and Jerry lives in the theater he performs at in the rafters and does his own similar magic show. They eventually engage in a duel of magic.

  • Tin Cat of Tomorrow: Fed up with Tom's incompetence, Mrs. Two Shoes orders the Verminator 7000, an efficient robot cat which easily makes short work of Jerry as Tom gets the boot. Tom and Jerry then work together to put the tin-plated tabby out for good. Beefcake Tom: Flabby, out-of-shape Tom can't even chase Jerry anymore. When one their chases leads to a gym, Jerry decides to give Tom his own brand of exercise regime to get him back to a fighting physique. Tomcat Superstar: Tom is a famous, rich star, but he is bored. Ignoring his agent's protests, he quits showbiz and retires to a farm. However, he quickly learns his prima donna attitude doesn't cut it in the country.

  • Octo Suave: Tom drags Jerry out on a fishing trip in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and encounters various forms of sea life. After Tom gets an accidental makeover from various sea items, he's mistaken for a mermaid by Morizzio, a very amorous Italian octopus who gives a relentless chase.Beach Bully Bingo: It's Tom's best scheme to catch Jerry yet, so he creates a fiery bomb blast device. Meanwhile, Jerry has planned to go to Hawaii for the day, so instead of their usual chases, Tom and Jerry go to Hawaii for fun and romance. But their good time is spoiled when muscleheads Spike and Butch horn in on their spot. Tom and Jerry then team up and work together to get the muscleheads to battle each other in feats of strength.Treasure Map Scrap: Tom and Jerry are on a pirate ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and they get into an argument over a treasure map. Tom tries to trap Jerry so he can inherit the treasure. Fortunately, a friendly swordfish is able to rescue Jerry as Tom seeks the treasure underwater and is surprised when the treasure turns out to be glowing golden bits of cheese from the year 1879.

  • Cat Nebula: In outer space in the future, Jerry is captain of a mouse-run freighter transversing the Cat Nebula. Tom is a green-skinned alien who attempts to get onboard and make a meal out of Jerry. Martian Mice: At a farm, giant-sized mice from Mars abduct Jerry and Tom, believing the latter is a chicken, which they need to lay eggs to make a cake for their queen's birthday party. As the two try to escape, they get mixed in with the cake batter as the queen gets quite a surprise. Spaced Out Cat: Tom is saddened when his girlfriend makes off with Spike on his motorcycle. He learns of a contest in which any amateur astronaut can build their own spaceships in which the first who successfully lands on the Moon will win a money prize of 1 1/2 billion dollars. Tom builds his rocket and blasts off, but Jerry hitches a ride and causes trouble, resulting in a crash landing. Spike arrives having built his own rocket cycle, but Tom gets the last laugh when the dog get bonked on the head and his girlfriend returns to him for a kiss.

  • Ho Ho Horrors: While asleep on Christmas Eve, Tom fantasizes of finally getting Jerry. But the mouse actually enters his dream to prevent it from becoming true.Doggone Hill Hog: Tom and Jerry's winter chase is disrupted by Spike, who declares himself king of the hill as he hogs it with a sled, denying them any chance of having fun.Northern Light Fish Fight: In mountainous and cold state of Alaska, Tom and Jerry each go ice fishing. When only Jerry successfully catches a fish, Tom goes out of his way and tries to make a meal out of both of them.

  • Fire Breathing Tom Cat: Tom tries to be a good knight, but has a bad day of it when the king sends him forth to slay a vicious dragon. A quick game of hot potato with the dragon's fire ends up with the medieval moggy getting burned in the end. Medieval Menace: During a chase, Tom and Jerry stumble into a castle that houses a bratty princess. While there, they find a couple of magic wands and engage in a duel of magic. The Itch: In medieval times, Tom is a tax collector and Jerry is a pied piper playing for any change he can get in a mouse village. When a rat rock group comes into the picture and performs "The Itch", everyone is literally itchy as they're all covered with fleas. Jerry finds the solution on how to get rid of them and the rats reward him by letting him join their band with Tom collecting their concert money.

  • Digital Dilemma: Tom builds a personal computer from junkyard parts. When lightning strikes, he and Jerry are zapped into a virtual world where they tussle in cyberspace. Hi, Robot: After a young boy plays a prank on Tom with his remote-controlled toy mouse, the cat dresses it up as female to use against Jerry. This gives a whole new meaning to the term "living doll". Tomcat Jetpack: Tom dons an expermental flying suit and has fun tormenting Spike and Jerry with his airborne antics. But eventually, they devise a scheme to take him down.

  • Din-O-Sores: Tom and Jerry wash up on a prehistoric island where dinosaurs still exist. When they each adopt an egg that hatch baby dinosaurs, they use the animals, which quickly grow to giant proportions, to battle each other. Freaky Tiki: Tom is trying to relax on the beach of a tropical island, but Jerry continously provokes him. The chase leads to a tiki statue that when it's stuck too many times, causes a volcano to erupt and place Tom and Jerry under a spell that draws them to it. When they enter a cave, they encounter a fire goddess who tries to put a fiery end to the cat and mouse. Prehisterics: A narrator tells the tale of prehistoric times that feature Tom and Jerry's ancestors - a sabretooth cat and a cavemouse that struggle to survive a world of dinosaurs, a harsh winter, discovering ways to hunt and building fires to keep warm.

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