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The television series MacGyver centers around secret agent Angus MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson. Mild-mannered and highly moralistic, MacGyver refuses to carry a weapon. He instead prefers a non-violent approach whenever possible, relying on a vast amount of knowledge from his educational background in science as well as his previous training as a bomb technician. Along with his trusty Swiss Army knife and duct tape, MacGyver utilizes whatever commonplace items at hand for makeshift repairs and to fabricate other useful devices to complete his missions.

In the first season of the series, MacGyver works as a field agent and troubleshooter for the fictional government agency called the DXS (Department of External Services) where he was recruited by Pete Thornton, played by Dana Elcar. In the second season, the two begin working for the Phoenix Foundation, a non-profit organization often contracted by government agencies, where Pete is Director of Field Operations. The Phoenix Foundation often collaborates with intelligence agencies and is sub-contracted by police departments because of their expertise in computer technology, applied biosciences, and other innovative technologies. Many episodes of the show address social issues. The Foundation advocates responsible genetic engineering and often goes after corrupt companies involved in potentially harmful research and development.

Aside from corrupt research and technology companies, MacGyver and the Phoenix Foundation have several enemies. MacGyver is sometimes sent to other countries to rescue Americans held hostage by drug cartels and even rogue dictators. However, MacGyver's arch nemesis who continually appears throughout the series, is Murdoch, played by Michael Des Barres. Murdoch is a master assassin who belongs to the fraternal assassination order known as Homicide International Trust, or HIT. A creative master of disguise, Murdoch makes multiple attempts to assassinate MacGyver throughout the television series, only to fail at every attempt.

The ability of MacGyver's character to assemble multiple devices from every day items has led to the use of the term "MacGyver" to refer to someone's ability to create makeshift devices or repairs.

MacGyver is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (142 episodes). The series first aired on September 29, 1985.

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7 Seasons, 142 Episodes
September 29, 1985
Cast: Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar, Bruce McGill, Michael Des Barres, Traci Lords
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MacGyver Full Episode Guide

  • While tracing his family roots, MacGyver is knocked unconscious and transported back to the court of King...

  • When his grandmother is suddenly evicted from her apartment, a young graffiti artist enlists MacGyver's help...

  • At the Challengers youth center, a former gang member is accused of murdering his rival. But MacGyver suspects...

  • At the Challengers youth center, a former gang member is accused of murdering his rival. But MacGyver suspects...

  • Silent-film star Pinky Burnette's only remaining films get stolen. But when he and MacGyver try to get them...

  • Pinky, a star of silent films, is showing his films to MacGyver. Pinky hopes that The Phoenix Foundation will preserve his films.

  • The magician Merlin accompanies MacGyver on his quest to rescue the princess, but first they need to stop the evil queen from causing destruction with an early form of gunpowder

  • While tracing his family roots, MacGyver is knocked unconscious and transported back to the court of King Arthur, where he is asked to free a princess from the clutches of a tyrannical queen

  • While tracing his family roots, MacGyver is knocked unconscious and transported back to the court of King...

  • MacGyver's friends, the bounty-hunting Colton brothers, are hired to find a young woman who is the only witness to a gangland slaying in Chinatown

  • A psychopathic arsonist is setting explosive fires around the city, so MacGyver plays detective in order to track him down before he strikes again

  • MacGyver's obsession that Murdoc is still alive is interfering with his job and threatening Pete's position at the Phoenix Organization

  • MacGyver's obsession that Murdoc is still alive is interfering with his job and threatening Pete's position at...

  • MacGyver gets pulled into a crazy plot by his godson's grandfather, an ex-CIA agent who steals a high-tech...

  • MacGyver visits Pete Thornton in the hospital, where Pete is to have eye surgery. They talk and reminisce about their many adventures together.

  • MacGyver and the Phoenix Foundation are trying to help an Indian lawyer who's going to court to prevent a power company from building just outside their sacred land.

  • MacGyver comes home one day to find dinner on the table. Murdoc says he wants to repay him for rescuing his sister. But, of course, it turns out to be a trap.He gets away that time with a warning, but, while driving somewhere, his truck gets hit and explodes. Macgyver makes it out in time and finds a little house by the woods. He has amnesia and the woman living in the house doesn't trust him. When Murdoc comes, pretending to be MacGyver, she believes him instead. Her daughter trusts the real MacGyver, though, and doesn't think he could be the evil Murdoc her and her mother were told about. But even with the girl's help, how can MacGyver stop the hired assassin without his memories?

  • MacGyver poses as one of the homeless in order to find out who killed his friend, a well-loved priest active...

  • Earl Dent's been paroled and asks MacGyver for help. He gets him a job. But some of his former associates wants him to take them to someone who betrayed them.

  • MacGyver arrives at a wasteland test site owned by Phoenix Foundation. There he finds an envelope waiting for him, containing an audio cassette with instructions to play it.

  • MacGyver reunites with his high school sweetheart at an international sports competition, which is being sponsored by the woman's abusive businessman husband.

  • A sports legend is pressured into stealing valuable baseball memorabilia in order to pay off his gambling...

  • Our hero tries to stop a rural couple from turning over their life savings to two "visitors" who are offering...

  • A farm-worker organizer who uncovered evidence against growers using deadly pesticides is found dead. MacGyver goes undercover to investigate the man's death.

  • Harry's will leaves a vintage station wagon in MacGyver's possession. However, a bunch of crooks express great interest in finding the car, believing a priceless diamond pendant to be hidden inside.

  • Dr. Zito escapes the courthouse after an insanity hearing and proceeds to play an elaborate cat-and-mouse game...

  • When he learns that his young friend Lisa was found passed out at a house that was burglarized, MacGyver...

  • A gun used to assassinate a presidential candidate years ago resurfaces when a cop is shot, and MacGyver's...

  • After MacGyver is taken hostage by a Romanian soldier, he saves the soldier's life, and then tries to appeal...

  • A gang of young vigilantes are destroying the city's crack houses. MacGyver suspects an ex-marine from the youth center as the person training the vigilantes.

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