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Star Trek: Voyager is the name of one of the series shows that is based in the Star Trek The Next Generation universe. Voyager is the name of the starship featured in this show. More like the original series and next generation Star Trek story lines, this crews mission is to explore new life and civilizations. This is the first starship in the series that has a female captain. Among the other members of the crew there is a holographic doctor, a borg and a vulcan security officer. The crew also interacts with other familiar characters from the Star Trek series such as Q and the Borg.

The basis for this story line is simple. During a routine mission, the Voyager is transported into another quadrant that is light years away from their own. This means that instead of a usual five year mission, it will take them decades of travel to return home. They have no way to communicate with their families or even let anyone know that they are alive.

During this first mission, the ships doctor is killed and the emergency medical hologram is activated. The Holodoc as he is later called becomes the ships chief medical officer. The ship is not equipped with enough supplies to make the long journey home, so it is up to the crew to explore planets for new food sources and other supplies.

As with other Star Trek shows, you become involved with the crews personal lives and watch the characters develop as the show progresses. At the end of the shows seven year run, the crew does manage to make its way home with a little alien help. As with most of the Star Trek series shows some of the characters do find cameo roles in the feature films.

Star Trek: Voyager aired for a total of seven seasons. Each episode is sixty minutes and focuses on a different crew adventure. This is a family oriented, science fiction program.

Star Trek: Voyager is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (176 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Star Trek: Voyager online? Star Trek: Voyager is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Star Trek: Voyager on demand at Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

7 Seasons, 176 Episodes
Science Fiction Fantasy
Cast: Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Roxann Dawson, Robert Duncan McNeill
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Star Trek: Voyager Full Episode Guide

  • Voyager's quest to return home is aided by a visitor from the future - Admiral Kathryn Janeway. However, Janeway decides to risk Voyager's shortcut home in order to destroy the Borg and save millions of lives.

  • Voyager's quest to return home is aided by a visitor from the future - Admiral Kathryn Janeway.

  • Janeway is held hostage by aliens who force the Doctor to help them steal Voyager's warp core.

  • Neelix is faced with the decision of a lifetime when Voyager locates a tribe of exiled Talaxians on a distant asteroid.

  • Seven and Chakotay stumble upon a race of primitive humanoids isolated from technological progress by an energy barrier.

  • Voyager recovers a long-lost space probe which has caused terrible radiation damage on a distant planet.

  • The Doctor publishes a holo-novel based on his Voyager experiences which scandalizes the crew.

  • Q's unruly and omnipotent son wreaks interstellar havoc when he is left in Janeway's care.

  • Seven's attempt to explore her human side distracts her from her duties and puts Voyager at risk.

  • Janeway, Tuvok, Seven, Tom and B'Elanna are workers on an alien planet, where they have no memory of their past lives aboard Voyager.

  • Voyager is sucked into an inescapable subspace void which is inhabited only by other trapped vessels battling each other for survival.

  • A group of Klingons separated from the rest of their race believes B'Elanna's unborn child is the Savior foretold in their sacred scrolls.

  • The issue of capital punishment divides the crew when Voyager agrees to transport condemned prisoners to their deaths.

  • B'Elanna is strangely disturbed by her unborn child's Klingon traits.

  • Voyager encounters an energy field which leaves each section - and its crew - existing in a different time period.

  • The Doctor is torn between his duty to Voyager and his conscience when warrior holograms rebel against their Hirogen creators.

  • The Doctor is torn between his duty to Voyager and his conscience when warrior holograms rebel against their Hirogen creators.

  • With Voyager under repair, Harry seizes a chance to prove himself as a commander, but finds that being a starship captain is more than he bargained for.

  • The Doctor experiences physical sensations for the first time after Seven downloads his matrix into her body.

  • Starfleet Lt. Barclay's hologram convinces Janeway to pursue a dangerous, untested plan to bring Voyager home.

  • The Doctor is forced to work on an alien ship where patients' care is determined by their social status instead of medical need.

  • Tuvok's investigation of a series of mysterious attacks aboard Voyager leads him to a most unlikely suspect: himself.

  • Tom and B'Elanna's relationship could be the loser when Tom enters a race.

  • A malfunction in Seven's cortical node threatens to destroy her.

  • Seven's long-lost love lures Janeway into a deadly encounter with the Borg Queen.

  • Seven's long-lost love lures Janeway into a deadly encounter with the Borg Queen.

  • Captain Janeway faces her biggest battle yet against the Borg--assimilation.

  • Neelix recounts the harrowing tale of Voyager's newest uninvited guest.

  • The Doctor seizes an opportunity to save the life of the man who created him.

  • An old friend returns with a decidedly unfriendly plot to destroy Voyager.

  • Stranded during an away mission, B'Elanna finds herself the inspiration for a young poet's art.

  • Impostors jeopardize Voyager's good reputation in the Delta Quadrant.

  • Janeway must tend to her flock when she finds three misfit crewmembers need some special attention.

  • The Voyager crew must rescue a young boy being used as a weapon of destruction against the Borg.

  • Claiming to be a long-dead crewmember, an alien requests asylum on Voyager.

  • The Voyager crew makes first contact with a holodeck program.

  • Seven becomes a mentor to five young drones abandoned by the Collective.

  • Killing for sport becomes Seven's only means of survival when she is abducted into a ring of fisticuffs.

  • The crew is haunted by vivid images of a battle they don't remember fighting.

  • The Doctor's passion for music spills over into his personal life.

  • Voyager becomes the unwitting focus of a planet's entire civilization.

  • Janeway's holographic love interest becomes more than just a way to pass the time.

  • Voyager receives a special message from Starfleet Command.

  • Seven uncovers a conspiracy to keep Voyager stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

  • A subspace anomaly leads to the discovery of a 21st century space shuttle lost on a mission to Mars.

  • Mysterious corridors in space lead to the discovery of an ancient civilization.

  • The crew discovers a new side of Tuvok when an enemy attack leaves him stripped of his Vulcan sensibilities.

  • Tom's latest shuttle acquisition blurs the line between man and machine.

  • The Doctor's experiment with daydreaming spins out of control when an alien race taps into his thoughts and compromises his program.

  • The Doctor's overactive imagination leads Voyager into real trouble.

  • B'Elanna struggles with questions of the afterlife and her Klingon heritage.

  • Visitors from the past present Seven with an opportunity to right a wrong.

  • Starfleet honor is tested when two captains fight a battle of wills.

Star Trek: Voyager News

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