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The series Stargate Atlantis is a show which comprises a mixture of explorations and imaginary science. The combined activities and efforts of military men and a team of international scientists in making discoveries gave the series a captivating attribute. The five episode series was developed by the joint efforts of Brad Wright and Robert Cooper and the idea about the series stemmed from inspirations they got from an already existing and similar series. Each episode aired for about 43 minutes.

It had as executive producers Robert Wright, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Robert Cooper and Carl Binder. The series was produced by the company known as Metro Goldwyn Major.

Distribution of the series was done by and it was aired on channels like Sci-Fi Channel and Movie Network.

The series started when an artificially developed Antarctic outpost made by a breed of aliens on earth who were also referred to as Ancients was found. This discovery was made by the members of a team who were out on a search.

Based on this discovery another team of international standard was dispatched to go find out more about the new discovery. In the course of investigations the precise position of the area of interest was discovered by Daniel Jackson who was a well known intellectual and outstanding member of the international team.

This area had been developed by the aliens for their own use and had been carefully constructed below the glaciers of Antarctica. This place was known as the Stargate Network and it was located in what was known as the Stargate Galaxy.

The actors and actresses in this series full of adventure are talented and popular in the film industry and well suited for their individual roles some of which starred in all five seasons.

They included Joe Flanigan, David Hewlet, Rachel Luttrell, Jason Momoa, Rainbow Sun Francks, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Amanda Tapping and Jewel Staite.

Stargate Atlantis is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (101 episodes). The series first aired on July 16, 2004.

Where do I stream Stargate Atlantis online? Stargate Atlantis is available for streaming on Syfy, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Stargate Atlantis on demand at Amazon Prime, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

5 Seasons, 101 Episodes
July 16, 2004
Science Fiction
Cast: Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Torri Higginson, Rainbow Sun Francks
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Stargate Atlantis Full Episode Guide

  • Todd informs Atlantis that a rogue Wraith has acquired several Z.P.M.'s to power a formidable new Hive ship. When the Daedalus engages it in battle but is unable to defeat it, the team gets a message indicating it is headed to Earth.

  • In the city of Las Vegas, Detective John Sheppard must solve the case of a long string of unusual murders.

  • Dr. Keller's body is taken over by a cunning thief, who uses the situation to try and acquire advanced technology from Atlantis.

  • Sheppard and Lorne investigate a Wraith Hive Ship that has been infected with a strange disease.

  • McKay returns to Earth to witness the unveiling of his rival's latest breakthrough.

  • While exploring the mainland of Atlantis' planet, Sheppard is captured by a foe believed to be long dead.

  • Michael besieges Atlantis in an attempt to kidnap Teyla's infant child.

  • Sheppard's team is put on trial for crimes against the Pegasus Galaxy, and Woolsey must defend them.

  • Sheppard and his team try to evacuate a group of Michael's test subjects before the Wraith find and destroy them.

  • When Daniel Jackson and McKay are trapped in an Ancients lab, Sheppard and the others must get there before Todd the Wraith does.

  • Daniel Jackson arrives on Atlantis on a research mission to locate Janus' laboratory. However, its discovery triggers off an alien invasion and the possible destruction of the Wraith.

  • Ronon and McKay have to find a kidnapped Keller, who is abducted to help a village threatened by the Wraith. However, they soon discover that the kidnapper is a Runner.

  • While investigating one of Michael's facilities, a hybrid creature attacks Sheppard and Beckett.

  • McKay starts to suffer from the onset of senility to an Alzheimer's-like disease.

  • When Sheppard's team returns from a mission, a strange electrical surge spreads from their Jumper to Atlantis' systems. It spreads, and the team soon discovers that an old teammate is responsible.

  • The team is sent through a series of deadly alternate realities caused by a drive malfunction aboard a mysterious duplicate Daedalus, in which they encounter sinister alien lifeforms, a searing sun, and a space battle for Atlantis.

  • Tyre, Ronon's former Satedan comrade, captures Ronon and turns him over to the Wraith. As the Wraith drain Ronon in an attempt to turn him into a Wraith worshiper, the Atlantis team struggle to find their comrade. Meanwhile Teyla reconsiders her role on the team after the birth of her child.

  • The Atlantis team is under a quarantine after Dr. Keller is incapacitated by an alien organism, and a recently revived Dr. Beckett is put in charge of the investigation.

  • In the aftermath of the self-destruct of Michael's compound, Sam leads a team to rescue the survivors. Sheppard, Ronon and McKay must then rescue Teyla from Michael's cruiser as she goes into labor.

  • Sheppard returns from a mission to find Atlantis abandoned and high and dry on a sand dune thousands of years after his last search for Teyla, but all maybe set right after seeing a hologram of an aged Dr. McKay.

  • Teyla manages to find some of her missing Athosians... captured by Michael. Also, the Atlantis crew is surprised when Beckett returns.

  • A deadly disease spreads throughout the Pegasus Galaxy, while Teyla tries to locate her son's father as she travels with Sheppard who's mission uncovers an unexpected find.

  • When Ronon undergoes a briefing by the IOA, Sam has Teal'c come in to help him. Meanwhile, the Wraith discover the Midway Station.

  • Rodney, Sam, and Dr. Keller end up trapped in an underground chamber with no means of escape and no one knowing where they are.

  • Upon learning his father has passed away, Col. Sheppard returns to Earth to attend the funeral. However, Col. Sheppard, along with Ronon who returned along with him, get sidetracked by news that an offshoot group of the Henry Wallace Corp. has created a replicator on Earth, and that the replicator has escaped from the lab.Sheppard must at the same time deal with his younger brother who thinks his return after more than four years is just to get all his father's inheritance.Plus, Sheppard is put in a position where he must ask his ex-wife for a favor that might cost her her job.

  • Sheppard and McKay escort a young princess on a rite of passage and come upon the queen-to-be's enemies.

  • An alarm starts a quarantine lockdown, causing members of the Atlantis team to be trapped in various areas of the city, including Rodney being stuck in the botany lab with Katie Brown.

  • In the aftermath of the Replicator Homeworld destruction, the team discovers an abandoned Hive Ship and investigate. Aboard they find information that leads them to an outpost where the Wraith plan to reactivate the system that allowed them to defeat the Ancients.

  • Now that they have a Replicator tracking unit to detect the enemy ships, the Atlantis team must destroy them once and for all. However, to do so they have to ally with the Wraith... who have their own plans.

  • A strange drone crashes into Atlantis, heralding a dreadful new predicament when Replicator doubles of the Atlantis team offer to help defend the city from the Wraith.

  • The Atlantis team responds when Dr. Rodney McKay's sister, Jeanie Miller, is kidnapped while on Earth.

  • A psychic visitor delivers a dark forecast for the outpost while at Atlantis. Meanwhile, the Wraith propose an alliance to stop the Replicators, which are annihilating inhabited planets to eliminate the Wraith food supply.

  • Teyla and Dr. Keller discover an abandoned Athosian settlement and a hostile warrior tribe on New Athos.

  • The crew suffers from amnesia after plant samples from their new home planet unleash a virus that affects everyone except Teyla and Ronon.

  • Colonel Sheppard is is captured by the nomadic inhabitants of a fleet of spaceships who wish to use him for their own needs.

  • Lt. Col. Sheppard touches a crystalline entity causing dreams to become reality and dangerous.

  • Two years since Ronon Dex learned that a small handful of his people escaped the destruction of his home world Sateda the team encounter some of Ronon's own friends and fellow soldiers who for many years he thought they were killed during a mission to attack the Wraith directly.

  • Sheppard leads the crew on a mission the core of the Replicator home world. Meanwhile, Samantha Carter is in a race against time to locate Atlantis.

  • Season 4 begins as Dr. Weir clings to life and Dr. McKay tries to save Atlantis, which is badly damaged and lost in space after the Replicator attack.