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  • 2004
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.0  (278)

Show Me Yours is a Canadian television show that aired from 2004 to 2005. The show was produced by E1 Entertainment and starred Rachael Crawford, Jeff Seymour, and Adam Harrington. The series was a romantic comedy that explored the complexities of modern relationships.

The show focused on the lives of two relationship therapists, Dr. Kate Langford (Crawford) and Dr. Benjamin Chase (Seymour), who specialized in sexual dysfunction. They both had different approaches to their work, with Ben preferring a more laid-back approach, while Kate was more of a hard-nosed professional. Despite their differences, the two often found themselves working together to solve their clients' problems.

Kate and Ben were not only colleagues but also roommates. Their living arrangement and careers inevitably led to an interesting dynamic between them, and fans were often left wondering if their friendship would turn into something more. The show's creators skilfully portrayed the complexities of their relationship, never allowing it to develop too quickly while still providing plenty of romantic tension.

The series featured a range of characters who sought the therapists' help, each dealing with their unique relationship problems. There was the couple struggling to maintain their sexual spark, the man with a fetish for feet, the newlyweds struggling to navigate their first year of marriage, and many others. The show did an excellent job of making their clients' concerns feel genuine and crucial, without ever crossing into crass territory.

Adam Harrington played the role of Kate's ex-husband Daniel. Their relationship had ended after ten years of marriage, and they were now working on co-parenting their ten-year-old son. Despite the end of their relationship, there was still undeniable chemistry between the two, which complicated both their personal and professional lives.

The show's writing was often witty and clever, with plenty of quotable lines and charming characters. The show's creators avoided the temptation to go down the route of cheap jokes or crude humor, instead creating genuine relationships that engaged and entertained.

One thing that set Show Me Yours apart from other romantic comedies was its approach to sexuality. Rather than avoiding the topic, the series frequently tackled sexuality head-on, discussing various issues, such as fetishes, orgasms, and BDSM. The show's sex-positive approach was refreshing and progressive, and it was evident that the writers and actors had done their homework to ensure that the topics were portrayed accurately.

The show only lasted for two seasons before it was canceled, much to the disappointment of fans. One of the reasons for the show's demise was believed to be its airing time slot, which was a late-night one, limiting the number of viewers. Despite its short run, Show Me Yours remains a cult favorite amongst fans, with many still pining for a conclusion to the Kate and Ben story.

In conclusion, Show Me Yours was a brilliantly written and charming romantic comedy that explored the complexities of modern relationships. Its clever writing, excellent acting, and sex-positive approach are just a few of the reasons that made this show a must-watch. Fans of the show were left wanting more following its cancellation, and it remains one of the most underrated Canadian TV shows of all time.

Show Me Yours
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Plus Ca Change
8. Plus Ca Change
May 31, 2005
Ben takes Kate as his date to his ex-girlfriends wedding.
Pandora's Box
7. Pandora's Box
May 24, 2005
Ben and Olivia celebrate their new life as a couple.
The F-Word
6. The F-Word
May 17, 2005
Ben decides to move in with Olivia.
Best Foot Forward
5. Best Foot Forward
May 10, 2005
Ben and Kate switch roles.
The Intentional Phalluss-Y
4. The Intentional Phalluss-Y
May 3, 2005
Ben's bachelor days may be coming to a close.
Let Go, My Ego
3. Let Go, My Ego
April 26, 2005
Kate decides to be spontaneous.
On the Other Hand
2. On the Other Hand
April 19, 2005
Kate faces dilemmas in both her personal and professional life.
Big in France
1. Big in France
April 12, 2005
Kate decides to marry David, and Ben heads back to Africa.
  • Premiere Date
    May 26, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (278)