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  • 2009
  • 1 Season

Happiness was a British sitcom that aired on BBC2, which displayed a melancholy and dramatic overtone. Happiness was written by David Cummings and Paul Whitehouse, with Paul Whitehouse in the leading role. There have been two series, but Paul Whitehouse has stated that there probably would not be a third series.

The plot line is about Paul Whitehorse's character, Danny Spencer, who is a very successful voice artist who supplies the voice for Dexter, a popular cartoon bear. After the death of his wife, Spencer is trying to come to terms with losing her, though he seems more concerned with the feeling that he doesn't feel the loss as deeply as he should.

Upon approaching his fortieth birthday Spencer realizes he is single and independent. Where the theme of the program is mostly bound up with problems and opportunities that this situation has created. His friends are a group of disparates that range from the straight and narrow Rachel and Terry (Fiona Allen and Mark Heap) to the down and out Sid and Charlie (Pearce Quigley and Johnny Vegas), to the typically expected man dealing with a mid-life crisis, to Angus (Clive Russell).

Happiness! is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on May 30, 2009.

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The Magic of Happiness
12. The Magic of Happiness
June 2, 2009
Ibuki finally got Shikimori's Treasure. He ignored Shinya and got his elder sister's Natsuo to be revived. However, Ibuki's thoughts returned and the secret formula began take a shape of its own as the demons attacked him. So, Haruhi finally appeared at the origin of Yuma's disappearance.
Shikimori Treasure
11. Shikimori Treasure
June 2, 2009
Haruhi and her friends know about Shikimori's Treasure, Mizuhosaka Academy's establishment and Yuma's past. Suzuri asked Haruhi and Anri to prevent Ibuki from obtaining the Shikimori Treasure. Furthermore, Suzuri wanted to hand it to Anri and entrust Haruhi with Natsuo's memento but...
The Past
10. The Past
June 2, 2009
Ibuki got closer to Haruhi in order to get closer to the Shikimori Treasure. Yuma tried to stop the witchcraft war between the two, but her magic went haywire which cause Sumomo to become unconscious. Haruhi and her friends were puzzled by everything that was happening before them and with Suzuri performed a treatment for Sumomo. The tale of the Shikimori Treasure begins.
School Festival
9. School Festival
June 2, 2009
Since the fortune telling research training camp, Haruhi and Yuma have become good friends. They were busy preparing for the Mizuhosaka Academy festival which brought them closer together. However, Minagi sensei from witchcraft class had to go to a business trip suddenly and asked Haruhi for a favor.
Summer Prediction
8. Summer Prediction
June 2, 2009
When summer vacation arrived, Haruhi and her friends took a vacation. Following Koyuki's suggestion, Ibuki and the Kamiyo twins went to the training camp for fortune telling research at Mizuhosaka Academy's boardinghouse located by the beach. Yuma was semi-cold towards Haruhi but he was appointed to become better friends with her during this trip. While everyone was enjoying themselves, strange silhouettes drew near Haruhi and Yuma.
Ibuki Friendship Plan
7. Ibuki Friendship Plan
June 2, 2009
Sumomo was having a bento box with Ibuki who she has become friends with. Though she was concerned about becoming friends with everyone. Haruhi and her friends think of different ways to help Sumomo. Everyone gathered their bento boxes and went to the arcade but things didn't go very well. Therefore, everyone went along with Koyuki's suggestion of going bowling but...
A Mysterious Transfer Student
6. A Mysterious Transfer Student
June 2, 2009
Sumomo said she wants to introduce some people. Ibuki, who was transferred into Sumomo's class, was introduced to all the students. One night, Haruhi and Saya were talking to Ibuki and when they asked her a sensitive question that bothered her, she became upset and left. Will the slightly eccentric Ibuki and Sumomo become friends?
The Midnight Beauty
5. The Midnight Beauty
June 2, 2009
It's the night that Hachi was reading a very important erotic book on school grounds. He saw a mysterious female ghost and thought she was attractive. Without thinking, he began to approach her but at that moment; he suddenly reached a state of shock and fainted. The next day, Hachi was furious when he found out the female ghost had died so Haruhi, Yuma and friends began a search. Will he be able to revisit this woman's soul?
Tama chan disappeared
4. Tama chan disappeared
May 30, 2009
One day, Sumomo suddenly wanted to join the "Fortune Telling Club" that was being run by Koyuki. Koyuki is the only one running the club but it seems she does it because all the members have lots of fun. As a matter of fact, Haruhi and her friends joined as well. Koyuki led the group makin Tama-chan when Anri said something that hurt Tama-chan which cause a huge uproar.
3. Oasis
May 30, 2009
Bento boxes for lunch are quite popular at Mizuhosaka Academy's. Yuma's mother-in-law, Otoha, who works at Oasis, the school's cafeteria, has been worried about the lack of customers. That's when Anri started working there part-time as a waitress. She put all her time and energy in handing out pamphlets and such in order to drive in more customers but all her hard work didn't seem to pay off.
Cherry Blossom Viewing
2. Cherry Blossom Viewing
May 30, 2009
After the explosion in witchcraft class, Haruhi and Anri were transferred to Yuma's class. In preparation for the school's entrance ceremony, Haruhi and Anri were lining up the chairs when Anri's magic went haywire again. Despite the riot that was caused, Yuma and his friends were able to attend the ceremony without a scratch and Yuma's sister-in-law, Sumomo, was happy to be entering the school. However, Haruhi seemed depressed when Hachisuke suggested for everyone to go cherry blossom viewing.
1. Valentine
May 30, 2009
She's clever, attractive, and quick witted. Furthermore, she's also impeccable. Who other than the perfect, Haruhi Kamisaka! Valentine's Day was approaching so she went with her close friend, Anri Hiragi who was in her witchcraft class at Mizuhozaka Academy, to buy chocolates. After they finished shoppoing, Haruhi walked by a nearby park when she saw some boys picking on a girl. She decided to help the girl when...
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    May 30, 2009