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  • TV-14
  • 2001
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.0  (904)

Vandread was a science fiction anime series that aired on Encore Action from 2000 to 2001. The series takes place in a futuristic universe where men and women have become increasingly segregated, living on different planets and never interacting with each other. The story begins with a group of men and women from two different planets, the men from the planet Taraak and the women from the planet Mejere, accidentally being thrown together on a spaceship.

The main character of the series is Hibiki Tokai, a young man from Taraak who dreams of seeing the universe and experiencing new things. Despite the initial shock of being on a ship with women, Hibiki quickly becomes fascinated by the differences between their cultures and starts to develop feelings for Dita Liebely, a girl from Mejere. Dita, on the other hand, is initially terrified of men and struggles to understand why Hibiki would be interested in her.

The rest of the crew includes Bart Garsus, a womanizing pilot from Taraak who butts heads with Hibiki; Duero McFile, a navigator and engineer from Mejere who is somewhat of a tech genius; and Meia Gisborn, a skilled pilot and fighter from Mejere who takes on the role of leader. As the series progresses, the crew encounters a number of challenges, including battling space pirates, dealing with rogue AIs, and trying to find a way back to their respective planets.

One of the most interesting aspects of Vandread is the way it explores gender and sexuality. The series is set in a society where men and women have been separated for so long that they no longer understand each other or have any idea how to interact. This leads to a number of awkward and uncomfortable situations as the male and female crew members try to figure out how to work together and communicate effectively. However, as the series goes on, we see the characters start to break down the barriers between their genders and form strong bonds with each other.

Another notable aspect of Vandread is its use of mecha (giant robots) in battle sequences. The characters each have their own specialized mechs, which they use to take on everything from other ships to space monsters. The mecha designs are creative and cool-looking, and the battle sequences are well-animated and exciting to watch.

Overall, Vandread is a fun and engaging sci-fi anime that does a great job of exploring complex themes while also delivering plenty of action and adventure. Its cast of characters is diverse and interesting, and the interactions between them provide plenty of moments of humor and heart. Whether you're a fan of mecha anime or just looking for a unique and entertaining sci-fi series, Vandread is definitely worth checking out.

Vandread is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on December 21, 2001.

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13. Trust
December 28, 2001
As the final battle against the Harvest draws to a close, males and females alike look forward to an era of peaceful coexistence between the genders.
12. Himegoto
December 21, 2001
With the Nirvana back on course, two very different cultures struggle in their attempt to unite against a common enemy.
11. Paradise
December 14, 2001
After narrowly surviving their voyage through the minefield, the crew of the Nirvana is captured by enemy fleets and the male members subjected to brainwashing.
Easy Come, Easy Go
10. Easy Come, Easy Go
December 7, 2001
The crew of the Nirvana is elated to arrive at their home solar system, but there is still an obstacle to be overcome: a minefield which threatens to destroy them all.
Embrace All
9. Embrace All
November 30, 2001
During a battle in a dense asteroid field, Hibiki is separated from his comrades and discovered by mysterious space dwellers.
8. Reality
November 23, 2001
Hibiki and the crew plan a surprise birthday party for Meia, but the birthday girl ends up launching herself into space during an enemy attack.
Kiss On My Cheek
7. Kiss On My Cheek
November 16, 2001
The crew uses cameras to monitor the developing love triangle between Misty, Dita, and Hibiki. Meanwhile, a water leak wreaks havoc in the men's quarters.
Original Smile
6. Original Smile
November 9, 2001
The crew mourns the loss of a comrade, and Hibiki leads a final, desperate attack on the mother ship.
5. Somedays
November 2, 2001
Jura is seriously injured when a new breed of enemy attacks the Nirvana, and tempers flare in the aftermath of battle.
4. Everything
October 26, 2001
In need of supplies, the Nirvana docks at a remote outpost overrun by Harvester refugees. When their advanced weaponry proves useless, the crew must rely on hand to hand combat - or antiques!
Blossoming Path
3. Blossoming Path
October 19, 2001
Bart's overpowering attachment to a terminally ill girl on a contaminated planet leads to the activation of one of the Nirvana's most devastating weapons.
Be My Baby
2. Be My Baby
October 12, 2001
An attempt to decode the message carried by Misty causes the outbreak of a computer virus which disables the Nirvana. Later, a new life force is welcomed to the ship.
Red Angel
1. Red Angel
October 5, 2001
Hibiki is tormented by a recurring nightmare involving a mysterious red light and the horrific destruction of the Nirvana. Could this dream become reality?
Vandread Turbulence
0. Vandread Turbulence
October 25, 2002
Life aboard the Nirvana couldn't get any wilder as love triangles blossom, and men and women unite against a deadly common enemy. Get an eyeful with this OVA recap of Season Two that includes mind-boggling bonus footage!
Where to Watch Vandread
Vandread is available for streaming on the Encore Action website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Vandread on demand at Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    December 21, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (904)