Watch TV Shows on Encore Action

Encore Action is an American cable television channel that offers premium and satellite services that are carried by Starz. The programming that is featured on Encore is mainly older movies that have been released for home viewing in the last 5 years. Popular television shows are also offered and are always changing as new shows are being acquired.

Encore Action is provided to over forty million television subscribers. HBO is often considered the most popular premium cable channel, but Encore far outpaces it because of its constantly changing movie choices versus a select set of made for television shows that are replayed.

With Starz being the provider for Encore Action, a lot of first time subscribers think that they need to purchase both services, but they are conveniently offered individually, and can be applied to separate contractual packages. In addition to Encore, there is also the option to subscribe to Encore en Espanol, which provides much of the same programming only with dubbed or subtitle options and Spanish coverage as well.